Welcome to Bentinck Primary & Nursery School. Together we make a difference. We Start back to school on Wednesday 20th April 2022

Our new House system



I can't believe it; it's nearly the end of the Autumn term! Where has all that time gone?

It's been a challenging term in school with so many children and staff having time off school for a variety of reasons, COVID being one of them!

BUT........the children have still managed to keep working hard (and so have the staffsmiley) and keep earning lots of house points for their house.  Every Friday we have a special Bentinck Stars assembly where we celebrate children's achievements in each class. At the end of each term we have a Bentinck Super Stars assembly. This is where we celebrate the acheivement of one child per class; someone who has really worked super hard all term. It may be that they are a maths or literacy super star, or it may be that they have been a fantastic friend or they have learnt to speak great English, or their behaviour has improved greatly.

At the end of the term we count up all the tokens in our very special token collector and we announce the winning house in our assembly. This will be on Friday 17th December. The winning house will enjoy a special treat in the new year when we all return to school.





KING house have been the successful house winners for the past 2 terms - AUTUMN 2020 AND SPRING 2021!


Well done to all the children in King house for all their incredible hard work and determination.winkyes


We had a great Autumn term in school but then sadly we were all hit again with a second COVID lockdown in January and February. It has been really hard for us all. However, most children and their families continued to work really hard during lockdown, collecting and completing their workpacks, emailing their teachers and earning lots of house points. WELL DONE to you all!!!smiley 


This week all the children in KING house have enjoyed their special treat. It has taken lots of organising due to all the many restrictions still in place but we got there eventually. KS2 children enjoyed a Laser Tag activity and Early Years and KS1 enjoyed a Magician. I will upload some great photos to the website later, but I'm sure in the meantime, if your child is in King House, they will tell you all about it!.


Good Luck to everyone for this summer Term! I wonder who will win this time?surprise


Mrs Holtsmiley





Summer Term Final House Points Count


Hello children  - I can't believe it is the end of the school year and what a strange year it has been. We haven't been able to do all the usual end of year celebrations that we normally do here at Bentinck which is a real shame. But what we can do is celebrate things in a different way using our school website. We launched our new House system last November and it has been very successful. I know lots of you have been working incredibly hard during lockdown earning 100's of tokens for your house - WELL DONE to all of you. It's now the end of the school year and time to reveal the winning house for the Summer term. I'm busy at home adding up all the house points for King, Malala, Farah and Greta.

All will be revealed on Friday 24th July



SUMMER TERM 2020 IS...….


GRETA HOUSE!!!!!!! for the second term running.

WELL DONE to all those children in Greta House. You have all been working so hard during the school closure, emailing your teachers and sending them all your great work, it truly is outstanding.

We wish all our children and their families a great summer break. Have a rest and be ready to come back to school in September. Look out for a letter in the post about dates and times for coming back to school to join your new class. We are all looking forward to seeing you. Stay safewink.

Half Term House points Update -

end of Summer 1


Hello children - I hope you are all enjoying this fantastic weather at the moment. When you go out please make sure you put some sun cream on first and wear a hat.


Lockdown is still in place but we are starting to see some changes - some year groups coming back to school, going outside as much as you like, seeing 1 other person outside of your household. Some things remain the same - social distancing and washing our hands.


If we were in school we would all be able to see the huge amount of tokens that would be in the token collector in our school hall. Because we can't see it we thought it would be a good idea to give you a running total at the end of half term. So here it is...…...



Greta are in the lead, followed by Farah, King then Malala. I know many of you are working very hard at home and emailing your work to your teachers. Keep up this great work and keep earning lots of house points. All the teachers really look forward to seeing lots of children's emails and giving out many, many house points. So, if you haven't yet, email some work to your class teacher and earn some points for your house! smileycoolyes


Friday 3rd April 2020


End of the Spring Term


At last, we are finally here. It is time to announce the winning house for Spring Term 2020.


I went into school yesterday and counted all the house tokens in our very special house token collection box in the hall. It took me quite a while as there were so many. I contacted all the teachers at school via our WhatsApp group to decide on a deadline today. We went for 1-00pm.

I've been on every class page and counted all the tokens given out for each house. You have been working so hard at home. Well done!

I then added those totals to the totals in school.............




WAIT FOR IT.........




IT'S ........... 





Greta house earned the most house points over the last 2 weeks whilst working at home. They earned 141 points in 2 weeks, loads more than all the other houses. Well done to all those children in Greta House; you have completed so much work at home with help and support from your families. It's brilliant!

Well done to Farah, King and Malala too - you earned a huge number of house points too.

Everyone needs to keep working hard to start earning more house points for the Summer Term


WELL DONE EVERYONEsmileysmileysmiley

HOUSE POINTS during the school closure


Teachers will be giving out virtual house points to children during the school closure. Children need to communicate with their class teacher, via email, to let them know what they have been doing. Emailing your work to your class teacher would be great or send a photo of it. Your teacher will be so pleased to hear from you.

Each class will have a grid on their page to show how many house points have been given out during the closure. I will be going into school to count all the house tokens that are in the box. I will then add the points from your class grid.

I will announce the winning house for this Spring Term 2020 on the website, here, on Friday 3rd April. Watch this space!


GOOD LUCK!!  - Greta, Farah, Malala and King


Try your very best to do the work set by your teacher and let them know about it.


Stay safe

Mrs Holt



Our First Bentinck Stars Assembly


We had a our very first Bentinck Stars assembly on Friday 20th December 2019. Mrs Holt counted up all the tokens for each of the four houses; Greta, King, Farah and Malala.

It was a very close call indeed. In 4th place was King, in 3rd place was Greta, and in joint first place was Farah and Malala with 432 tokens each!The children were so excited.


Staff are very busy organising a special reward for each house. We will keep you posted as to what this is and when it will take place. Keep an eye on the website for some photos of these events.

The assembly is also a chance to celebrate some fantastic achievements in our school during the past half term. In KS2 the children vote for a girl and a boy in their class who they recognise for something particular; this could be an academic or a sporting achievement, or it could be a child who has shown some great character traits. In Early Years and KS1 the teachers decide who deserves one of these special awards. Each child receives a very special certificate. We also celebrated the house with the highest attendance for the term. This half term it was FARAH House - WELL DONE!!!

We have started all over again this Spring term, working hard to earn as many tokens as possible. At the moment King House is looking good, they have a lot of tokens in the collecting box in the hall, but we have  along way to go yet!!! Keep working hard everyone.

Each week we celebrate attendance and so far this term Farah House are winning hands down. Come on everybody! Lets try and improve attendance in the other houses; Greta, King and Malala.