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Curriculum Statements

Science at Bentinck Primary & Nursery School


Curriculum Intent


At Bentinck it is our aim that all children leave us with a strong understanding of the world around them and a curiosity to continue learning. Through strong science teaching, children will acquire specific skills and knowledge to help them think scientifically, gain an understanding of scientific processes and also an understanding of the uses and implications of science, today and for the future.

With many pupils learning English as an additional language we ensure that appropriate resources, and support, are provided to allow all children to access and engage with the subject. Specialist vocabulary for topics is taught and developed through a range of learning opportunities and this is supported with language rich environments.

Learning will give opportunities for all children to work collaboratively; developing their reading, writing and Oracy skills through making observations, planning and carrying out tests and posing and answering scientific questions. Children will build their scientific knowledge year on year becoming more confident and independent learners as they move through the school.

With our aim to enthuse, engage and enlighten children, we hope they will leave Bentinck with a sound foundation in Science, ready for the next stage of their education.





In the Early Years at Bentinck we follow the Development Matters document to support our curriculum. We use a pre-planned progression map to ensure full coverage of the statements which lead us to the Early Learning Goal of The Natural World. This progression map supports staff to know when to teach science during the year which is linked to our topics. Within our science curriculum we provide children with practical activities, both as a focus task with an adult and as an independent activity in the inside and outside environment. We provide fun and thought provoking activities to encourage children to talk about what is happening and develop enquiring minds. Conversations are had with the children to widen their vocabulary when necessary or to stand back and listen to conversations between the children. We talk about the seasons and weather daily and use visuals to support their understanding. We use both story and non-fiction books to support the children’s learning. These books are specifically chosen to enhance their understanding. These books, as well as others are in the environment for the children to access independently.

At the end of each term we assess the children deciding whether they are ‘below’, ‘working towards’ or ‘on track’ in this area of learning. We use practitioner knowledge, our observation sheets from taught sessions and observational notes from continuous provision to inform our assessment judgements.


KS1 and KS2;

Science at Bentinck Primary and Nursery School is taught weekly as a discrete subject, with plenty of opportunities for cross curricular work which is identified in each lesson, where possible. Where possible links are made with other subjects to enrich learning.

The science curriculum follows a clear progression roadmap which ensures that children are continually building on their prior learning as they systematically develop their understanding of key ideas and their scientific skills. The road map has been designed to contain a sequence of knowledge and concepts, through the specific disciplines of biology, physics and chemistry, which can be