Welcome to Bentinck Primary & Nursery School. Together we make a difference. We Start back to school on Wednesday 20th April 2022

Mrs Holt

School Closure due to bad weather

We have taken the decision to close our school today(for those children that are currently attending during the current lockdown) due to the bad weather and heavy snowfall yesterday. A risk assessment took place early this morning and our school site is currently unsafe for staff, children and parents.

Please keep checking the website and your phones; we will keep you informed as to when we will re-open and we will set another date for families to come on to the school site to collect work packs. In the mean time please refer to your child's class page for online activities and some snowy challenges.smiley

A cold and frosty morning

I have been self isolating with my husband at home. 10 days is a very long time to stay inside but we have to do it to make sure we stay safe and we keep other people safe. So when Sunday arrived I was very happy as it meant I could go outside and take Rodney for a long walk. We got up quite early and there was still some snow around from Saturday. It was also very icy. I was pleased as it meant the ground would be hard and not soft and muddy. We made a flask of hot coffee to take with us as it was very cold outside.

Take a look at some photos that I took on my walk.

Patterns in the ice on the ground

If you go out on a walk have a look and see what patterns you can see in the ice.

Guess what else I saw?

Have you made any foot prints in the snow today?

How many did you make?

Are your foot prints big, medium or small?

An early morning snowy walk

I was up very early today. My car was covered in snow and so were the roads. It was very icy and very slippery. We took Rodney out for an early morning walk in the snow. He likes the snow; he gets quite excited, a little like children dowink

I made sure I was wrapped up nice and warm; coat, hat, scarf, gloves and wellington boots! Rodney had a good run around in the snow with another dog. There was lots of snow and ice on the park near my house. Have a look at the pictures below.

Go out for a walk in the snow today with your family; remember to wrap up warm and be safe as it is slippery out there! I wonder what you will be able to see on your walk today?

Have fun and stay safe

Mrs Holt xx

RODNEY'S  first birthday!


Monday 25th May was Rodney's first birthday. I can't believe that we have had him as our family dog for 10 months; he is a special part of our family.

It was lovely weather that day so we took Rodney out for a lovely long walk; we walked for 5 and a half miles! Rodney loved it, he was running everywhere and he went in the river. He likes water and we have to be careful he doesn't go in too far!

We bought Rodney some presents for his birthday. We bought a toy that we hoped he would not be able to chew as he has got very sharp teeth. We also bought him a new treat ball too and he had a lovely tasty bone!

Take a look at the photossmiley



Wednesday 20th May

Good morning everyone, how are you today? I'm feeling happy because the sun is shining and it's lovely and

When you go outside you must remember to wear a hat and put on some suncream. It is going to be very hot today. I hope that you are keeping busy looking at your class page and doing lot of activities. I know many of you are working very hard and you are emailing your teachers regularly. You are earning lots of house points which is great; come on KING!!I'm also getting emails from children sharing their work which is fantastic. Thank you to all our families that are also working hard to support your children's learning. You are doing a great job.

Rodney update;

Rodney had his very first haircut last Sunday. He looks very smart now and hopefully he feels a little cooler in this warm weather. On Monday 25th May it will be Rodney's first birthday and he will be one year old. We have bought him some new toys and we will be taking him out for a lovely long walk. I hope that Rodney looks after these new toys a bit better that some of his others. He has got very sharp teeth and he has chewed some of his other toys and we have had to throw them away! He is naughty sometimes; although he is only 1, in dog years he's actually a teenager. Sometimes he doesn't always do as he is told. Take a look at some photos.

I hope that you are being good for your parents at home. We are having to work hard with Rodney to make sure he follows the rules and stays safe. 

Do you have rules at home - perhaps you have to tidy your bedroom, tidy away your toys, take your cup and plate away, play nicely with your brothers and sisters. It's important that families work together and help each other.

We have rules at school to keep us all happy and safe.

Your challenge;

Can you remember our school rules?

Can you write them down.

Tell me what rules you have at home to keep everyone happy and safe.

What things do you do to help your family?

