Welcome to Bentinck Primary & Nursery School. Together we make a difference. We Start back to school on Wednesday 20th April 2022


This week Class R carried out an investigation to try and answer the question "Will the car travel further if the ramp is higher?"

Most of the class predicted that yes the car would travel further if the ramp was higher. We tested this by setting up a low ramp, we then put the car at the top and let go of it, we measured how far the car travelled. We repeated this two more times by making the ramp higher each time. We recorded our results as a group and found that our prediction was correct, the car did travel further if the ramp was higher.

Some of the children then went into the block area and created their ramps to explore further.

Ice skating

What amazing children we have in Class R. All the children had a go at skating by pushing a special penguin around. Some of the teachers had to push a special snowman around too! Then some of the children were really brave and skated by themselves. we are really proud of you. Well done Class R. Hopefully after 6 weeks we all will be skating by ourselves.

Week 2

Week 1


well done to the children who achieved 100% attendance.

The Slippery Fish


Our Assembly was all about the sea. We had some facts to share about fish,crabs,sharks and whales. We had created some fantastic paintings,mixing different shades of blue and adding detail with sea creatures, waves and seaweed. Our shell imprints in the dough look great. We were fascinated with the patterns they made.

Our song "Slippery Fish" is really funny especially when the whale burps.

Maths Day

Thank you to all the parents who came to support their child with our Maths activities. I hope it was useful to you and you and your child use the Maths pack to be a fantastic Mathematician.

We matched number plates from the cars to the car park.

We traced numbers and wrote numbers.

We counted the correct amount of beads to match the numbers.

The children made repeating patterns by printing.

They rolled spheres and cylinders in the dough.

Models were made using cuboids and cylinders.

We counted how many bricks we made in our towers.


We were very busy.


Red Nose Day

We had a great day dressed in red.Thank you to the children who made the cakes.All of Class R enjoyed decorating them then eating them-Yum!!

On Wednesday 21st January parents were invited to join the children in Class R for a Literacy day.

These sessions started with parents watching a PIPs session (phonics).

After that they were able to take part in lots of different literacy activities with their child.

These included;

  • Retelling a story with puppets.
  • Labelling characters from the story.
  • Mark making on large paper.
  • Writing labels for models.
  • Writing messages in the home corner.
  • Name and number writing.
  • Letter formation in the dough and wet sand.
  • Reading words in the dry sand and water.
  • Using fine motor skills in the challenge and workshop area.


Fred the Ted went to Iceland with Mr and Mrs Girling for thr New Year.It was very cold and they get very little day light in Iceland.We went whale watching but didn't see any but we got to see the northern lights.

We had a great Christmas Party with games and music. Thank you for all the lovely food. We really enjoyed sharing it and chatting to our friends.

Here are the winners of Musical statues.

Here are the winners of Pass the Parcel.

Here are the winners of Musical Bumps.

Santa came to visit the children in Class R and each child received a lovely Christmas present.

Class R's Football match with Mr Brannigan and Mr Bramley


Class R were fantastic playing football to celebrate the Football Match played on Christmas Eve in the 1st World War 100 years ago.


There were some great goals scored (many own goals!) and lots of cheering and excitement.


Well done Class R.I wonder what colour team won?

Well done to the Yellow Team who overall scored the  most goals and won. Here are Class R's winners. Look at their medals.

Fred the Ted

Hello. My name is Fred the Ted. I love going home with the children and having fun. Please look after me. I like to play games, have a cuddle and to go to sleep. When you get back to school, tell your Teachers and the other children what we have got up to. It will be such fun.


Please look after Fed the Ted and bring him back the next morning to share your adventures with the class. 

Fed the Ted went to Lanzarote in the October Holiday with Mrs Girling. I wonder where he might go next!!

Class R's Monkey Puzzle Assembly

Class R were amazing. They retold the Monkey puzzle story then sang a song about the animals. I hope we didn't frighten you when we screamed as we didn't want to be the Snake's lunch!


Thank you to all the parents who came to watch. We really appreciate your support.

Monkey Puzzle.

Last half term we looked at  "Monkey Puzzle" by Julia Donaldson. We had lots of fun using masks to act out the story. Can you name all the animals?


Class R enjoyed their lesson with Dan the skipping man.