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Summer 2 Week 4 22.6.20



This week in school we would be concentrating on the children's writing. I would model a sentence everyday with the support from the children.  This is how we do it.

Say it eg Rainbow fish swam fast.  (Say it out loud twice)

Clap it - clap each word in the sentence.

tap it  - tap each word on you knees

count it - count how many words we have said in the sentence.

whisper it  - whisper it on your hand and blow it away 

write it - sound each word out and write it down.


Please remember the children have not learnt all of the sounds and I do not expect them to write every word correctly.  They have learnt sounds in Set 1 and Set 2.  They can use their word map to support them with key words such as rainbow/ octopus/ ocean


Children's task this week!


Choose any picture from the document below and write a sentences about it.  You can then colour your picture in.  The children's writing can be spread out throughout the week so please choose 1 or 2 pictures each day this week.  They must be in the order of the story.  If you can not print the pictures out them please show the children the picture, follow the same writing process and ask the children to draw the picture next to the sentence.



Have a go at these games!



Review red words

I, the, he, she, you, me, we, be, her, no, , go, of, to they, was, my, said, are, into, by, all, your, come, like



Review all red words.  Can you use any of these red words in a sentence?



Miss McCaffery's group

Review all sounds so far in Set 1.  (See phonic resources)




How to remember the sound.


that's not fair

whirl and whirl


Words to read and write


















Mrs Turton's Group


Monday  Reading - play the yes no game.  (see documents below)
Tuesday Writing

'It is fun to camp.'

'The frog jumps in the pond.'

'I can jump high.'

Wednesday Reading - matching pictures to sentences.  (see document below)

Writing - 'My fish and chips are on a dish.'

'She has fair hair'

Friday Play ispy game.  (See document below)






Please find below some simple 'Maths Mats' to complete.

This week please practise doubling and sharing using objects or fingers.  Find the challenge sheet below to support doubling and sharing. 




Can you learn these songs with your family? See below...