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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4's class page!

Nature Poetry

We have been learning about and writing poems about nature. Here are our poetry performances of the final poems we wrote...

Anglo-Saxon Breadsmiley

We had a go at making Anglo-Saxon honey bread. It was fun to make! We had to knead the bread dough and then put it in the oven to bake. It smelt great but was a little bit hard!

Anglo-Saxon Tie dye!

We thought about what Anglo-Saxons wore and how they may have dyed their clothes. We had a go at dying some fabric using turmeric and beetroot. It was a bit messy... but great fun!


Monday 31st January 2022

Good Morning Class 4,

I hope that you have all had a good weekend. 

Unfortunately you have to stay at home today and tomorrow as there have been lots of people poorly with Covid 19 in our class. Please make sure that you are washing your hands regularly and tell your parents or carers if you are feeling unwell.

I have updated and added lots of activities at the top of our class page that will hopefully keep you busy over the next 2 days. Please aim to do one maths, one reading and one writing activity each day as well as a little bit of TT Rockstars. You can also make sure that your homework is complete, ready to bring back to school on Wednesday.

I have added some 'keep fit' videos and a 'just for fun' section where you will find some games and activities to enjoy doing.

My email is at the top of our class page so please get in touch if you are worried or have any questions. 

Keep safe and keep smiling!

Mrs Tibbitts


In the Autumn term we were learning about the Romans for our history topic. We even had a go at designing and making our own Roman shields...