Welcome to Bentinck Primary & Nursery School. Together we make a difference. We Start back to school on Wednesday 20th April 2022

Class 1


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We will be happy to help laugh

Learning all about non-fiction books.

Making our fruit kebabs.

Class 1 and 2 reading their new books together.

Young Readers Programme


We have had a great time reading and doing activities about the Mr Men and Little Miss. Did you know Mr Men have just celebrated their 50th Birthday! Wow!   smiley

The children chose a their own book. We talked about whether they were choosing a character like themselves or the opposite of them!

During the week, we learnt how to draw Mr Tickle, we wrote about which book we chose and why, we drew the other half of the characters to make them symmetrical and we invented something to stop Mr Bump hurting himself.

Then we enjoyed reading our book with Class 2 in the sunshine.

Our last book from The Young Readers Programme is the Tales of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. We chose this book to fit into our History topic of the Victorians as Beatrix Potter wrote this book when Queen Victoria was on the throne.

We had a fantastic time learning about rabbits, trying the fruit and vegetables from the story, using pastels to draw the fruit and vegetables and of course dressing up in blue and wearing our rabbit ears. We chose either a traditional story of Peter Rabbit or the Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies or a modern story about Peter Rabbit and his friends.

Enjoy the three books you have chosen this year. Also don't forget the book from Father Christmas too. smiley

Our Peter Rabbit activites and reading our new books

Can you spot the children who are trying a radish!  laugh

Then we finished it off with a cup of Camomile tea!


Reading in Class 1

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Still image for this video
You can keep reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears (look at the story links below) and use the stick puppets you made to retell the story. Ask a brother or sister to help you act it out. Abeeha sent Mrs Chapman a brilliant video of her retelling the story. It is clear to see that she has worked hard to retell the story, she's a much better story teller than Mrs Chapman!

School Closure on Monday 25th January

Please note that school will be closed to all pupils, parents and staff today.  The recent snowy weather means the school site and local roads/pavements are unsafe.


You will be alerted via text message and the school website as to when school will reopen and when the weekly work packs can be collected/returned.

In the meantime take time to enjoy the snow with your families.


Online Activities

Please take time to access the online activities on the Class 1 page, including the daily phonics lesson, BBC Bitesize and Numbots.

In the Maths and Numbertime star there are some 10 frame games to help you practise. Please keep using your own 10 frame to help you. Also you can watch Numberblocks to help you with your number bonds. Have fun!



The BBC are putting on lockdown learning for children to access on BBC bitesize and on CBBC. Use these lessons to support the learning packs sent home.

Have fun! smiley

Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Thursday 22nd January

Watch both Goldilocks and the Three Bears stories today. Look carefully at the pictures, it will help you when you are describing the objects in the bears house.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Thursday 22nd January

Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Friday 15th January

Watch Goldilocks and the Three Bears today. It will help you with the sequencing activity in your work pack. I am looking forward to reading your work next week, Mrs Chapman

The children have enjoyed a great Autumn term in Class 1.  They have been working hard and settled back into school well after such a long school closure.  Thank you to all families for your support and for encouraging your child with their reading, spelling and maths homework.  Enjoy the Christmas break, we look forward to welcoming the children back and ready to learn in January.


Mrs Chapman, Mrs Deegan and Mrs Schwartz


Merry Christmas Everyone!

The children were given gifts from Santa and visited his grotto to have their photographs taken.  Everyone worked hard to make beautiful Christmas cards and tree decorations to take home.  We hope you all love them as much as we did and please enjoy looking at the photographs in Santa’s Grotto.

In Class 1 we have been learning about Black History. We have studied the artist Edward Saidi Tingatinga. He used old bicycle paint, broken crockery and anything he could recycle to create bold African animal and patterns in his paintings. When he died other people set up a school and taught others to paint like he had. 


We painted an African animal and then added African patterns as the background - spirals, zigzags, dots and lots more. 

We then created an African sunset and silhouette painting. This was great fun as we had to use our paint brushed to move the paint across the paper and mix the colours together where they met. When they were dry we then used black paint to paint the silhouettes of African animals and trees. Some of us had the challenge to draw and cut them out on black paper. They look great.



We also copied African patterns with crayons, read stories from Africa, did African animal jigsaws and played instruments.



We enjoyed listening to Tingatinga tales. Our favourite one is how the Aardvark's tongue became sticky! Why not listen to some of the stories together and choose your favourite. Try painting, drawing or collaging a picture of the animals from the stories. think about the patterns and colours you are using. Have fun! 

Meet the Go-Givers

In class we have been meeting some of the characters from the Go-Givers. They are characters which help us learn about Talents and Goals and how to be safe and happy. So far we have met Ahmeti whose goal is to practise learning her English and Alba whose talent is music and his goal is to play in a band.


On Monday and Tuesday with Mrs Deegan, we made guitars out of cuboids, cylinders and elastic bands. It was so much fun. Why don't you ask your child to name the parts of a guitar! We then played in our own band! 


Class 1 band

Still image for this video

Each week we have certain words we concentrate on and we encourage the children to understand what they mean and to use them. This week we have been thinking of the words Creative and Imagination.

Here are some children being creative and using their imagination.

I wonder what instrument Mrs Chapman made with the children on Thursday and Friday! smiley

Class 1 were very busy during the first two weeks back at school and enjoyed spending time learning with their friends again.