Our school is committed to safeguarding and ensuring the welfare of children and expects all employees and volunteers to share this commitment.

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium funding, which is additional to the main school funding, is to be used to address inequalities between children eligible for free school meals (FSM) and those children who are not. This includes any child who has been registered for FSM at any point during the past 6 years. Its aim is to reduce the attainment gap between the highest and lowest achieving pupils nationally.

DfE Guidance states:

‘Schools, head teachers and teachers will decide how to use the Pupil Premium allocation, as they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for individual pupils”.


Schools also receive funding for children who have been looked after continuously for more than six months.

Our Principals

In making decisions about the allocation of Pupil Premium funds, the following principals are applied:

· Teaching and learning opportunities must meet the needs of all pupils; this includes ensuring that needs are adequately assessed and addressed on an individual basis

· Whilst we are committed to ensuring that appropriate provision is made for pupils who meet the characteristics of nationally defined ‘vulnerable groups’, we ensure that we do not stereotype pupils. For example, we recognise that not all pupils who receive free school meals will be socially disadvantaged

· We also recognise that not all pupils who are disadvantaged academically are registered or qualify for free school meals. We have many children who don’t qualify by a very narrow margin.

We will ensure that at least 75% of pupils included in any Pupil Premium funding will be made from children receiving free school meals or children who are looked after.

· All our work through Pupil Premium will be aimed at accelerating progress and moving children to at least age related expectations. Initially, this will be in communication, social and emotional development, English and mathematics.




Due to fairly high levels of pupil mobility, our Pupil Premium plan is reviewed regularly in line with adjustments to the funding we receive throughout the year.




Pupil Premium 2015-2016