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Curriculum Statements

Computing at Bentinck Primary & Nursery school


Curriculum Intent;


At Bentinck Primary and Nursery school we teach children to approach technology with confidence, and support them to develop a range of transferrable skills to prepare them for their future. Computing and information technology is becoming an increasingly important part of society and it is important that children at Bentinck learn to use it appropriately.


Our curriculum is designed to cover all aspects of the National Curriculum – from the technical to the creative – ensuring a structured progression that builds upon children’s existing skills and interests whilst challenging them to develop intellectually.


We want children to leave Bentinck with a broad range of skills, equipping them for an increasingly digital workplace. There is a strong focus on cross-curricular activities, allowing children to enhance their learning in English, maths and other subjects through a variety of software and processes.


Children are taught to take responsibility for their actions when using computers – from ensuring that they understand the need to save their work, through to complex issues like e-safety and checking the reliability of internet sources.


Digital literacy is developed over a wide range of devices and technologies to enable children to increase their independence within the boundaries of an appropriate and supportive educational setting.