Welcome to Bentinck Primary & Nursery School. Together we make a difference. We Start back to school on Wednesday 20th April 2022

Class 4

Welcome to Class 4

Whole School Investigation Day


Class 4 enjoyed designing and making a trophy with their team. Take a look at these amazing creations!

Fine Dining Experience


These children in Class 4 were chosen to dine at this special table because they displayed good table manners, treated staff and children with respect  and politeness throughout the week.

Outdoor Reading Activity


Into University 'Careers in Action Workshop'


The children in Class 4 took part in an exciting workshop to learn about three different careers:-

             A Product Designer

             A Palaeontologist

   and a Civil Engineer.



Product Designer :- As a product designer the children had to work with a partner to design a trainer. They were given information about what their client wanted and they had to create a design based on that requirement.

Palaeontologist:- As a palaeontologist the children dug the sand to find different fossils,then studied and identified them.

Civil Engineer

As a Civil Engineer the children used problem solving skills to make bridges, shops and houses. They had to decide where in the town they would go.




White Post Farm

Class 4 enjoyed a visit from White Post Farm today. They were very excited to meet the different animals that were brought into school. They especially enjoyed the snake and the bearded dragon!

Creative week


This week the children had a chance to be creative not only in writing, but by using paint brushes and ear buds!

They created a wonderful winter scenery: A river by the bridge, using the technique of blending colours. They practised getting different shades of colours and even showed the reflection of the sun in the water ! They worked really carefully and you can see their effort in their work, which is beautiful.    

Winter at night is a piece of work created with the use of ear buds, wooden sticks and some toothpaste. The work proves that if you are patient and try your best, you can be an artist!      



In addition to the art work, we had a great time watching the children working in teams and building a bridge linking two canyons, that were 40 cm apart. The bridge had to be strong enough to hold a passing Lego car with some heavy cargo-big , metal sharpener. The children had to come up with the names of their building companies and had to think carefully, which materials would be best to make it. They had to buy them first! Everyone was working well in their teams, was asking smart questions and could test their ideas !      



Class 4 enjoyed a well earned Christmas party.Everybody has worked so hard in 2017 and they really had a great time.




Roman Roads

Anti bullying Virtual Reality Workshop. As part of our anti-bullying week,Class 4 took part in this fantastic workshop using virtual reality head sets.

Class 4 enjoyed a visit to The Central Library In Nottingham , to see a modern Indian story performed by a talented pair of actors.They had a brilliant time with plenty of laughter.