Welcome to Bentinck Primary & Nursery School. Together we make a difference. We Start back to school on Wednesday 20th April 2022


Here we are impressing everyone with our ice skating. We have been brilliant. Well done Class R!

Monday 2nd July

Today White Post Farm visited school.  The children had a great time learning about the animals and stroking them.


Ice Skating

Wow! Our first week skating and 17 children felt confident to try and skate without using the penguins. Brilliant. All the children were very well behaved and had fun. Role on next week!

Wow! The Firefighters came for a visit.

We were so lucky to listen to the Firefighters tell us all about their work. We found out why they wear a uniform, wear I.D and why they need a walkie talkie. They spoke to us about the importance of having a smoke alarm and what the children should do if there is a fire at home. Ask your child to tell you what they need to do. 

They also showed us what to do if our clothes were on fire. We STOP, GO ON OUR KNEES, COVER OUR FACE and the we ROLL ON THE FLOOR.  

We then were very lucky to go into our car park and see the Fire Engine. We looked at all their equipment and what it was used for. It was amazing. Talk to your child about the equipment they saw like the hose, ladders, torches etc. 

Our gardeners planted grass seeds in some compost. The compost was special as you had to mix it with water to make it wet before you could use it. We put some gravel in the bottom of our containers to help the water drain away, put the soil on top then scattered our grass seeds. We then put a thin layer of compost on top to cover them. We watered them using a spray bottle. We wanted to grow grass so we can use it in our small world play.   

Happy Easter

Our Chefs made some delicious Easter nests. They worked very well with their partner, sharing the equipment and ingredients. We looked how the chocolate started off solid, then we melted it in the microwave and it was a liquid. Then we saw it went solid again when it cooled around the cornflakes, gluing them together. I hope everyone enjoyed eating them!!! 

Piggy pancakes

It's pancake day today!

We made Piggy Pancakes with Mr Rocco. Delicious!


Making Vegetable Stew

As a class we looked at the different vegetables we were using in our stew. We looked at their skin, what colour they were inside when peeled, whether we could eat it raw and what they were called. Some children helped me peel the vegetables and cut them into pieces. They then sprinkled on the herb Thyme and made some vegetable stock. Mrs Deegan cooked them in the microwave. When the stew cooled down, we shared it out. The children had to try it to make up their mind if they liked it or not. 


All the children tried it. Some children ate it all. Some ate most of it. Some pulled faces and didn't like it at all. The children recorded their preference in a tally chart. The children who liked it tallied 20 and the children who hated it tallied 9. A great success for the Chiefs. 

Creative Week


Wow we have been busy! We have experimented with ice and how it melts. We have painted with ice cubes and painted ice blocks. We have made snowmen in the dough. We have made icy collages. BRRRRRR! We have built igloos with sugar cubes. We have enjoyed Winter stories snuggled up in our blankets. We came to school in our pyjamas. What an amazing week. 

We used different textures to make our Icy collages. It was important to use enough glue so things didn't fall off and decide whether to put the glue on the paper or the object. 

We had such fun painting with ice cubes. Mrs Deegan had added food colouring to the water, put sticks in and froze them. We then painted with them. We noticed the colours were light on the paper but dark on the tissue paper. 

We used paints to paint the ice blocks. We used the water from where it was melting to mix the paint. It was great fun.

We made dough snowmen using straws and wobbly eyes.

We made Igloos and walls using sugar cubes.

We read lots of winter stories, wrapped in blankets, sitting by the log fire!

And finally! We finished the week off eating ice poles. Yum!

Class R Christmas party 2017


We had a fantastic Christmas party, we played Pass the parcel, Musical bumps and Musical statues. We also had fun dancing in the hall.


 Many thanks to the Parents/Carers who bought in lots of delicious party food, we enjoyed it very much 


"Save The Children" Christmas jumper day

We looked very smart in our Christmas jumpers and helped to raise a lot of money for Save The Children

Thank you to our Parents/Carers for your contributions.

We enjoyed our Christmas buffet, it was delicious!

Making Bread 

As a whole class we made the magic mixture which will make our bread rise. It was warm water, sugar, oil and yeast. The children were amazed at how frothy the mixture became. The Chefs weighed out the flour, mixed the wet and dry ingredients together then kneaded the dough. We put it in the tin to get bigger before we cooked it in the oven.

Mrs Deegan bought her bread maker in and altogether we made 3 loaves of bread. We made the school smell delicious!!! 

Making strawberry jam

Making jam is very dangerous as it gets very hot so

Mrs Deegan was in charge of this. Together we smelt the strawberries which made our mouths water. We then smelt the pectin which was made from apples to make our jam turn from juice to a solid. We mixed sugar in then Mrs Deegan cooked it in the microwave. We saw how the strawberries turned into mush and then how the juice became thicker. When it was cooked it went into the fridge. 

Teddy Bears picnic

As we were celebrating the end of our book 'Whatever Next!' we decided to have a picnic with our homemade bread and jam. Lovely. Then Mrs Deegan gave us a space sweet which some Aliens had given us. Some loved them, some thought it was yuk!!! We even gave one to Mrs Nunez. It made her mouth go all fizzy!!!

Teeth cleaning

Every Friday afternoon we clean our teeth. The children are very sensible and understand why it is so important. 

Children in Need

We had a great time celebrating Children in Need. We had stories, wrapped in blankets and cuddling Teddies. We also made patterns on Pudsey's scarf. We coloured Pudsey and we made patterns and sorted Compare Bears. Then we decorated biscuits with icing and jelly tots. Delicious! 

Thank you so much for all your donations. 

Here are the children who achieved 100% for their attendance. Well done.

Character Club

Our challenge in Class R was to work in small groups drawing a picture. The challenge was to share the paper and draw in their own space and not on anybody else's picture, This was quite tricky for some children. Our vocabulary we were thinking of was Caring, Friendly and Sharing.