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Flu Vaccinations 2020

Information Leaflet about Vaccinations

Parent Letter





School Aged Immunisation Service

Stapleford Primary Care Centre

Church Street




Autumn / Winter 2020 – 2021 

07920 182032

Dear Parent/Guardian,


It is time for your child’s yearly flu vaccination!


School Years: Reception, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 (children born between 01.09.2009 and 31.08.2016)


Why get your child vaccinated?


It helps keep your child safe from flu. Flu can be a nasty illness and sometimes causes really serious problems. It is a quick and simple nose spray that works the same as a flu jab.

Giving your child the flu spray will stop the spread. This will help keep friends and family safe. Older people and those with illnesses are most at risk if they catch flu from children.

It is free for your child. Flu changes so even if they had it last year they need it again this year. has more information and tells you which children need the flu jab instead of the nose spray.


How do you let us know you want your child to have the flu vaccination?


Please fill in one online consent form for each child here …

The code for your child’s school is NG122407


Please fill it in by 30th September 2020 to ensure your child gets vaccinated.


Even if you do not want your child to be vaccinated please complete the form to let us know.


The childhood flu programme runs until December 2020.


What if my child is absent?


If your child is away from school on the day, please contact us to book a clinic appointment. This vaccine is not offered by your GP unless your child is in an at risk group.


If your child becomes wheezy, has a bad attack of asthma, or has started steroid tablets for asthma after you return this form, please contact the School Aged Immunisation Service.


If your child has this vaccination anywhere else, let the team know to stop them getting it again.


Please email if you have any problems or questions and include your contact details, the team will be happy to help.


Yours sincerely

School Aged Immunisation Service