Welcome to Bentinck Primary & Nursery School. Together we make a difference. We Start back to school on Wednesday 20th April 2022


If you have any questions or concerns about your child at school, please speak to a teacher at the start of the day, home time or by email, we are always happy to help:


Class Teacher: Miss Sian


Mrs Fredericks and Miss McCaffrey





In Class R, we believe that young children learn most effectively through active investigation, enquiry, first-hand experience, play and talk. This enables the child to become a lifelong learner who has positive characteristics of learning, which will continue to support them throughout their journey in school.


Please see the link below for more information about our Early Years Curriculum

What we are doing each term

We had a great day today making our crowns and dressing up like Kings and Queens for the Queens Jubilee!

We had an exciting visit from White Post Farm and loved learning all about different fluffy animals and reptiles!

Happy Easter Holidays!

We had lot's of fun making our Gruffalo crumble for World Book Day, it was so yummy!

We had a go at cutting some fruits from our Topic story Handa's Surprise. Everybody loved trying them after!

We have had lots of fun learning about Winter, especially investigating how water can change from a liquid to a solid and back again

Santa came to visit us!

Our children have been learning all about Dentists and what they do... Let's have a look!

We have had a really good start to the year! We have enjoyed playing with our friends inside and outside