Email me your work -


Take care and enjoy the sunshine xx



Monday 11th May

 Good morning - what a change in the weather today. I hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend and enjoyed all the great

Did you celebrate VE Day on Friday? We had a little street party, we sat on our front garden and said hello to our neighbours. We decorated our house with some red, white and blue bunting, we played some 1940s music and we  sat and enjoyed the sunshine and remembered all the people that lost their lives in WW11.

We took Rodney for a nice long walk along the River Trent. It was very hot; Rodney went for a paddle in the water. We saw some cows; we had to keep Rodney on his lead. We also saw lots of sheep and lambs and a huge swan!


Rodney update;


On Saturday May 2nd we took Rodney for a walk in Ploughman's Wood. This is a nature reserve that isn't far from where we live. We really like it there. We found out something new that day - there is a pond there. So, we set off to find it. When we got there we were amazed at it was full of tadpoles. I've never seen so many tadpoles before; it looked like the pool was full of bubbles - it was thousands of tadpoles swimming around. Take a look at the photos and the video below.



Thousands of tadpoles in the pond at Ploughman's Wood. Can you see them all swimming around?

Your challenge today -

Can you find out some information about tadpoles?

  • What do tadpoles turn into?
  • Can you find out about the life cycle of a tadpole?
  • Can you draw a picture of the life cycle of a tadpole?

Send your work to me using my email -


Enjoy your day xx


Wednesday 6th May

Good morning everyone. I hope that you and your families are all keeping safe and well. Are you keeping busy? Are you going out once a day for your daily exercise? It's so hard having to stay at home isn't it? We are all missing our friends and family and missing coming to school. But we must stick to the rules; it's very important for all of us.

I hope that you are going on your class page everyday to check the activities that your teacher is planning for you. I look at everyone's class page and I'm amazed at all the fantastic home learning that is taking place. It's so lovely seeing all the many pictures of you all, and your work, busy doing lots of great things at home with your family. Well done to all our parents for the fantastic job you are doing, supporting your children with their learning at home. Thank you.


Rodney update;

Rodney is also getting a bit fed up being stuck inside. One of the things he likes to do is climb up on the arm of the settee and look out of the window. Our neighbour across the road has a cat. If Rodney sees the cat he starts barking and runs to the front door; his bark can be quite loud and it makes me jump! I often wonder what he is looking at out of the window. Take a look at Rodney looking out of the window, what can he see?


A challenge for you;

  • What can you see when you look out of your window? Look left and look right.
  • Go upstairs and look out of a different window, what can you see now?
  • Look out of a window at the front of your house and the back of your house. Can you see different things?
  • What can you hear going on outside of your house?
  • Do you live high up in a flat? What can you see near and far?
  • Write a list or draw pictures of all the things you can see.
  • Send me an email of your work -

Take care, stay safe

Mrs Holt xxx

Friday 1st May


Good  morning everyone. I hope you are all keeping safe and well. Are you missing your friends? I know I am.sad These are very strange times for us all and it is hard that you can't go out and play with your friends. I miss meeting up with my friends.We are having to spend lots of time indoors with our family; which is lovely as we are all usually so busy, but it can also be hard. My family are finding it a bit tricky sometimes, we all have to find a space to work in our house and keep Rodney entertained! Rodney is also missing playing with his friends, he is being a little bit naughty sometimes. He has been chewing and ripping his blankets; he comes up to us and nibbles our clothes. I think that's he way of saying, 'please can you play with me?' I think he is finding this lockdown hard like the rest of us.

Here are some photos of Rodney playing with some of his friends, before the lockdown.

A challenge for you;


I am keeping in touch with my friends and family using WhatsApp, texting, email and facetime. I've also sent some of my friends a postcard with photos on of things we have done together in the past.

Can you tell me the following things?

  • How are you keeping in touch with your friends?
  • Who are your friends? Can you write a list of all their names and tell me something about them?
  • Can you write about a special memory of something you and your friends have done together?
  • What things do you enjoy doing with your friends?
  • What do you need to do to be a good friend?


Remember to email me - 


I'd love to hear from you

Take caresmileyyes

Tuesday 28th April


Good afternoon everyone and what a very wet and rainy one it is. I'm missing the sunshine already. However, the plants and flowers in my garden are very pleased to have some rain. Zach and I just managed to take Rodney out for a walk this morning before it started to rain quite heavily, thank goodness.

