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Class R

During Science week Class R read Whatever Next, wrote to Tim Peake and discovered if they would be able to work on the International Space Station (ISS) with space gloves.

Whatever Next

After reading Whatever Next we imagined ourselves sat on the moon, having a picnic with Owl!

Having a picnic with Owl

For our Science experiment we wanted to see how easy it was to pick up our picnic using space gloves. We tried to pick up a spoon, Owl, a teddy, a book and a cup & saucer using 'space gloves'. (We used adult ski gloves.)


Picking up things with 'space gloves'

We also had a go at building a tower using 10 Duplo blocks wearing 'space gloves'. Most of us found it very difficult but some of our class did really well and were able to build a tower in less than 4 minutes. These children all built their tower on the rug instead of holding it. This was a much better method.

Building towers using space gloves

Writing to Tim Peake

We wrote emails to Tim Peake, who is on the International Space Station. (ISS) We asked him questions such as 'What do you eat?', 'Are you scared?', and 'Do you have a sink?'. He replied to our emails and we listened to his answers.

We learnt that there isn't a sink on the ISS because the water wouldn't stay in the sink! We also watched videos showing what they ate, had a tour of the ISS and saw a funny video of an astronaut playing with the water floating in the ISS.

We really enjoyed Science Week!