Welcome to Bentinck Primary & Nursery School. Together we make a difference. We Start back to school on Wednesday 20th April 2022


Safeguarding Procedures


We believe that safeguarding children is everyone's responsibility. If you are concerned about a child then please speak to a member of staff.

The Designated Senior Staff responsible for safeguarding and child protection are Mrs. Nunez and Mrs. Holt.

 Full details of our safeguarding policy is available from the office and on the website. 


All staff and volunteers in school have security checks including DBS. All Staff undertake regular safeguarding training to ensure they are up to date with procedures.


Allegations against staff and volunteers


All staff and volunteers should be aware of their duty to report any concerns about the attitude, actions or behaviour of staff.  If a child, parent, volunteer or staff member makes an allegation regarding a member of staff, the head teacher should be immediately informed.  The head teacher will discuss the allegation and seek guidance from the Local Area Designated Office (LADO). Details are on the Nottingham City website. Please ask the school office for the number.  If the allegation refers to the head teacher then  the Chair of Governors, Mr Zaib Hussain, should be informed.  Support or advice can be gained from any of the school’s DSP’s.


Fire Precautions


In the event of the fire alarm sounding continuously at any time, everyone must leave the building immediately using the nearest fire exit – all are clearly marked.  You will be directed to the assembly point that is allocated to the class you are with. On discovering a fire, sound the fire alarm by breaking the glass at a call point.  These are situated by fire exits throughout the school.



School Security

All visitors to school must be signed in at reception. Our SCHOOL VISITOR POLICY must be read and accepted by all visitors entering our school.  ALL visitors MUST wear an identification badge.  We please ask that you keep external doors closed and do not allow access to the building to anyone who does not have identification.



Bentinck Primary and Nursery School operates a non-smoking policy, this includes the grounds  as well as the buildings.

Safeguarding Policy September 2021-2022

Bentinck Primary School Visitor Policy

Bentinck Security Policy 2019-2020

Online Safety Policy 2021-2022