Welcome to Bentinck Primary & Nursery School. Together we make a difference. We Start back to school on Wednesday 20th April 2022


Welcome to Bentinck Nursery

September 2014

We would also like to offer a warm welcome to all our new children and their families.


This term we will be talking about Ourselves, Colours, People who help us and Celebrations.

We have already heard the story of Mr Happy and the children have really enjoyed it.  We will be listening to lots more of the stories by Roger Hargreaves.

We have made this fabulous 'Happy' display in the Nursery.

This week we have made Mr Happy and Little Miss Sunshine puppets. 

I hope the children enjoy playing with them at home!

This week in Nursery we have listened to the story of Mr Tickle. 

It really made us laugh! 

We made long arms out of play dough and drew long arms for Mr Tickle. 

We also played in orange spaghetti!

European Languages Week - 22.09.14 - 26.09.14

Last week we celebrated European Languages Week.  We dressed up in red, white and blue clothes on Friday.  We also learned the French song Frère Jacques, which we sang in the hall with Class R to the rest of the school.  At snack time we tasted Pain au Chocolat and did printing with red, white and blue paint.  It was also the MacMillan Coffee Morning and we had lots of contributions. Thank you.

This week we had lots of fun talking about Goose Fair.  We discussed our favourite rides and what we had to eat there.

Lots of our children celebrated Eid this week too. 

Eid Mubarak

This week we have been learning about the colour red.

We read the story of Mr Strong and

Mr Little's Noisy Fire Engine.

We played with the Fire Station and Fire Engines

on the carpet area.

We  also learned to use the hole punch to make holes and attach wheels to a fire engine.  See some of our Fire Engines below.

This week in Nursery we have been doing ECAT

(Every Child a Talker). 

This means that we have been reading the same book every day.  We also use props and photographs.  The children really enjoy this activity, as the books we use are about a Monkey.

The children are able to learn the story and join in with the repeated words.  After half term the children will be able to take the book home with a Monkey soft toy and then the children can share the story with the whole family.

We look forward to hearing what Monkey got up to in their homes.


Look at our super Monkey drawings!

We are still learning about the colour red this week.

Take a look at our brilliant ladybird paintings.

You will also see them on the Nursery windows.

This week at Nursery we have been learning about Bonfire Night and made some great firework pictures.

We made them with salad spinners!

You can see the pictures in the school hall.

We were also learning about the colour white and read the Polar Bear, Polar Bear story by Bill Martin and Eric Carle.  The children enjoyed playing with the large wooden bricks and white bears.

This week we have been learning about the colour pink and listened to the Three Pigs story.  We all enjoyed joining with the story and trying to blow the houses down.

We had pig cutters in the play dough.

Remembrance Week

The whole school made poppies this week.

Here are some of ours.

Happy Christmas

Over the next few weeks we will be learning about how some families celebrate Christmas. We have been very busy making cards and learning songs for the Christmas Concert.

We will also be having a Christmas party. 

We will send out a letter soon giving you the dates for these.



-  2015  -

We hope you like the Snowmen pictures the children have painted.  We think they are great!  See more of them on the Nursery windows.


Our Monkey story this term is 'Monkey Goes to a Farm.'

We have read the story every day this week and will start to send the Monkey Book Bag home next week.  We hope you enjoy sharing this book together.

See if your child can say the words which repeat on each page - 'Look' 'I like' 'my favourite.'

The children have also been learning to recognise the words: 'Monkey,' 'farm' and 'favourite.'

Have fun!




Story Café

This week we welcomed parents and carers to visit Nursery to listen to the 'Bear Hunt' story told by Mrs Hartley.

Parents and carers were then able to spend time sharing stories with their children in the Nursery.

Thank you to those families who took part.




Nocturnal Animals

We had a great time this week learning about nocturnal animals.  We learned about Owls, Bats, Hedgehogs, Foxes and Badgers.  We looked on the internet to find out facts about what they liked to eat.

We hope you like the hedgehogs that we made.

Soapy Mirrors

We had fun playing with soapy mirrors this week.




Science Week

We had lots of fun this week.

