Welcome to Bentinck Primary & Nursery School. Together we make a difference. We Start back to school on Wednesday 20th April 2022

Class 1

Whitepost Farm visits Bentinck! frown


We had a visit from Whitepost Farm, they brought lots of animals for us to meet and learn about including tortoises, rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks, chickens, snake and bearded dragons!

Class 1 have been learning Tennis! We have been practising using a bat to hit the ball to a friend, catching the ball and balancing it on the bat.

Class 1 have had a fantastic week! Firstly they decided to set themselves some targets with regards to attendance....secondly they met those targets and thirdly...everyone got an ICE CREAM for reaching their targets! A huge well done goes to everyone for doing really well this week! Lets do our best to keep it up for next week too!

Still image for this video

Our plants are growing! frown


This half term we have been learning about growing. We did some holiday homework on things that we already know about growing and then had to think about what we can find out about growing. We have learned about humans, plants and food growing. We even planted our own plants. We had to follow instructions carefully and put soil in a small pot. Then we needed to make a small hole to plant the seed in. We planted tomatoes, cress, lettuce and rocket seeds and then watered them. We put the pots in the sunlight on the window sill.

We hope they grow big!

Class one had some visitors this week! We have seven chicks that have hatched and are staying at Bentinck school for two weeks. We each had a go at holding or stroking the chicks. They were very soft and their feet were tickled our hands as we held them! We are so excited to have them in our school and be able to see them hatch and grow!


We had a surprise visit from Santa today! He brought everyone a present and some sweets. We were so excited to see him, he told us that he travelled to Nottingham in his sleigh and asked us if we had been good. Thankyou Santa! Ho ho ho!


Class 1 celebrated Christmas with a party! We played pass the parcel and musical statues in the hall with Class 2. When we got back to Class 1 we were all exhausted so we sat down and had some juice and some party food. It was great fun! Do you like our fantastic Christmas tree party hats? 


Class 1 were very excited to receive a letter from Santa Claus this week! In the letter Santa said that he wanted us to make some Class 1 elves. We had to do our best colouring and put them up in the class for Santa to see when he visits. A few days later we had another letter from Santa...

Christmas Dinner!

Class One enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner, we had Christmas crackers and Santa hats!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Class 1!

We have been learning about Christmas as part of our Festivals topic. We made some collages of presents like people give at Christmas time. We have also made Christmas cards, had Christmas jumper day to raise money for Save the Children AND been working on our Christmas activity books.

Happy Diwali!

We are learning about festivals in the second part of the Autumn half term. This week we learnt about Diwali and the festival of light. Look at our fabulous Diva lamps!

Bonfire Nightfrown

Some of us have been writing about Bonfire night in our news...

...and look at our brilliant rockets!sad

We have been thinking about Ourselves and our place in the world this half term. We had a go at doing self portraits, it was quite tricky!

Wow! Look at our class map!

It shows which countries our families are from.

Welcome to Class 1!frown

We are all really excited to be in Class 1 with our friends and learning new things! Our topic for the Autumn 1 half term is 'Our place in the world'. We are learning about our local area and it's history.