Thank you to all of our children, parents and families who are working with us during this difficult time of COVID 19 and school closure. Our class pages are full of great ideas for you to use at home. Please come and collect packs of paper and pencils to help you with your great work at home. We are open between 9am and 11 am each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Class 1

In Class 1 we thought about outer space and whether we would make good astronauts! In space astronauts have to do very tricky things wearing big space gloves so that they can fix things on their spaceship or on the International Space Station. (ISS)

To test our 'Astronaut skills' we tried to do different tasks without gloves on and then with gloves on. We timed the activities to test which took longer.

The Tasks

We had to make a pattern using pegs and a board, thread 15 beads on a string and build a tower with 10 Lego blocks. It was tricky!

Tricky Tasks wearing 'space gloves'!

Our Results

Here are some of our results. These show that the most difficult task was threading beads. This was really difficult with big gloves on!

Some of our results

What plants need to grow healthily

We have also been testing what plants need to grow healthily and have made a film about our experiment. We hope you enjoy it!

Our Plant Experiment

Still image for this video