Welcome to Bentinck Primary & Nursery School. Together we make a difference. We Start back to school on Wednesday 20th April 2022

Class 2

Ferry Farm Tripfrown


On Wednesday 29th June Key stage one went on a trip to Ferry Farm, It was a little bit wet and rainy but we all had a great time! We got to see lots of different farm animals like cows, sheep, horses, donkeys, pigs, goats and chickens. We even got to stroke some cute baby bunny rabbits, a tortoise, baby mice and a bearded dragon!

Flying high!no


Class 2 have been working hard with their SATs tests, we have also been learning about our topic transport. We made some paper aeroplanes and measured how far we could throw them. Some went as far as 8 metres and some even did the loop the loop!

We had to think about the shape of our aeroplanes and how to throw them.

William Shakespeare

To mark the 400 year anniversary of Shakespeare's death we learnt some information about Shakespeare's life and the plays that he wrote.

We had a go at performing some quotes from Shakespeare's plays as well as writing and illustrating some of them:

Shakespeare quotes, by Class 2:

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Well done Class 2!no

Class 2 did some fantastic topic homework over the Easter holidays. They researched, made models and drew pictures all about different types of transport.

Have a look at some of the brilliant things they did at home:

World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day Class 2 dressed up as characters from Roald Dahl books and had a go at acting like some too!

We have enjoyed reading lots of Roald Dahl's books as a class and had great fun being the Grand High Witch, Willy Wonka, Mr Twit and lots of other characters. We wrote about some new recipe ideas for Willy Wonka and sneaky tricks for the Twits to play on one another!

 We had two very terrifying teachers for the day, Ms Trunchbull and the Grand High Witch!

Mr and Mrs Twit impressions:

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Willy Wonka impression:

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The Grand High Witch impression:

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Grandma impression:

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Our topic this half term is Growing. We are learning all about living things, what they need to grow and how they grow. For science we have planted some broad bean seeds, we will need to water them and put them in sunlight. We will be watching them grow and recording the changes that happen. 


For our Spring term 1 topic we have been learning all about space! We have found out about astronauts, the International Space Station, planets and the solar system. We even designed, made and launched our own rockets! For our homework we researched space and made models and pictures.

Look at our fantastic homework about space... 

Here are our rocket designs we did as part of Design & technology.

We had to think about the shape, the design and how to make it stand up!

Making the rockets was great fun! We used card to make cylinder shaped rocket boosters, tissue paper fire to make them zoom and we even decorated them with shiny stars and paper!

Next we launched some of the rockets using bicarbonate soda and vinegar! One hopped a little, one shot across the playground and the last one rocket went really high! Look at our reaction as the rocket goes off!


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Look at the Christmas things we have been making!

Class 2's letters to Santa Claus

We wrote Santa letters and then posted them in our school's special Christmas post box!


Hyson Green Library Opening

Class 2 were invited to the opening of the new Hyson Green Library at the Mary Potter Centre. We met the Lord Mayor and saw Jeffrey Jumper do some fantastic magic!

Anti-bullying week

For Anti-bullying week Class 2 wrote and performed their own poem about what bullying is and how to be a good friend. They had to think about words that rhymed and repetition of some words to make it and interesting poem.

dont be a bully take 2.wmv

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In ICT we have been learning how to copy and paste pictures and information. We have also learned how to manipulate photos to make them look really fantastic! First we asked a friend to take a photo of us, then we put it onto the computers. Next we had to crop the photo and finally we had to try lots of different effects and frames.

Look at the results...

Firework Poems

We used adjectives, adverbs and WOW words to describe the fireworks on Bonfire Night. Look at our neat handwriting and the brilliant sentences that we thought of to create our poems...

Eh up me duck, it's Goose Fair!

We have been learning about the history of Goose Fair and have created some fantastic art work. We used chalk, oil pastels and glitter to create pictures inspired by the Goose Fair at night time.

Class 2's Summer Holiday...smiley

We all had a fantastic Summer Holiday and enjoyed coming back to school to share our stories with our friends! 

We made postcards about all the exciting things that we did...