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Mini Police

Mini Police Programme - 2020 - 2021


We are getting ready to enrol our new Year 5 children onto the Mini Police Programme. Last year the children had a fantastic time and did lots of interesting things, sadly the programme was cut sort due to COVID. We are hoping that the children get to enjoy a full year of activities, however, it may look slightly different due to all the restrictions in place.

Please look at the information below to get a good idea of what the MINI POLICE  programme is all about.

Hate Crime Awareness Week


The week beginning 12th October is Hate Crime Awareness Week. Lucy Oram, our PCSO and Vice Chair of Governors, will be visiting Year 5 in school to talk about hate crime and what that means. The children will get involved in activities to find out more about their classmates and to understand that we are all different but have lots of similarities too.

Mini Police Programme - 2019 - 2020

This year our Year 5s have become part of the Nottinghamshire Mini Police Programme. We have been provided with some very smart uniforms.

Throughout the year there will be lots of activities provided for the children. Some will take place in school and others will be at different venues.

Activities in school will involve the whole class. Activities off-site will involve 20 children, or less, depending on the nature of the activity. We will ensure that every child has the opportunity to be involved in off-site visits throughout the year.

There will also be activities that children can attend in their own time; but they must always be accompanied by a responsible adult.

We have already been involved in 2 Mini Police activities. Take a look below at photos of what the Mini Police have been up to.

We have a special visitor in school on Thursday 14th November. Our visitor is from the RNLI and will be talking to the whole class about water safety.


14-18th October 2019


The whole class went to the Art Exchange in Hyson Green. The Police talked to us about what makes us unique and how our differences should be celebrated. They also talked about how we have lots of similarities too.

We all had a flower with lots of petals on. We had to write things about ourselves on each of the petals e.g our favourite colour, TV programme, food etc. We then joined our flowers together by finding out which people liked the same things. Quite a few children liked pizza, football, maths. It was a really good activity that we all enjoyed doing.


Monday 11th November 2019


Today myself and 5 children from class 5 attended a memorial service for Remembrance Day at the Police Head Quarters in Hucknall. There were 90 children in total from lots of schools in Nottingham. The children all made a semi circle around the memorial to welcome the Chief Constable and other colleagues to this very special service. The Vicar said lots of words to help us think about the many soldiers that died in WW1 and WW11. The bugler played the Last Post which is a lovely, but very sad, piece of music. We then had 2 minutes silence..................


The children then had the opportunity to ask the Chief Constable lots of questions about his job and the Police Force.


The children and I were very lucky to see the Police dogs in action and then go in to the main control room where the staff receive 999 calls.

We had a very interesting and enjoyable morning.

The Mini Police visit ASDA

As part of our Mini Police experiences we visited the Hyson Green ASDA on February 12th. This was an opportunity for us to see how the police are able to help shops and businesses, learn about how ASDA work hard to support the local community and get to know some of the different people and job roles that keep the shop running on a day-to-day basis.


We had a tour of the shop and explored many of the different areas - some that we had seen before as customers, some that were very new and some that were very cold!!


The first section that we looked at was the main shop floor. Here we were told about some of the items that may be stolen from the shop and how the staff work hard to make sure that this doesn't happen. Did you know that meat is one of the most frequently stolen items?! We spoke about what might make people want to steal from shops and what happens if they do.


After that, we went 'behind the scenes' and saw the warehouse section. This is where all of the extra stock that doesn't fit on the shelves is stored. We even got to go in the refrigerated section (very cold) and saw the freezers (very, very cold!). These are so much bigger than the ones that we have at home and were full of food, all kept in different sections.


We saw the areas where staff can relax and the offices where the managers work. Whilst we were there we spoke with Lucy, our local PCSO, about ways that the police can identify and arrest people, including using fingerprints. We all had a go at taking fingerprints and studying the individual characteristics of them. Everybody's fingerprints are unique to them.


To finish our trip, we spoke to the security guards about how many people they have to stop from trying to steal and the amount of money that they save the shop each year. We even had a challenge to work out how many different job roles there are in the shop - the closest answer will win a prize.


Enjoy looking at the photos from our excellent trip!


Our trip to the Galleries of Justice

Wednesday 11th March 2020


As part of the Mini Police Programme our Year 5 children all visited the Galleries of Justice Museum in Nottingham. We went to visit the Choices and Consequence exhibition. Lucy, our local PCSO and Vice Chair of our School Governing Body, accompanied us on the trip. We travelled on the tram and our children represented Bentinck extremely well with their polite behaviour.

When we arrived we were split into two groups. We were taken around the exhibition by the staff. Everything was very carefully and sensitively explained and discussed. The exhibition is about a young 16 year old boy, called Ben Kinsella, who was killed in London in 2008. Sadly, it was a case of mistaken identity between two groups of young people. Ben's family have put this exhibition together to help teach young children about the impact of knife crime on all concerned; the victim, the perpetrator and both their families and friends. It is an excellent exhibition that gets some very important messages across to young people; how to make the right choices to stay safe and what the consequences are when you don't!

Please have a look at the photos below. You could also ask your child about what they saw and what they learnt from their visit.