Welcome to Bentinck Primary & Nursery School. Together we make a difference. We Start back to school on Wednesday 20th April 2022

Summer Term week 3 4.5.20

Alternative Stories to work alongside The Three Little Pigs. 


Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Little Red Riding Hood



This week in literacy we would be working on the order of the Three Little pigs.  We would be retelling the story using our story map and then using pictures to order it. 


Job 1


Retell the story using our story map.


Job 2


Order the story using picture cards.  Pick up a card and tell an adult what is happening in the story. While ordering discuss the pictures and key vocabulary – straw/ sticks/ wood/ bricks/ wolf/ blow/ knock/ big bad/ huff/ puff/ pot/ chimney/roof


Job 3


You can have a go at cutting and sticking the order of the story. 



Continue to learn about time.


Talk about its features and vocabulary.  Clock/ face/ hands/ hour hand/ minute hand/ time/ o’clock.


If you feel your child can do o'clock then please feel free to have a look at half past. 


Talk about our typical day eg  breakfast, going to school, going home, going to bed.  


Have a go at drawing your day.

Have a go at sequencing pictures of a typical day.  You can make it as simple or as detailed as you like!




Roll the dice. Can the children see how many dots on the dice without counting? Say we are going to double it. Doubling is adding the same number to itself. Count that amount of teddies. Can a child double it? What is the answer?


Take Away Game


Continue practising taking away using objects or fingers.  No need to record as this can be done anytime! Have a go at the game above. 



Have a go at these games!



Review red words

I, the, he, she, you, me, we, be, her, no, , go, of, to they, was, my, said, are 


New red word for this week - into

Can you write a sentence using the word 'into' in it?



Miss McCaffery's group

Review all sounds so far in Set 1.  (See phonic resources)


How to remember the sound.

ng A thing on a string.

nk I think I stink.


Words to read and write

ng - thing/ bang/ wing

nk - wink/ think/ stink


Captions to write

A thing on a string.

I think I stink. 


Mrs Turton's Group

This we would be reviewing all the sounds learnt in Set 1 and Set 2.  (see resources)

We would be looking at words with 5 sounds in them.  Have a look at the list.  Read and write 4 each day!









Where so we live? Town/ city/ village?  Use google view to show children where we live in the world.  Using squared paper can you draw a simple map of where the three little pigs live?  Add on trees/ mummy pigs house/ and the three pigs house.  Then play a game!  Ask your do you get to the straw house/  Move 4 spaces forward, turn right, move 2 spaces forward through the tree. 

Why not try....


Helping mum and dad around the house.

Make you bed everyday!

Pick up your toys when you have finished playing with them.

Make a sandwich.

Draw a picture and put it in your window.

Lay the table for dinner.

Play I-spy

Play a board game with your family.

Play hide and seek.

Take a photo of your family!

Take a photo of flowers/ house/ sky...anything!


Send me a picture of anything you have been doing!




Week 3: Daniel and the lion

Ask the children if they have heard of this bible story before.  Read the story.

Who was Daniel?

Why was he the kings favourite?

Why did Daniel pray to god?

Where did Daniel end up?

What happened when Daniel was in the lion’s den?

How did Daniel get out of the den?

What does the story tell us?

We don’t have to be afraid of scary things because God is looking after us.