Thank you to Maryam in Class 2 who sent me some lovely photos of her holiday and some writing about it too! She also answered the questions about seals, the challenge I set last Friday. I wont put the answers here just in case you want to have a go yourself.

WELL DONE! Maryam earned 3 house points.

Awais in Class 3 wrote a lovely story about a dolphin and emailed it to me  -that's 2 house points from me  -WELL DONE Awais and thank you as I really enjoyed reading it.

Layla in class 1 is always working so hard at home; she sent me her party list, an invitation she'd written and a brilliant birthday cake design. She has earned 3 house points too - WELL DONE!

Rodney update;

Rodney celebrated his first Christmas with us last December 2019. He got very excited when we opened our presents on Christmas day; he was more interested in all the wrapping papersmiley. Rodney had his own Christmas stocking with lots of lovely presents in. He had a new dog blanket to sleep on, lots of tasty dog treats and some very squeaky toys. Have a look at some photos.

                   Friday 24th April

Good morning everyone!


WOW! Have you seen the wonderful video on your class page from all the staff? It's amazing. We all had great fun making our little videos. Miss Chambers has been very clever and put them all together to make our very own special Bentinck video. We are all missing you very much and we are looking forward to seeing you all again very soon. In the meantime, please take care and stay safe and well, keep washing your hands, if you cough or sneeze, remember to catch it, bin, kill it!!


Rodney update;


My birthday is in November and last year my family and I went to Norfolk for the weekend to celebrate. My son, Jacob, and his girlfriend came with us. They have a puppy too, called Nellie. We stayed in a house near to the beach. We went on lots of lovely walks and we took Rodney and Nellie with us everywhere. They loved it, they were chasing each other and digging lots of holes in the sand on the beach. We were very lucky with the weather.

We visited Horsey Beach; this is a very special beach as grey seals are born their.

Around half the world's grey seal population are found in Britain. They are a protected species and come onto the beach at Horsey, to have their babies and breed. The females have their babies about a day after they arrive on the beach.

We all went to Horsey beach to see the seals. You're not allowed to go on the beach whilst the seals are their with their babies as it will disturb them. We had to keep our dogs on their leads too. You can walk up there to look at the seals from above. It was great, there were lots of people there. There were lots of seals and lots of babies. We went to visit it twice and we were amazed at how quickly the number of babies had increased. It was an amazing sight.

Have a look at some photos.

Here are some photos of the seals that we saw.

Can you find out the answers to the questions below?

1. What is a female seal called?

2. What is a male seal called?

3. What is a baby seal called?

4. On land, a group of seals is called a colony - what is a group of seals called when they are in the water?


I wonder if you can find anything else out about seals?

Send me an email with your answers to the above and to share anything you find out about seals. 


Enjoy this lovely sunny day xxsmiley

Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning children - what another lovely sunny day it is today!

I hope that you are all keeping safe and well, remembering to wash your hands for 20 seconds, whilst singing happy birthday to yourself:)

We have some stationery packs in school if you and your family would like to pop into school and collect them.  You may have ran out of paper or have lost your pencil sharpener. We've got plenty here for you.smiley


Rodney update;

We took Rodney on his first trip to the seaside last October during half term. Mr Holt, Rodney and I stayed in a little cottage in Somerset. Rodney had to travel in his special cage in the car to keep him safe. He was very good and slept most of the way. We had to stop a few times to let him stretch his legs and go to the toilet.

He loved it on the beach; he enjoyed running and lying on the sand. We made some great shadows too. Lots of the pubs and cafes allowed dogs inside which was great; Rodney was very well behaved and sat nicely with us whilst we had a cup of coffee and a slice of delicious cake! We went on lots of lovely long walks with Rodney and visited some interesting places including a windmill. We were very lucky as we had lots of sunny days.

We enjoyed our first holiday with Rodney. Take a look at some photos.

It would be lovely to hear about a holiday that you and your family have been on together, or perhaps you've enjoyed  a special day trip somewhere. Have you been to the seaside or have you been somewhere different? Have you been back to visit your home country to see your family?

I'd love to hear about it - send me some photos or you could write about your special holiday or draw a picture. 


