Thank you to all of our children, parents and families who are working with us during this difficult time of COVID 19 and school closure. Our class pages are full of great ideas for you to use at home. Please come and collect packs of paper and pencils to help you with your great work at home. We are open between 9am and 11 am each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Mrs Nunez

Summer Term 2020
Why are the Government not letting us come back to school?

We are still at home because the Government need us all to continue helping the NHS and other very important services across the country manage the huge challenge of the Coronavirus which has affected our school, the local area, our country, our continent and the whole world.

It's a HUGE problem, and we all have rules to follow to help control the virus and keep our families and communities safe.

Have you looked at the different class pages on our website?

If you look at the class pages on our website you will see what different people and groups have been doing at home.

All of the staff in school have been keeping in touch with each other through our WhatsApp chat. We have laughed lots, and have shared special stories from around the country and the World.



If you visit our Nursery you will see great photographs and you can learn how to grow a rainbow.

In Class R you will discover how far Mrs Turton cycled with her family. Mrs Turton is also reading a story to her class - click the Story Time Star on the class page.

Class 1 have been challenged to plan a party. You can also read some jokes and follow Mrs Deegan's video on Chromatography. It's very exciting.

Class 2 are discovering the area around where we all live. They are learning how write postcards and send them through the post.

Visit Class 3 and you will see photos of Miss Ganderson gardening. Her class topic is Growing Plants. It's also Miss Ganderson's Dad's special birthday on Thursday. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the cake she bakes for him.

A Time Capsule Challenge has been set in Class 4. I'm going to make one at home with Jack and Bill to help us remember the things we did during the COVID 19 Lockdown.

In Class 5 you will see some examples of work being sent in from different children - it looks tricky. Mr Burton's daughter is learning to walk - and the family are looking after a visitor who needs to rest.

Class 6 is full of fantastic work that has been shared from pupils at home. A number of children are joining in but I have to mention Shayal. A young man with a  great determination to carry on learning. Mrs Burton's daughter celebrated her birthday at the weekend - read about Mrs Burton's X-Box skills !!!

Tuesday 28th April 2020

I want to share some photographs of the plants I am growing in my garden.

If you scroll down my page, you can see how these plants started as seeds.

These are my Strawberry plants.
Can you see the white strawberry flowers?
Small pea seedlings ready to grow.
These pea seedlings are growing well.
They are getting taller.
Meet Bob - guarding the beans behind him.

Unexpected visitors in my garden.

Two ducks visitied the pond in my garden.
The ducks rested in my garden next to the water.
Dave's not sleeping !!!
Dave's not sleeping !!!
He's guarding the garden from squirrels !!
Jack and Dave
Tuesday 21st April 2020
Dave is still sleeping !!
I'm so excited to celebrate GRETA House collecting the most house tokens.
My seedlings are growing.
These are bean seedlings. They have large leaves.
Chilli seedlings - not ready to move yet.
One of my favourite flowers - Foxgloves.
Spring Term 2020

Hello everyone.

You are all at home during this time of COVID-19. I know that it's difficult - but we MUST listen to what the Government are telling us and asking us to do.

We do this at school and MUST do the same across the country.

So …. whilst we are all in our homes, I thought I'd let you know how we are getting on in my house.

I'm starting with Dave - my cat.

I talk about him in my assemblies - so thought you'd like to meet him.

Dave on Sunday

Dave was asleep at 8am this morning. Can you see his nose? 

Did you remember to move the clocks one hour forward this morning? We are now in British Summer Time.

Dave was still asleep at 5pm!!!!!


Dave on Monday

Same place as yesterday but …… Dave did get up to eat some breakfast.

He then sat at the window downstairs to check the activities outside. It is all very quiet on my road. Is it the same on your street?

Dave on Tuesday

I decided to do some gardening at the front of my house this afternoon. These purple and white flowers are called Hyacinths.

Dave decided to join me for a while.

Dave on Wednesday

Dave was asleep at the top of the stairs this morning - for a change !!!

I thought I'd measure how long he is.

This photo shows that he is 65 cm long. When he stretches out he measures 78 cm.

Dave woke up and decided that the tape measure could be his new toy - Dave's daft !!!

Dave on Thursday

He's back in his favourite place !!!


My new seedlings - they are tiny and fragile.
These are Sweet Peas seedlings.
Fragile chilli seedlings.

I've been planting some flower seeds to put into my garden this summer.

Can you spot the sunflower seedlings. Sunflowers are my favourite flowers. I'm going to show you how they grow from these seedings into the beautiful flowers in my garden.

However - last year the squirrels enjoyed nibbling through the stems and my flowers didn't grow. I'll get Dave to keep and eye on them this year - he could chase the squirrels away.

As well as letting you know what is happening in my house, I thought I'd set you a challenge each week.

You can email me your answers to:


Here's my alphabet challenge for this week.

I love eating different fruits and vegetables from around the World.

Can you help me to complete this table?

Email me the names of fruits or vegetables with some information of where they are grown, their flavours, how you discovered them. I will add them to my list - and add House Points to your class chart.



a                                        n
b o
c p
d q
e r
f s
g t
h                                                               u
i v
j w  Watermelon - from Brazil
k x
l y
m z



Alphabet lists from Zoya and Sara. We're going to taste some of these foods when we return to school. Double House Points girls!!!

Bitter Gourd information from Maryam and her brother Zeeshan. Double House Points !!!

Purple Jam from Adchayan
Thank you to Hashim in Class 1 for his vegetable list.