Welcome to Bentinck Primary & Nursery School. Together we make a difference. We Start back to school on Wednesday 20th April 2022

Week 3 (30/3/20)

Good morning Class R! I hope you have had a nice weekend with your family.  I am so please to hear from you and see all of your wonderful work.  You have been working so hard at home!  Well done to all the parent for taking time to home school your children!  Just know that whatever you are doing with your child at home - it is more than enough. So please look after yourselves and go with whatever works best for you and your family. If in doubt, you can't go wrong with reading, counting, writing and talking with your child.  (Having a conversation is key!) Well done to you all!


smiley Mrs Turton smiley

Easter Activities


If we were at school we would be learning about Easter. 

Why is Easter celebrated?

Who celebrates Easter?

What happens at Easter?

Please talk to you children about this and below are some activities and resources to help you.



Easter hunt - post-it notes with: CVC words (cat/ man/ pan/ cot)

                                                   captions/ sentences (fish and chips/ I can see a duck/                                                          dog is in the mud/ mum and dad/ I can see snow/)

Children to look around the room or garden to find their post-it note, they must read it and then they can collect their mini chocolate egg. 


Easter Nests - this week we had planned to make Easter Nests. 




Mini Eggs



  1. Melt the chocolate in a small bowl placed over a pan of barely simmering water. Pour the chocolate over the cornflakes and stir well to combine.

  2. Spoon the chocolate wheat into 12 cupcake cases and press the back of a teaspoon in the centre to create a nest shape. Place 3 mini chocolate eggs on top of each nest. Chill the nests in the fridge for 2 hrs until set.


Or why not try your own recipe?  Send me pictures of your cooking!

Physical Development

Why not try super movers?  These are short clips which we use each morning to get our brains ready for the day!


Can you catch a large ball with someone else?

Can you kick a large ball with someone else?

Can you make an obstacle course outside?


Outside Challenge


Can you make a fairy garden using materials in your garden?  why not add a toy fairy to it?

Take a look at the one I did with my girls last week!



Can you tell a story to your adult?  This can be a story we have learnt in school or another one which you like reading at home. 

Can you remember One Snowy Night?  Handas Surprise? Peppa Goes to the Dentist? 


You could ask your adult to record it if you like.        


Can you draw?










Can you make something out of your spare boxes?

Why not have a go at finger painting or potato printing?

Why not have a go at making something with boxes? Look what we have made.