Welcome to Bentinck Primary & Nursery School. Together we make a difference. We Start back to school on Wednesday 20th April 2022

Class 2

Welcome to our class page

Class 2 are learning about recipes- so we had to make something!

We had a great time with our new books and sharing them with Class 1.

We all played a part in our Cinderella dramas.

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WE made Maths Snakes with different number patterns on their backs.

Class 2 had a great PE lesson on our first week back. We found some funny ways to move the bean bags!

Hello Class 2

Can you believe it? We are back at school on Monday!

Mrs Fredericks and I are both so excited to see you all on Monday morning.

It will be great to be back and to see everyone again.

Of course Fred will be back too- those of you in my phonics group will know that he went off on his travels after spending a few weeks at my house. He got a bit fed up with the cats so he went to London and spend a bit of time with the Prime Minister. Apparently they talked about when school should come back!

I am only joking!

Make sure you get up really early on Monday morning, put on your uniform, eat a good breakfast, pick up your book bag and we will see you on the playground at 9:00am.

We can't wait to see you!

Here are your FINAL House Points!



The group of Year 1 and Year 2 children have been making pirate boats this week!

Look at what Maariya's made and Mrs Frederick's made one too!

There's more crabs!

Have a look at Tanzii TV - Follow the link on the Keep Fit and Healthy icon above.

Please email with any questions or to get in touch


Hello Class 2 and Class 2 parents,

Thank you so much (yet again) for all the work packs that came back yesterday-you are all working so hard! I really enjoy marking all the work and seeing everything you have done, as well as making sure you get your dots and house points. Have you seen your feedback form in the new pack? If you want to write a note back to me that would be great- I would love to hear from you. Put it in your work pack next week.

Parents- if you look in the timetables part of the website (above) you will find a new weekly timetable. This is a suggested way to help you give your child a busy and varied day. I have included links to websites that support the lesson, if there is one. Have a look at the other websites - PSHE, Keeping Fit and Healthy and BBC Bitesize for more ideas to keep your child learning.

Take care and have a good week.

Ms Ganderson and Mrs Fredericks.


Hello Class 2 and Class 2 parents


It has been really great to see how many work packs have been returned to school and how much work is being done.

Mrs Fredericks and I are really pleased with you all!

A big THANK YOU needs to go to all your mums and dads for all the help they are giving you. Thank you parents for collecting the packs and encouraging and supporting your child to do their best. It really makes a difference.

Please spend a little time each day looking at what needs to be done, reading instructions and making sure that your child knows what to do. It is absolutely fine to help your child because it's always easier with a little encouragement!

Don't forget -to return packs and collect a new one every Monday morning 9:30 -10:00.

Next week, I will be able to hand out feed back slips to let your child know how they are doing with their work and if there is anything they can do to improve for the following week. There will also be lots of dots and House Points to award!

If you have any questions please email:


Take care Class 2-we are missing you

Love from, Ms Ganderson and Mrs Fredericks.

Hello Class 2 and Class 2 Parents.

It was so good to see so many parents this morning bringing work back to school and collecting new packs. It looks like you have been working really hard.

If you have any questions about your work my email address is-






Dear Class 2


Happy New Year!

Let's hope that 2021 becomes a really good year.


Lots of parents came to school to collect your work packs which was great so I hope you have plenty to do. If you don't have a work pack, there is some information below about how you are going to learn during the lockdown.


Remember - your parents need to come to school every Monday morning at 9:30 to return your work and get a new work pack.


Don't forget to bring your old reading book or books back on Monday so you can take a new one.


If you have any questions my email is-


vicky.ganderson@bentinck.nottingham.sch uk



You can access Numbots at


You will need your login. Let me know if you don't have it.


For reading try

Select for home. You may have to open an account but this will allow you to access free online reading books.



We had our special Christmas visitor-thankyou Santa!

We did some very wet, outdoor Christmas singing-thanks to Mrs Burton!

Unfortunately, we had some trouble from a naughty Christmas Elf!

We have been having fun by the Christmas tree!- Thanks Mr Brannigan for making our playground so Christmassy!

Class 2 sing for Black History Month

Class 2 sang Jimmy Cliff's I Can See Clearly Now to celebrate Black History Month. It is a positive song that reminds people that at any time in history (including now) if things are difficult in our lives, they will get better.

Parents-please remember to wear a mask in the playground to help keep our school safe.

Some of Class 2 have been finding out if soap really helps to get rid of germs. Take a look!