Welcome to Bentinck Primary & Nursery School. Together we make a difference. We Start back to school on Wednesday 20th April 2022

Summer Term Week 2 27.4.20



This week in literacy we would be learning to retell the story.  Remember talk talk talk!

- Tell and adult the story of the 3 little pigs.

- Make a stick Puppet of the 3 little pigs and then re-tell the story.

- Can you use different voices?

- Can you make up actions to help retell the story. 

- Why not have a go at drawing a story map of what happens in the story?

- Think about the 3 little pig characters. What kind of characters are they/ what do they look like? How were they feeling?  Now try to write the words around a picture of the pigs.


Send me a video of you retelling the story!


Story Map


Phonics - Please keep practising these sounds again this week as well as all of the ones we have learnt this year!


Miss McCaffery's Group


Recap sounds in Set 1.  (See attachment)


This week please look at:

qu and x


How to write it-

Round the queen’s head, up to her

crown, down her hair and curl.


Cross down the arm and leg and

cross the other way.


Words to read and write. 














Sentences to write.

I can fix it.

I am six.

a duck can quack.

Can you think of any other words that have the qu and x sound in it? Can you tell me?

Review red words

I, the, he, she, you, me, we, be, her, no, , go, of, to they, was, my, said


New red word for this week - are

Can you write a sentence using the word 'are' in it?


Mrs Turton's Group


Recap sounds in set 1 and set 2.  (See attachment)

This week we are learning -

Words to read:





















How to remember the sound. 


ir Whirl and twirl


ou Shout it out


oy Toy for a boy


Sentences to write.


The girl can twirl.

Whirl and twirl

Shout it out

I can shout loud.

Toy for a boy.

I enjoy my toy. 


Review red words

I, the, he, she, you, me, we, be, her, no, , go, of, to they, was, my, said


New red word for this week - are

Can you write a sentence using the word 'are' in it?


Maths - Time

Why not play these games?

- Make a clock

- Vocabulary = clock, time, hands, hour hand, minute, seconds, hand, face, hour, minute, o'clock, watch, timing

- Read the different times on the sheet to an adult. 

Maths- subtraction


What are these signs - and =

(take away, subtract, minus) (equals, total)


Read these sums our loud:

3 - 1 =

4 - 1 =

5 - 1 =

4 - 2 =

Choose a method

Use objects to work out the answer. 

Use fingers to work out the answer.

Count backwards.


Write the answer down. 


You can choose any sum to suit your child.  Start off with taking away numbers from 5 then work on numbers to 10.  If they understand then please feel free to move on further. 


Please don't feel like you need to print a sheet out, you can write them down for your child.  Why not have a go at these online games.

RE - The miracles of Jesus -

Recap what Jesus’ disciples do before reading the story.

Why was Jesus sad?

How many people were in the crowd?

What food did the disciples find?

How many baskets of leftovers were there?

Who walked on the water?

How did people show they trusted God in the story?

What does the story tell us? – we should trust in God to give us all we need. 

Topic- Homes


Can you make a home for the 3 little pigs?  Can you guess which one I made?


Topic - Homes

Job 1

Types of homes power point   (see below) Talk to your child about their house. 

What do we have in our houses?  Start with rooms – kitchen what can we find in here? Living room/ dinning room/ bedrooms? Is there any technology in these rooms?

Talk about all the rooms and what we might find in them. 

Job 2

Can you draw a picture of you house?  Include the rooms and items inside the rooms.  EG kitchen - kettle.  Living room - TV

Job 3

Compare the three little pigs’ houses.  Have a look at them as discuss their features.  All have a roof? Door? Size? Windows?  What is different then?  What material are they made out of?


Job 4 - Take a picture of your house.  (these will not be put on our school website0



Why not have a go at some observational drawings?  It can be anything.  This morning we put some fruit on our dinning room table and had a go at drawing them.  You can use anything...fruit/ toys/ animals pictures.  have a go and send me a picture!  Check out ours....