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Class 6

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3G Swing

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Jacob's Ladder.

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Watch out for that tyre...

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Working together to build a raft.

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Out on the Water.

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Anti-Bullying Week

Class Poem



Someone Bullies Me


Someone bullies me. Is this true? 

My friends don’t know. I hide it from them.

Am I to blame? 

They find me everywhere. They find me on social media.  

I feel weak. The pain is killing me  

So humiliated!  Would my friends understand?

No, they are all leaving me behind?   

So I will avoid them.

And school? I don’t want to be at school.  

I feel useless-why me?  

Sometimes I’m furious   

Like a mouse, an angry mouse about to be eaten by a mean cat         

I’m vulnerable like a tiny mosquito –as minute as a flea     

I’m being bullied and I don’t know what to do.  








So I’m going to tell somebody. I think I will tell my friends.  

I will report these bullies!  

I will have a voice against these thugs  

And it will be a confident voice.           

Once, I didn’t say a thing, but now I will go to others for help   

I will tell my parents and I’m going to make this stop!   

I am writing a diary so I can show what they have done  

 I will be assertive and strong

When those bullies call me names - I will speak out   

And when I say ‘No!’  I will feel much stronger

I am strong and confident now    

I have a right not to be bullied and a voice which makes me strong.  


Each line was written by a member of Class 6.

Congratulations Your Majesty!

It's official- Queen Elizabeth II is the longest reigning British monarch.

As part of our celebrations we made crowns and had ourselves photographed as the queen.

My, don't we look regal?

Coffee Morning.

Fundraising for Macmillan.

We really enjoyed decorating cakes to sell and testing them out (yum).