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Class 3

In Class 3 our Science challenge was to build a vehicle powered by a balloon. We worked in pairs and were all given the same basic equipment - plastic pipes and a balloon! We had to choose a suitable body for our vehicle and also which wheels would be best. It was a difficult task and we had to keep trying different things until we got the best performance from our vehicles.

Building our vehicles

Trying to get the ballons to move them

Some of our vehicles

Testing our vehicles

To test our vehicles each team had to put the back wheels on a marker, blow up the balloon and let it go. The best vehicle was the one that travelled the furthest. It was great fun making and testing our vehicles.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
When we had tested our vehicles we wrote up our work. We drew and labelled pictures, wrote about how we made our vehicles and how we used the balloons to make them move. We then write about how we would improve them.