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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3's Page!

Our Trip to Wollaston Park

Classes 3, 4 and 5 had a great time when we spent the day at Wollaston Park. It was lots of fun. We practised our map skills orienteering, looked around the gardens, went around the lake spotting wildlife, fed ducks, geese & swans, practised sketching the hall & grounds, had a picnic lunch in the sunshine and even went on the adventures playground. It was a fantastic day! 

Animal Art - Dot Painting

In art we painted pictures of lizards and snakes but we didn't use the paintbrush bristles we used the wooden end to create dot paintings. They were inspired by Aboriginal art. We hope you like them.

Right Angles!

To help us understand right angles we became shapes with our friends. Each shape had to contain right angles.

Making Shapes!

Cave Art

For our topic work the classroom was made into a labyrinth of caves. We had to crawl in, find a piece of 'cave' (paper) and draw our art. Some of us lay on our tummies and some of us had to lie on our backs! It was very tricky as there was no light either. We hope you enjoy our 'cave paintings'


Creating our cave art

Red Nose Day

We had a great time on Red Nose Day - we decorated cakes which were sold at our cake sale after school. It was lots of fun raising money for such great charities.


Red Nose Day Fun!

Roald Dahl

In Literacy we are looking at books by Roald Dahl. In groups we created posters to try and find out what the characteristics of his books are. We hope you like them!


Making our posters

Our Stone Age Investigation

For our investigation we were given a limited amount of felt -'animal skin', wood and clay to make a Stone Age style shelter. It was tricky but we worked with partners to create a shelter that would protect the people inside.

Our Stone Age Dwellings

How am I clever?

As part of our SEAL topic - Going for Goals we asked ourselves this question - How am I clever? To answer it we chose different activities connected to our new topic (The Stone Age) to see how we learn best. Some of us learn best by reading, some prefer to use their hands and make things, whilst some of the class prefer using movement or music. Some children solved problems whilst someone used words and wrote a poem. We hope you enjoy looking at what we did.


In maths we have been learning all about measurements and how to measure. We measured our heights and our feet!

Shoe Making

For our Investigation Day we were set the challenge of making a shoe that was able to stay on our foot when walking. It was lots of fun and we made some great designs.

Our Shoes!

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Walking in our shoes!

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Super Shapes!

In maths we have been learning all about shape. In Big Maths we used what we had learnt about 2D and 3D shapes to build our own 3D model using straws. We worked with a partner and made some great models. We hope you like them!

Our Trip to meet Nick Sharratt

We have had an exciting start to Class 3 as we have been out on a trip already. We went to meet the author and illustrator Nick Sharratt and he was amazing. There are lots of photos of our trip, we hope you enjoy them.

Making things using ideas from Nick's books

Our pants and socks!

Watching Nick Read and Draw

Meeting Nick!