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Class 4

Testing Toothpaste

Class 4 received a letter from the Bright Smile Toothpaste Company asking us to make and test their latest toothpaste recipe. We planned and carried out a fair test. We tested four things:

1. Does it have an attractive colour?

2. Does it have a pleasant smell? 

3. Does it stay on the toothbrush?

4. Does it remove plaque and stains quickly?

We couldn’t try it on our own teeth so we put permanent marker on a whiteboard and rubbed it with the toothpaste and brush to see how well it removed the pen.


We were also asked to make and test our own toothpaste recipe. Each group had to decide how they would change the recipe. We tested and compared all the toothpastes and recorded our results in a table. We interpreted our results and thought about ways to improve our toothpaste recipe.


Making & Testing Toothpaste

The toothpastes we made

When we had made and tested our toothpastes we wrote up our results. We really enjoyed making and testing our toothpastes for science week.

Our results