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Class 6C

Welcome to 6C's page!

Summer Term

Election Sports Afternoon

Following the Bentinck election the winning afternoon type was Sports and we held our own mini sports day. It was great fun!

Racing in the sunshine

Summer Residential 2015

Please go to the Special Events page to see the latest action from Kingswood Peak Venture.


Our topic for Science at the moment is 'Light' and we have been trying to answer the question 'Why can't I see round corners?' We had an investigation afternoon, where we were set the challenge of designing and making a pair of glasses to see around corners. We worked in small teams and had to design the glasses, try different methods to see around corners and then use lots of teamwork to make and test them. It was great fun!

Our Prototypes!


Testing and trying out ideas


Spring Term

In Literacy we looked at how to write poems to show strong emotions and feelings. We wrote poems about animal cruelty and bullying. In our class assembly we read them aloud to the school. We hope you enjoy reading them.

Elmer Art

As part of Arts Week we created 'Mathematical Elmer Art'. Using regular shapes that we had learnt in maths we made our own repeating patterns and then carefully coloured in Elmer templates. We really had to concentrate!

Autumn Term

Into University

Last week we had a brilliant time on our Into University course. We learnt all about local history, practised and improved our team work skills, researched famous Nottingham people, gave presentations, visited the castle, had a tour of the University and even had our own graduation ceremony!

We hope you enjoy looking at our fantastic week.

Our Daily Starter Games

Topic - Maya Civilisation

Our topic this term is the Maya and we have been learning about where they lived, when they were around and what they believed in. We looked at the different gods they worshipped and then designed ones of our own. Using our drawings we made clay reliefs of them. Here are some pictures of us practising our clay work techniques.
We learnt all about the Maya gods and then made up gods of our own. We drew pictures of them and then made and painted clay reliefs. .


This term in Class 6C we have been doing some exciting experiments in Science. We have been learning about reversible and irreversible changes. Here are some pictures so you can see what we have been up to.