Welcome to Bentinck Primary & Nursery School. Together we make a difference. We Start back to school on Wednesday 20th April 2022

Outdoor Learning




A group of Year 4 and Year 5  children are taking part in a Forest School programme at Bestwood Country park in Nottingham. It is a 6 week programme and involves the children taking part in a wide range of activities. These include building dens, using hammocks, using a rope swing, using bows and arrows, lifting and carrying woodland materials and many more. Each session is led and organised by the Wild things staff. They are all qualified Forest School Leaders.

This is a fantastic opportunity for children to have lots of fun whilst learning lots of new skills and experiencing new activities.

Please have a look at the photos each week to see what the children have been up to.

Week 1

It was our first Forest School today. We went on a walk exploring the forest and looking for clues to find out information about the location. It was great fun.

After our walk we went back to the camp and we toasted bread over the fire. Kate spread butter and jam on our toast. It was delicious!

Week 2

Unfortunately Forest school has had to be cancelled today due to high wind speeds. The Forest School staff have to do a  risk assessment to ensure it is safe for us to attend.

We are all disappointed but we are keeping our fingers crossed for next week. Hopefully there will be no wind but I think it is going to be very cold so wrap up warm children!


Week 3


Mrs Holt was unwell today so was unable to go to Bestwood Park. Mr Shaw very kindly stepped in and took the children and they all had a great time.

Some children went exploring in the woods and found lots of interesting stones whilst others went searching for walking sticks that they cold carve and decorate. Some children made some jewellery using wood. The children had a go on the rope swing which was very exciting.

Take a look at our many photos to see what we got up to this week.

Week 4

We all had a great time this week doing lots of different and exciting things. We started off with a planning meeting to see what we all wanted to do. Some of us wanted to play a hiding game; we had to leave clues using sticks that we found. The others had to find us. Others wanted to make mallets. We had to listen very carefully so we knew how to use the tools safely. Some children wanted to make jewellery or key rings out of wood. When we had finished we could sit in the hammock which was lovely and relaxing.

Take a look at our great photos to see all the fantastic things we have done this week.

Week 5

It has been a cold but fun session at Bestwood Country park this week. There was still lots of ice and snow around; left over from the weekend. The wild things team had put up a cover above the camp fire as the weather forecast had said it would rain. Fortunately for us it didn't!!!

We had our planning meeting; half of us set off to make a track and then hide from the others. The other half stayed in camp and finished off making their mallets or started making a key ring.

We set off and began collecting sticks to make arrows for the others to follow. We went up hills and down hills, over fences and across snow and ice. We made arrows out of sticks, snow and soil that the moles had dug up!

We hid and waited for the others to find us; we had to be very quiet. It was so cold!

We headed back to camp and we all had a turn on the rope swing which was great fun. Haleema stayed at camp and made hot chocolate for everyone; it was delicious and just what we needed to warm us up.

It is our last session next week. We feel sad because we have enjoyed it so much.

There are some great photos for you to look at.

Forest School




A group of nine Year 5 and 6 girls are attending a Forest School every Friday morning with Mrs Holt.

The girls will be involved in many different activities such as; exploring the forest, making camp fires, making jewellery, tree felling, using a variety of tools.

The aim of the project is to increase their confidence, work together as a team, support each other and try lots of new things.

Have a look at our photos to see what exciting things the girls have been up to.





We all explored the Forest looking for clues to give us more information about the location - Bestwood park.

We then came back to the camp and we toasted some bread over the fire which was delicious. We also had hot chocolate.

What a great first week. I wonder what we will do next week.



We started the second session with a circle time. The girls all get the opportunity to say what they would like to do. Some chose to explore and find sticks that they could carve. Others chose to collect stones and make a necklace. Others chose to do archery. We had more hot chocolate which warmed us up nicely.

When the going got a bit tough the girls had a snooze in one of the hammocks - very relaxing!



Goodness me - it was cold this week! Some girls borrowed extra scarves, gloves and wellies.

This week some of us did some tree felling which was quite scary but great fun too. The girls enjoyed using all the tools; a bow saw and loppers.Others made some jewellery out of wood; they looked really great. Some girls carved their walking sticks and then wove wool on to them.

Week 4

Another sunny day - we have been so lucky with the weather.

We begin each week with a circle time. The Wild Things staff ask the girls what activity they would like to do this week. We then split up into groups depending on our choices. Some girls wanted to fell a tree whilst others wanted to make a necklace.

We went off to the site and Nick identified a tree that we could fell. We put on our bright yellow hard hats for safety. We had to clear the site around the tree first and the girls got really stuck in at moving logs and chopping them using the loppers. They all had a go at tying a Timber Hitch knot and they were very good at it. Once we had felled the tree the girls had to carry it back which wasn't easy as the truck was a tricky shape.

When we got back to camp we had some hot chocolate waiting for us which was just what we all needed. Then we all had a few turns on the rope swing before it was time to go back to school. GREAT FUN!

We can't wait for next week!!