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Mrs Deegan's Up cycling ideas!

For more ideas, scroll down the page. Have fun and be inspired smiley

Father's Day

Have you a messy Dad, Uncle, Grandad or brother? Why not make them a coin tidy! No more throwing their change out of their pocket onto the furniture. smiley

You will need:

  • a tuna can or a small can. Remember get a grown up to open it with a tin opener, take the label off and wash it throughly.
  • glue and brush
  • paper to decoupage with
  • a plastic bag to cover your table with


Scroll down to read the instructions and watch the video how to decoupage. Have fun! smiley  

New activities. How to make a vase and flowers from recycling

Watch the video to see how to make a vase of flowers for someone you care about. Enjoy! smiley


Hi. As well as being a Teacher, a mum, a wife and a dog fosterer, I am also an up cycler and re-purposer. That means I love to look at objects in a different way and create something new from them. I use objects that normally go in the rubbish, the recycling, things which are given to me and items from Charity shops. I use a technique called decoupage which is sticking paper and images onto objects. I even have a different name as I sell my items at craft fairs. My name is The Frustrated Artist. 


As we are at home now we are eating more food and making more rubbish and recycling. I thought I would show you how to make some useful items you can make from things you have at home. 


Here are some of my pen tidies I have made for my craft fairs. All are made from items I have found around my house or were going in the recycling or bin.

My pen tidies

I have also made things look different that were lying around school. This mirror was in the staffroom and the wallpaper Mr Brannigan found in a cupboard was left over from wallpapering Mrs McKenzie's office. Don't tell Mrs Nunez!! laugh

Here are some instructions on how to make a pen tidy.

This is a great activity which all ages can do. It is really satisfying when you can make something for yourself. 

Have fun!!!heart

How to decoupage

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

I would love to see any pictures of ones which you have made. Send them to my email


Once you have made your pen tidy and have checked there are no gaps and all the pieces are glued down you can add the detail. Make sure it is completely dry. The inside edge of the can can look a bit boring so here are some ideas you can use to make it look even better. You will need to measure the circumference of the can (the curve)

Embellishing the inside edge of your tidy

Other ideas

You can use different size tins eg a sweetcorn tin is great for smaller pencils and a tuna tin is good for paperclips, rubbers etc. 

Top tip!

Tuna cans don't always like being painted as they are shiny. Why not decoupage them inside and out instead.


Tuna can

Making flowers

Making a vase and flowers from recycling