Thank you to all of our children, parents and families who are working with us during this difficult time of COVID 19 and school closure. Our class pages are full of great ideas for you to use at home. Please come and collect packs of paper and pencils to help you with your great work at home. We are open between 9am and 11 am each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Summer 2 week 7 13.7.20



Share a book each day with an adult. 


Keep a diary of your week. 


Remember to:

 Say the sentence

Clap the sentence

Tap the sentence

Count the words in the sentence

Write the sentence


Each day aim to write 2 short sentences about what you have done that day.  This could be what you have had for dinner or if you went to the park or shops.





1) Have a go at the maths mats in the document below.


2) Make you own board game.  eg snakes and ladders


3) Practise writing you numbers 1 - 10 then 11 - 20. 


4)  Using your numbers above ask an adult to cover a number up.  Can you work out which number is hidden?


Other activities


Can you help an adult with the dinner?


Can you set the table for you family.


Can you make your bed?


Can you re-tell a story you have read?


Can you jump 10 times?


Can you do a forward roll?