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Group 4

Find your Maths Online Learning Pack Week 5: 8.2.21

Read the instructions on the first page of your pack.  You will also find the instructions in the PDF on this page.

There are worksheets or activities in your pack for 5 maths lessons.

You should aim to do one maths lesson each day.

To access the video for each maths lesson:

Click on the link below to access this week's White Rose home learning videos. There is a separate video for each lesson - click on the title of your lesson (you can find this on the sheet in your pack) to play the one you need each day. 

The video will tell you when to pause and answer the questions on your worksheet.

Do as many questions as you can, they will become harder and more challenging as you go on.

Don’t worry if you cannot complete every question or finish the sheet – just try your best.