COVID 19 UPDATE.We are looking forward to seeing ALL of our pupils and families back at school on Monday 8th March 2021. Please come at the right time and use the correct gate for your child. Check the latest newsletter if you have forgotten.

Extra activities

Other Activities you could do....


1 - draw a pictures of the snow

2 - send me a picture of you snowman

3 - what can you see out of you window? draw it/ write it or tell an adult

4 - draw a piece of fruit/ toy/ your house?

5 - practise writing your name

6 - practise writing your numbers

7 - Practise writing letters

8 - can you write cat, dog, ma, ran, rat, huff, bell

9 - count how many stairs you have in your house

10 - can you find items in your house beginning with the sounds - m a s d p n i


don't forget to send me a photo or bring them in on Monday!