Take care and stay safe xx



Monday 20th April


Hello everyone, I hope that you have enjoyed a good 2 week holiday. It has been a strange one but at least we have had lots of sunshine which always makes us feel so much better. I hope that you and your families are all keeping safe and well. We are sorry that schools are still closed but we must follow the rules that the Government have set, we must keep ourselves, and those around us, SAFE. We are all missing you very much and we are looking forward to when we can all be together in school again.

In the meantime keep checking your class page on the website and trying your very best to do the activities that your teacher has set for you. All the teachers are so pleased with all the emails they have received from you. Keep working hard and earn lots of house points  -its a fresh start for the Summer term.

Well Done to GRETA for being the house winner for the Spring term.

I know lots of you have been doing some daily exercise following the Joe Wicks PE videos, you may also have been out for a walk with your family. It's important to do some daily exercise to keep us fit and well. I have been taking Rodney out for a walk everyday with my family.

Here are a few photos of Rodney out on his walks, some of them are before the lockdown when he could play with his friends.


Your challenge;

Can you do 20 minutes of exercise everyday? You don't have to do it all in one go, you could do 4 lots of 5 minutes or 2 lots of 10 minutes.

This could be following the Joe Wick's PE video, or you could do some skipping, jumping or hopping in your living room or your garden. You could practise throwing and catching a ball; by yourself or with a member of your family. You could have a run around the park when you go our for your daily exercise with your family. You could see how many times you can bounce a ball in 5 minutes. I'm sure you have lots more ideas.


Friday 3rd April


Good afternoon everyone.

Today would have been our last day before the Easter break. You have been working incredibly hard with your home school learning. I have enjoyed looking at all your class pages very much, lots of you have been really busy and have earned many house points. Well Done!

It's nearly Easter time and I know many of you will be looking forward to enjoying some yummy chocolate treats. I know I certainly am!


Rodney update;


Rodney loves his treats, just like you do. But he can't eat chocolate like we can as it would make him very poorly. Rodney has to have special dog treats and he likes lots of different ones. He likes peamutt butter; we have to put it inside a special toy for him to get it out. He loves his special treat ball too; we put treats inside and he has to work hard to roll it around and get them out. Rodney has to earn his treats and he can't have too many in one day, a bit like us really. We use his treats to train him to do different things and to learn how to be a well behaved dog e.g. sit, stay, wait, paw and to come straight back to us when we let him off the lead. He is a good little pup most of the timesmiley Here are some photos of Rodney's treats.



Cleaning your teeth

Its very important that we clean our teeth twice a day. It's also important that Rodney cleans his teeth too, so we have bought him his own toothbrush and tooth paste. We haven't used it on him yet, I'm not sure if he will keep still for very long but we are going to do our best. Wish us luck!

I hope that you are keeping up with brushing your teeth too, especially after eating lots of chocolate treats over Easter.


It would be great if you could share the sorts of treats that you like to eat at home. They might be sweet treats  like  a nice crunchy biscuit and some healthy treats like an apple or a banana. You could write a list or do some lovely drawings. You could email me some photos of any Easter eggs you get too.

Send me an email;



Have a lovely Easter break all of you. Your teachers have put lots of lovely activities on their class pages for you to do over the next 2 weeks.

I will be checking my emails if you would like to send me anything.


Take care and stay safeyessmiley

Thursday 2nd April


Hello everyone, I hope you are all keeping safe, remembering to wash your hands and keep your social distance.

Thank you so much to Maryam in Class 2 and her brother Zeeshan, in the Nursery, for their fantastic animal photos that they emailed to me. They invited a lion and a shark into their home.....mmmmm…….very strange indeed. Well done; you earned 2 house points!


Rodney update;

Puppies, like human babies, need lots of sleep. I've got so many photos of Rodney asleep in so many different places, I thought I'd share some with you. Puppies jump and run around a lot and it wears them out; they need lots of sleep to recharge their batteries so they have more energy to run and jump some more when they wake up! Sleep is very important for us all. It helps our boy and brain have a rest and get ready to do and learn more things the next day. Have a look at some photos of Rodney sleeping.

I hope you are getting plenty of sleep at night. Please make sure you go to bed early and get plenty of sleep so your brain is ready to do lots of work the next day.

Can you write a daily diary about all the things you do and at what time? e.g.

