Our school is committed to safeguarding and ensuring the welfare of children and expects all employees and volunteers to share this commitment.



WELCOME TO CLASS R! We are so pleased with how all the children have settled into the routines of reception.  Our children who attended Bentinck nursery have done a brilliant job of helping the children who are new to the school. 


Some children will be starting full time next week.  All parents should have their date for their child.  If this has been misplaced then please ask a member of our team for help. 


All children must come to school suitable dressed in their school uniform. Please remember it is starting to get cold and we will be exploring outside in all kinds of weather so please remember to send your child in a nice warm coat.  smiley

This term’s topic is ‘Ourselves, People who help us and Celebrations’.

We will be exploring these topics in many different ways.  We are always listening to what the children enjoy and we will try to plan our learning around the children’s interests.  So please keep a look out for your child's photo on our class page.  


Take a look at how well the children have settled in!



In literacy, we are encouraging the children to develop their speaking and listening skills, with a particular focus on recalling simple stories, talking about what they are doing and recalling what they have done. 


We are strengthening their fine motor skills, to support their writing skills.  We do this through a variety of activities, including threading pasta, using tweezers and pegs.

In our phonics, we will be focussing on letter sounds through the Read Write Inc Scheme.  This scheme will be taught throughout school.  Support materials will be sent home for you to share with your children. 


Throughout the year your child will be given reading books and a reading record for both staff and parents to write a note about their child’s reading.  They will start with non-worded book and be given a character list for the children to become familiar with the characters in some of the stories.  If you have any questions about reading then please ask a member of staff and they will be able to help you.  J

Your child will be send home with a pack of resources which will include: name writing practise, board pen and rubber, character cards, number cards, a play dough recipe and a 'wow moment' piece of paper to write down any special moments your children has had.  More information will accompany your resource pack. 


In numeracy, the children will be developing their early counting skills, number recognition and shapes in their environment. The term we will be concentrating on numerals 1 – 5.  You can help your child by identifying shapes and numbers at home and practise counting with them.


Please follow the link below to see what else you can do with your child at home!

these are some easy maths skills which they can use in everyday life!

We can do maths at home!