Welcome to Bentinck Primary & Nursery School. Together we make a difference. We Start back to school on Wednesday 20th April 2022

Specific areas


This includes both reading and writing. At Bentinck Reading is a priority across our whole school curriculum. Learning to read is vital as it is the window to the wider curriculum. We teach our children how to handle books. We prioritise story time and book sharing and aim to develop a love of books and reading for pleasure in all our children. Through the teaching of a systematic phonics programme, starting in Reception, children are taught to read. We support children to become confident writers by developing their early mark making skills in the Nursery moving on to writing words and sentences as they learn letters sounds and bear words in Reception.

We support children with these skills through a wide range of activities – meaningful mark making in their play, writing in role play – shopping lists, instructions, teaching specific skills for reading and writing through daily phonics sessions and literacy lessons. We support and encourage children to use their book corner to experience a wide range of books, to look for print within the environment and enjoy daily story sessions. Non-fiction books are used to support all areas of the curriculum and bring topics alive.

By the end of the Foundation Stage we want our children to be able to use their phonic skills and Bear words to write simple sentences that can be read by themselves others. We want them to be able to read simple sentences also. We want children to show an understanding of what they have read or listened to and to use a range of vocabulary from such texts.


At Bentinck we provide our children with many opportunities to develop their skills in counting and comparing numbers, we also teach them the early calculation skills of addition and subtraction. Children will learn to describe size, shapes and patterns. They will experience activities about length, capacity, time, position and money. Children will be supported to use mathematical vocabulary within the learning environment to reinforce their understanding.

Children will learn these many skills through a wide range of activities – there will be many practical opportunities within the environment – inside and outside – which will enable children to practise and consolidate the skills they have been taught through their play. The adults will ensure their interactions with the children include modelling the use of appropriate mathematical language to support the children’s learning.

By the end of the Foundation Stage we want our children to be able to count beyond 20 and to have a deep understanding of number up to 10; including more than, less than, addition and subtraction of single digit numbers, even and odd numbers, number bonds and double facts. We also want our children to be able to talk about shape, size, length, capacity, time, position and money, appropriate for their age.

Understanding the world;

At Bentinck we aim to support our children to make sense of the world in which they live and their community. We embrace the cultural diversity of our school community and celebrate the many differences amongst our children and families. We support our children to do this by enabling them to observe people, places, nature and our world near and far.

We support our children to do this through a variety of means – enriching their knowledge through first hand experiences wherever possible, using high quality non-fiction books, having visitors in school, taking children on trips, bringing animals/pets into school, watching the life cycle of a butterfly in real time, observing the changing seasons, inviting parents in to share their personal knowledge and experiences, using technology.

By the end of the Foundation Stage we want our children to notice and describe differences between themselves and others, between life in this country and others, between contrasting environments and the changing seasons. We want them to be able to talk about themselves and their own families and know that we are not all the same.

Expressive arts and design;

At Bentinck we support children to explore and develop their imagination and creativity through a range of media and materials. Children are encouraged to express themselves through role play, art, dance, music and movement.

To support this area of development children will experience many different creative activities both indoors and outdoors – small world play; dinosaurs, cars, construction play, sand, water, dressing up, different role play; home corner, dentist, vets, shop, hairdressers. Within the continuous provision children have constant access to creative and construction materials so they can apply their skills and create to their hearts content. The children are also taught specific creative skills which will enhance their learning.  

By the end of the Foundation Stage we want our children to be able to apply the knowledge they have been taught to use a variety of tools and techniques when working creatively. We want children to work cooperatively in making up stories, songs and dances together.