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Summer 2 Week 6 6.7.20

Can you make a paper aeroplane with an adult?



1 - make the aeroplane.

2 - decorate your aeroplane.

3- Fly your aeroplane.

4 - Measure how far it went in steps.

5 - Record it



Recording Table

1 - Can you draw...…


A fish with 5 red spots.


2 - Can you draw......


A stripy starfish.  Colour it in red and blue.


3 - Can you draw...


Rainbow fish in beautiful colours. 


Can you change Rainbow Fish into a different animal?


Have a go at drawing any animal.

Give the animal colourful scales just like rainbow fish! 

With an adult have a look on the internet or in a book and write down 3 facts about any sea creature.




How many legs does an octopus have?


How big can a starfish get?


Where do seals live? 


Have a go at 3 super sentences!

Remember to say the sentence out loud.

Clap the sentence.

Tap the sentence.

Count the sentence.

Whisper the sentences on your hand and blow it away. 

If you would like to do some Maths and Phonics worksheets please see below.