8.30am - Get up out of bed

9.00am - Eat my breakfast

9.15am - Have a wash and brush my teeth

Include your school work, any exercise you do, lunch, going out once a day for a walk, playing with your toys, phoning a friend or a relative, tea time, story time and bedtime.

You can email your daily diary to me; I'd love to read them.


Have a good day, stay safe and wellsmiley

Wednesday 1st April


Good morning - I hope you and your families are all safe and well.

Thank you to Layla in Class 1. She has emailed me a picture of her pet budgie called JoJo. She has also done a drawing of her budgie which she emailed to Mrs Nunez. She has earned 2 house points. WELL DONE LAYLA!



Rodney update;


Whilst Rodney was very young we had to do something called 'socialisation'. This is where you have to get you new puppy used to many different environments and all the noises around us. This is so they don't become scared of noises in the world around them when they are an adult dog. When we first brought Rodney home he couldn't go out for a walk until he'd had his second lot of vaccinations. So we took him out in a special pouch so he could get used to the noise of cars, other dogs and people. We took him to cafes where lots of people wanted to fuss him, we took him to our friends; homes. Once he'd had his second lot of vaccinations we could take him for his first walk; this was very exciting. We took him to the park so he could run around; he loved it. He met lots of other dogs too. He met my son's new puppy called Nellie, my friend's dog called Winnie. He also met our friend's puppy called Dave; he's a Great Dane and was huge even as a puppy, he's only a month older than Rodney. Take a look at the photos to see some of Rodney's new adventures.

Take care, stay safe.

See you tomorrowsmiley

Tuesday 31st March


Good afternoon everyone!

Sorry for being a bit late today but I had to go into school this morning to meet with Mrs Nunez. There are some jobs that we can only do in school. Plus we need to check that everything is ok with our school; Mr Brannigan was also there to check on things.


Update on Rodney;


We finished school for the summer at the end of July 2019. We went on holiday for a week with our friends. We were very excited as we were due to pick up Rodney and bring him to his forever home on Sunday 4th August.

We had everything ready at home. I felt nervous and excited at the same time. Mr Holt drove the car and I held Rodney on my knee. He was 10 weeks old. He had grown so much since he was born but he was still quite small. His fur was quite dark but the dog breeder said that it may change colour as he got older.

It was an exciting day for my whole family. My older son, Jacob, came to visit us that day so that he could meet Rodney. The sun was shining and we took Rodney in the garden so that he could explore his new surroundings. It was a long and busy day and Rodney was very tired. Take a look at the photos below.





Our first few days with Rodney were lots of fun. He slept a lot, just like a human baby.

I will share some more of Rodney's adventures with you tomorrow.


Can you remember some of the things I needed to buy before we collected Rodney? If not, have a look at the photos from yesterday as a reminder.

Can you write a list of all those things?

If you have your own pet you could write a list of all the things your family has had to buy for them.


If you would like to you can send any work to me via my email;


Remember to stay safe and wash your hands!

It's April Fool's Day tomorrow  - 1st April - don't play too many tricks on your familysmiley




Monday 30th March


Good morning children!

This is the beginning of our second week learning from home. How is it going? I hope you are checking your class page regularly; your teacher is working hard at putting lots of interesting work on there for you.

Mrs Nunez and I thought it would be nice to have our own page so we can share things with you.


So, I thought I would share my family pet with you. My family and I have wanted a dog for a very long time, especially Jacob and Zach, my two sons. Owning a dog is a huge commitment and we had to wait for the right time. The right time came for us in August 2019, at the beginning of the school summer holiday. It had to be then so that I was at home to look after a little puppy. We had to look for a puppy that would be the right age to leave its Mum in August. We wanted a border terrier. We found a border terrier puppy in Nottingham so we went to visit him. He was born on 25th May 2019. We fell in love with him straight away and we named him Rodney! We visited him quite a few times before he was old enough to leave his Mum. We had to buy lots of things for Rodney to make sure we were ready and had everything we needed. Take a look at the photos.



Have you got a family pet?

What is it and what is it's name?

Perhaps you could draw a picture of your family pet and write it's name.

Can you write a description of your pet?


I will put more photos on tomorrow to share more with you about Rodney.


Have a good day!