We talked about elephants and sang the song 'An Elephant Went Out to Play Upon a Spiders Web One Day.'

We sorted animals out into 'Big' and 'Little.'  We also used other words to describe big animals - enormous, large and gigantic.

We learned about heavy and light vegetables.  We then used the vegetables to learn about floating and sinking, and long and short.

We finished off the week using the vegetables to print with.

We read the Elmer story and sang a song about colours.

We printed big and little elephant footprints and painted spiders' webs.

We made some fluffy paint which grew in the microwave and made our valentine's hearts with it.

Nursery Assembly

This week was our Nursery Assembly.

We sang songs about celebrations:

Happy New Year -

'If you're Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands.'

Birthdays -

'Happy Birthday to You.'

Valentines Day -

'I made a Valentine For You'

Chinese New Year -

'Chinese New Year is Here Again.'

Thank you to those parents and friends who came.

We were very proud of the children.

Check out the photos below.




Arts Week

The whole school took part in an arts project based on animals.

In Nursery we used sponge painting to make our animal hats.

We read lots of animal stories and particularly enjoyed

'Hidden Hippo' by Joan Gannij & Clare Beaton

We liked the flamingos and decided we would like to base our artwork around them.  We used rollers and sponge brushes to paint the back ground and when this had dried we used our hands to make lots of pink prints.  We then painted long necks and long legs.  Lastly we painted on the beaks.  Look out for the pictures in the Nursery and on the website.


March 2015

This term we have been learning how to mix powder paint and make a new colour.

Blue and yellow makes green.

Red and blue makes purple.



We have read the story of

'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' this term.

We had this story for our 'Book Week' and used it for our Guided Reading Sessions.  Then we used the same story for our Emergent Writing.

We have really enjoyed the story and have made an enormous caterpillar in our Book Corner.

Have a look at the photographs to see how we made him.

Some children made their own caterpillars.

Then we made some interesting Cress Caterpillars!


Making the Very Hungry Caterpillar and other caterpillar things!

Welcome to our Nursery Book Corner.


Would you like to come and look at a book?

Which would you choose?

Bentinck Chicks

We were very gentle with the chicks.

Happy Easter

We have had lots of fun at Nursery this week.

We read the story of

Spot's First Easter by Eric Hill.

We did an Easter Egg Hunt around the Nursery and found the numbered eggs.  The children whisked the bubbles in the water to make cakes.  We made some fabulous chick Easter Cards.  We also made chicks and Easter eggs with the play dough.  We were excited when the chicks visited the Nursery and we drew some pictures of them.


This Summer Term we will be learning all about holidays.  Lets hope we have some nice weather too!  We will be talking about the Seaside and Transport.

Our Monkey story this term is Monkey Goes on Holiday and your child will bring this book home to share with you during this term.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

We are continuing to learn all about colour mixing and have found different ways to do this - not just with powder paints.


We have introduced our Magnet corner.  The children have enjoyed exploring and finding out all about magnets.

Soapy Mirrors

Just wanted to share our soapy mirror pictures with you.

H2O is the Way to Go!

Thank you to all the parents who attended our

Workshop on Oral Hygiene on 3rd June.

All the children received a FREE water bottle and a FREE tooth brush.  Please use the Tooth Brush Chart to get into good habits about cleaning teeth regularly.

We have been talking about cleaning our teeth in Nursery and have read 'Topsy and Tim Go the Dentist.'  We also watched 'Peppa Pig at the Dentist' on the television.  We have learned a new rhyme about brushing our teeth and the children have taken this home.  We have asked the children about

when they clean their teeth and what colour their tooth brush is.  We have discussed why they need to clean their teeth. 



- Sports Day -

This week is National Sports Week.

Today we have had our Nursery Sports Day

on the theme of Pirates!

The children have had lots of fun.


Photographs organised into Morning and Afternoon Sessions

Nursery Afternoon Assembly

- Smile, Crocodile, Smile -

We really enjoyed performing our nursery assembly.  Thank you to the parents and school children who came to see it.



 - Caterpillars -

We have found 2 caterpillars on our Nasturtiums!