Welcome to Bentinck Primary & Nursery School. Together we make a difference. We Start back to school on Wednesday 20th April 2022

Week 2 (23.3.2020)



Due to not being at school we did not have chance to finish our Handa Surprise topic.  Please read through the story and try to write short sentences about the story.

Ask your child....

Can you tell me what happened in the story?  (we made up some actions to support)

Say the sentence you want to write.

Clap the sentence you want to write.

Count how many words are in the sentence.

Write the sentence. 

Repeat with each sentence. 

Please remember I don't expect children to write the whole story.  4 or 5 short sentences will be great and they don't have to do it al in one go! smiley



Handa's Surprise Home Challenge

Name Writing


If your children is struggling to write their name then please encourage them to practise each day.  You should have this in your child's book bag along with a pen and rubber. 

Reading and Phonics


Please share books with your children daily.  This can be any book!  It will help your child if you read stories to them!



  1. Play i-spy

phase 2 and 3



Challenge 1!

  • Play a board game which has a dice and counters.

Challenge 2!

  • Count the stairs each time you go up and down. 


Challenge 3!


Don't forget to show me when we are back at school or email them over to me! 




Physical challenge this week


Daily challenge!

Joe Wicks 5 minute workouts.  Try this each morning before you start your day!  this will energise your children, activate them, support them with large movements and coordination.  Remember to have fun!


Challenge 1

Go outside and play bat and ball together.  This is good for fitness and coordination!

Why not take a photo?

Topic Challenge


Challenge 1!

Draw a picture of an animal from our Handa's Surprise story. 

Label it or challenge yourself to write a sentence about your drawing. 


eg The elephant took the mango. 

Please be aware that your child has not been taught every sound and they need to use their phonics and sounds which they know to support them to write.  They should have the RWI sound mat to support them. 


Challenge 2!

Lets take advantage of this lovely weather! Go on a hunt around the garden.  What did you see? Draw and write what you saw. 

I did this with my children and they loved finding spiders, bees and ladybirds. 


Don't forget to bring back to school or email me all the activities you have done at home! This can be pictures, photos, writing or anything else you can think of! 



Please feel free to email me all the activities you are getting up to at home!