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Living Eggs - Chicks

Monday 23rd March 2015


10 living eggs were delivered to school today. They are in an incubator to keep them nice and warm. It will take 3-4 days before any of them hatch. We have to keep a close eye on them and wait patiently. We have a brooder ready and waiting: this is where the chicks will be transferred to when they hatch.

Keep checking the website for a daily update and photos of what's happening


Monday 23rd March

10 eggs arrived at school. We are all keeping watch for any chicks that begin to hatch

Wednesday 25th March

When we arrived at school this morning 1 chick had hatched out of its shell. 

By mid morning the 2nd chick had hatched.

By lunch time the 3rd chick had hatched.

At 3.10pm today the 4th chick had hatched and there's another one working hard to hatch out of its shell.

As the chick's feathers become dry we move them from the incubator to the brooder.

We have moved the first 2 chicks into the brooder.



Thursday 26th March

When we arrived at school this morning 2 more chicks had hatched.

We now have 6 lovely chicks; we think there are 3 boys and 3 girls.

The boys have yellow feathers and the girls have brown feathers.

Friday 27th March

We had 6 chicks. Four of the eggs have not yet hatched.

Sadly, one of the little chicks died today. Mrs Nunez has buried it in her garden

Saturday 28th March

Mrs Holt and Mrs MacKenzie came in to check on the chicks.

We cleaned out the brooder and gave them fresh water and topped up their food.

We noticed that one of the chicks was limping and we were worried. Mrs Holt rang the helpline to ask for advice.

They rang back to tell us it would be ok and to give it some sugar water.


Sunday 29th March


Mrs Nunez came into school on Sunday with her sons.

They cleaned out the brooder, topped up their food and gave them some fresh water.

Mrs Holt had text Mrs Nunez to explain she had to give some sugar water to the chick with the poorly leg. She did this using a small medicine seringe. The chick enjoyed the sugar water and opened it's beak happily.

Sadly, four of the eggs have not hatched so Mrs Nunez has buried these in her garden.

We have 5 lovely chicks that are growing stronger every day. 

Monday 30th March

The chicks are all doing well. The chick with the poorly leg is also doing well: we gave him some sugar water today to keep his strength up.

We cleaned out the brooder: it was very messy. Their water tray was full of shavings from their bedding.

When they see people they start tweeting away quite loudly.

Today we have given them some green cabbage leaves as a treat.

This week all the children will visit the chicks and have the opportunity to hold one if they wish. They must remember to be very gentle with them.

Each class is spending time visiting the chicks and completing work about them within their classrooms. Some children are happy just to look at them whilst others are keen to hold them or stroke their very soft feathers.

Tuesday 31st March

All the chicks are doing well: the chick with the poorly leg is being looked after by the others.

They are all growing quite fast and getting bigger everyday.

They are very messy and the brooder has to be cleaned everyday. They stand in their food dish and kick the food out.

They are beginning to get bigger feathers now and they can make a lot of noise.

They all huddle together to keep each other warm.

Wednesday 1st April

All the chicks are doing well, even the one with the poorly leg. They are continuing to grow and develop their feathers.

Class 1 children enjoyed looking at the chicks.

Thursday 2nd April

It's time for the chicks to go:(


They are quite big now and they need more space to spread their wings.

The children, and staff, have really enjoyed watching them hatch and grow.

The children have had lots of opportunities to observe the chicks and engage in many different curriculum activities.


Simon came today to collect the chicks and take them to some friendly farmers.

Bye bye chicks :))