Welcome to Bentinck Primary & Nursery School. Together we make a difference. We Start back to school on Wednesday 20th April 2022

Class 4

Welcome to Class 4


Congratulations to these children for achieving their 5 meters swimming certificates and badges. Well done !

Visit to University Park -Highfields

Class 4 enjoyed a great day out at Highfields  along with Class 3.First they went to visit the boat shed where they took part in a quiz about different kinds of birds and mammals that have their habitat within the park. They were given binoculars and a list of birds that they could spot and tick of from a list. They then built small shelters that would be suitable habitats for different kinds of mammals.

Drama Workshop and Story Telling.

After a lovely picnic lunch, the children then took part in an amazing interactive drama and story telling workshop. They did a fantastic performance of a well known story-The Gingerbread Man. They wore different costumes and used their creative skills to re-tell and perform their very own version of the story. Everybody had such a great time.

The Great Orchestra Experiment

On Wednesday 27th March, Class 4 took part in the Great Orchestra Experiment at the Albert Hall. They played, sang and conducted a large group of professional musicians. During their music lessons, Class 4 practised their pieces on the cornet and baritones with their music teacher, Tom. They loved the Great Orchestra Experiment.


Take a look at their happy faces after the visit and read some of their comments below: 


"I liked it when we put one hand in the air and clapped and teleported to the


"I felt mind blown when we were time travelling and going to different


"I could feel vibrations tingling through my toes from the song."

" I felt like Dr Who because we were travelling through time and Dr Who had a

time  machine."

" I liked it when the man said Ulalah because it was funny. I really liked it when he teleported in his time machine and came back with lots of things. I felt thankful for going there because many schools don't get the opportunity to go

to something like the Albert Hall."

"I liked the part when Lauren and Kasey were singing 'Feeling Good' because their voices were shocking and gentle. I felt proud of myself because our school was very well behaved and I was playing my baritone really well."

The Place In between



Class 4 have been learning about electricity and how to make circuits in Science.

Roman Roads