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Healthy Eating at Bentinck

Bentinck Primary School meals from 16th April to1st October 2018

Bentinck Primary School meals from 6th November to 25th March

Bentinck School Dinners

Tasty Tuckfrown

At Bentinck once a week we sell healthy snacks from Tasty tuck to the children. The children enjoy the snacks and are able to choose from a selection of nutritious food. All items from the Tasty Tuck Shop cost 30 pence.

Some of the snacks available are:

Tex Mex

Banana Chips

Garlic Sticks

Spicy Noodles

Yoghurt Raisins



Bentinck have just received this certificate for appreciation of promoting healthy tuck snacks!

Bentinck School Dinners: