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Class 1

Scroll down past the Class 1 Work Gallery to discover this week's 'things to do'.

Class 1 Work Gallery

 It is great to see lots of you are still working hard and that parents are checking the website for work ideas each day.

It's lovely to find out what your school friends have been doing at home.  Keep trying your best but remember you still need time to play and have fun!

Friday 3rd April

I have been very busy in my garden I have made a rockery, which I have never done before. I would like to say Lola has been helping me but she would rather play football!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Some more rainbow pictures on my window

Some more rainbow pictures on my window 1

Easter holidays

There are lots of activities to keep you busy in the holidays. Also it is a time to relax and play. Creativity will help you relax and have fun. You can keep adding detail to your window boxes if you would like. I have. Well when I say I have I mean Niamh has! smiley

Picture 1

Some Maths activities

Here are some Maths activities you may want to try. They can be done over several days or weeks. There is no rush.

This has Shape activities on.

Money activities

Here are some fun money activities you can do. I have put different work for each Maths group.


​​​​​​​Have a go at the Kim's Game. Remember I will take 3 coins or notes away each time. Can you see which ones are missing? 

Money Kim's Game. The first picture will remind you of the coins and will introduce the notes.

Money Kim's Game. The first picture will remind you of the coins and will introduce the notes. 1
Money Kim's Game. The first picture will remind you of the coins and will introduce the notes. 2
Money Kim's Game. The first picture will remind you of the coins and will introduce the notes. 3
Money Kim's Game. The first picture will remind you of the coins and will introduce the notes. 4
Money Kim's Game. The first picture will remind you of the coins and will introduce the notes. 5

Friday 3rd April 2020

Good morning everyone.  Myself and Mrs Deegan are so proud of how hard you have all been working and love reading the emails you send to us.  Mrs Burton and Mrs Tibbitts love singing and lead the school choir for children in KS2.  They thought it would be fun for all of the children at Bentinck to learn a song together.  Please read their message below.  We'd love you to send us a video of you singing the song, happy singing!


Whole School Singing Challenge!

Hello everyone. Lots of people are using music to help them get through the difficult situation that we are all in at the moment. Have you seen the people in Italy singing to each other from their balconies? Or heard some of the funny rewrites of songs that are being shared on social media? My favourite is a clip of my GP singing ‘Stay at Home’ to the tune of ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen!

We thought it would be lovely if we could all learn a song together, and the song we have chosen is There’s a Power in the Music, which is the special Sing Up Day song for this year. You can sing along with the lyrics video on YouTube by clicking on the link below, and if you’d like your own set of lyrics you can find them below too.

When you’ve learnt the song, if you’re feeling brave (and I know a lot of you are VERY brave when it comes to performing), you could send a video of you singing along with a part or all of the song to your class teacher. This would be a great way to earn some house points for your house! We could then put some of the clips together to make our very own Bentinck music video. So come on Bentinck students, get singing and see if you can spread some smiles!

Mrs Burton and Mrs Tibbitts 😊

Here's a link to the song:

Singing and Dancing

It's important to keep up with number time, phonics and writing whilst we're off but we also need to do other fun and creative activities too. Here are a couple of songs for you to sing and dance along to at home.  I have chosen songs I know class 1 love to join in with when we're at school.  Enjoy!

Banana Banana Meatball 


 Thursday 2nd April 2020 – Class 1 Science

Good morning everyone, Mrs Chapman here.  I spent yesterday afternoon in the garden, it was freezing cold!  I have been taking care of the sunflower, pea and broad bean seeds you planted.  They need water, light, soil and warmth.  The seeds have been sprouting and getting much bigger.  I have had to plant them in a bigger container.  Take a look at the photographs I took.

Monkeys/Elephants – try and remember the seed you planted.  Was it a pea, broad bean or sunflower?  Read the labels under each photograph to find the one you need.  Draw what you can see, label it and write 2 sentences to describe it.

Parrots/Snakes - was your seed a pea, broad bean or sunflower?  Look at the photograph of it and draw what you can see.  Now try to label the different parts.

Science experiment - growing vegetables

Lots of you have been helping in the kitchen, well done.  Next time you prepare fruit or vegetables save the scraps you would throw away.  You are going to try and grow them!

What you can use

  • A seed that grows inside fruit or vegetables (apple, orange, lemon, melon pips, pepper, chilli seeds)
  • Carrot, parsnip, beetroot tops.
  • Onion, leek, cabbage roots.
  • water
  • yoghurt pot, plastic dish
  • soil
  • spoon

Because I can't keep going to the shops I have simply used things I had at home.  If you don't have compost a little soil from the garden will do and use yoghurt pots or plastic containers you would throw away.  Lots of the scraps can be grown in water to begin with.  Keep what you are growing next to the window so it has light and warmth.  Don't forget to water it!

Class 1 Task

  1. I would like to see photographs of you planting and growing your vegetable scraps.
  2. Make a diary.  Write a sentence and draw/label a picture every day for a week.  Day 1 …  Day 2 …

CHALLENGE - can you grow something Mrs Chapman hasn't?

I will make a daily diary to tell you all about the scraps I am growing.

Watch these clips for ideas of what to grow:

Picture 1 Fruit and vegetable scraps you can use.
Picture 2 water, soil, plates, yoghurt pots, plastic tubs.
Picture 3 yoghurt pot, spoon, apple, lemon, pepper.
Picture 4 Apple/lemon pips and pepper seeds planted in soil.
Picture 5 Onion root planted in soil.
Picture 6 Avocado stone placed in water.
Picture 7 Carrot top, beetroot top and slice of potato.
Picture 8 Cabbage root in water.

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Hello everyone.

Are you ready for PE with Joe?  Look at the video I’ve added, can you recognise which member of class 1 is taking part and keeping fit every morning?  

PE with Joe.mp4

Still image for this video
Class 1 Literacy – Wednesday 1st April
Picture 1 Click on each photo to make it bigger
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Your teachers are trying to keep healthy and busy whilst school is closed.  Take a look at the photographs of Mrs Chapman, Miss Greyson, Mrs Deegan and Mrs Fredericks to find out what they have been getting up to.  Talk to someone at home about who you can see, what you can see and what your teachers are doing in each picture.


  1. Write a full sentence to describe what you can see in each picture.  I can see ..
  2. Now write a sentence to describe what your teacher is doing.  Mrs Chapman/Miss Greyson/Mrs Deegan/Mrs Fredericks is …….

You need to write 2 sentences about each picture (there are 4 pictures in total).  You don’t have to write all 8 sentences in one go.  You can have a rest and finish it later.


  1. Say a sentence out loud about each picture.  I can see ..
  2. Use your phonic skills to write one sentence about each picture.

        Start each sentence with  I can see ..


REMEMBER:  A good sentence includes a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop.  A good sentence makes sense when you read it out loud.

Look at the sentences Mrs Chapman has written to help you.  She knows you can write better sentences than these so don't just copy them!

Tuesday 31st March

Good morning. I can't believe it is the last day of March. Here are some more lovely rainbow pictures I have printed off and put in my window. Soon I won't be able to see out!

Picture 1


Reading is one of the most important skills you will need in your life. Don't forget to practise reading your red and green words or your high frequency words. The more words you can read without blending, the less you will sound like a robot! 


There are lots of books to access online     You can join free for 30 days.      In the Home Learning Hub they have a book a day to read.


Another great way to read for a purpose is cooking. You need to read the recipes to know which ingredients and equipment you need and how to make it. Also reading ingredients on packaging and learning new vocabulary. Cooking is also great for Maths - weighing, capacity, counting, numeral recognition and Science - looking at how the ingredients change - liquid, solid, hard, soft, melting etc.


Here are some cakes I made for my family.

Lemon cakes

Lemon cakes 1
Lemon cakes 2
Lemon cakes 3
Lemon cakes 4

Here are some recipes you could try. Also you can google recipes to suit your family and what ingredients you have already got in your cupboards.  

Cbeebies    Put in search bar recipes and then you can choose any which look yummy to you.smiley


Encourage your child to help you prepare food with you - peeling vegetables, chopping fruit and vegetables, mixing ingredients together. Cooking is a great life skill.


If you do any cooking write about

  1. what you have made
  2. how you have made it
  3. what it tasted like
  4. would you make it again

 Do a tally to see who in your family liked it and who didn't. 


Have fun.

Monday 30th March

Good morning. I hope you had a good weekend. My family and I played a lot of board games which was fun.

Thank you for all your fantastic emails we have had so far. It has really brightened up mine and Mrs Chapman's days. Big thanks to Maariya, Layla, Sara, Ruiben, Mustafa, Jana, Hashim and Sohana who have sent us work so far. Any rainbow pictures I will print off and put in my window to join the others that are there. 

Big Stars

Warm your brain up by doing some doubles to 10 then do some near doubles. Remember you either add 1 or take 1 away!

7+8=     3+2=      2+3=     5+6=     9+8=     10+9=    4+5=


Your activity is missing numbers to 10 then to 20. You will need your circle grid,  20 counters and a pencil and paper. 


The whole is 10. The first part is the number which is written eg 5, the missing number is your second part. Easy isn't it. After this then your whole will be 20. Have a go. You will need to write each sum out and then fill in the missing numbers.

Example of how to do it

Example of how to do it 1
Example of how to do it 2
Example of how to do it 3

Missing numbers to 10 then to 20 worksheets

More activities can be found on BBC bite size - Counting - What are odd and even numbers and What is a number line 


Little Stars/Teddies

Warm up your brain by using your 100 square. 

Count in 10's to 100

Count in 5's to 50 then to 100

Count in 1's to 20 then 30


Your activity is Missing numbers to 5 then 10. You will need your circle grid, 10 counters, paper and pencil


The whole is 5. Your first part is the number written down, your second part which is the missing number is what is left. You will need to write the sum down and the missing number. When you can do 5 go onto 10. Have fun


An example how to do it

An example how to do it 1
An example how to do it 2

Saturday 28th March

Good morning Class 1. Thank you so much to all of you who have been emailing me and Mrs Chapman. I have printed off any rainbow pictures which have been sent to me and have put them in my windows at home just like children are doing all over the world. Miss Greyson has made one for her window as well.


Rainbow pictures and Miss Greyson's lovely rainbow picture

Rainbow pictures and Miss Greyson's lovely rainbow picture 1
Rainbow pictures and Miss Greyson's lovely rainbow picture 2
Rainbow pictures and Miss Greyson's lovely rainbow picture 3
Here is my cat Frankie. I would like to say he is helping me but as you can see he is a lazy bones!!!


Frankie 1
Frankie 2

Being Creative

being creative is very important in helping us feel good about ourselves. You can be creative in your drawings, your artwork, in construction, in your writing and in your play when you are using your imagination. 


Remember how creative you are in our making area.


Why don't you start collecting cereal boxes, empty tubes, bottle tops and so on for your projects. If you have white glue, masking tape or sellotape great, if not here is a glue recipe to make.  

No cook paste


1/2 cup of flour


pinch of salt


Put the flour in a bowl and add water slowly whilst stirring until it goes gooey!!! Make it as thick or thinner as you need.


Window box

This is something you could make with boxes. Remember it doesn't need to be finished in one day and you can add bits to it over the next few weeks. Great independent activity to keep you busy. 

You will need a grown up to cut out the rectangle from the box and then you can make it all by yourselves. Have fun!

Window box

Window box 1
Window box 2
Window box 3
Window box 4
Window box 5
Window box 6
Window box 7
Over the weeks you could add more flowers, insects, dinosaurs, fairies, aliens, anything from your imagination. I can't wait to see them when you have finished. Don't forget you may have other ideas to create out of boxes. Enjoy

Friday 27th March 2020

Good morning everyone, this is Spencer the Cockapoo.  He was a bit smelly so Mrs Chapman had to give him a bath.  He has a special doggy hairdryer to dry him and make him all fluffy!

Picture 1


Children, if you are working hard at home please email us and let us know what you have been doing.

A photo of your work or a sentence to explain what you have done would be great to see!  Everyone who emails us will win a token for their house.


Here is a reminder of our email addresses:


Parents please follow the link below to find out more from Mrs Holt about the house system.

Mrs Holt has put together a useful folder on the school website.  Click on the link below and you will find lots of educational websites for the children to use.

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Good morning class 1!  How lovely is it to see the sun shining again?

Last Friday Mrs Chapman took pictures of the pea, broad bean and sunflower seeds you had planted.  Can you see how they are starting to grow?  Do you think they will change after another week?


  • Write a sentence to describe how the seeds have changed.
  • Write a list of 3 things a seed needs to stay alive.
  • Write a sentence to predict what your seed will look like next Friday.


Can you remember what seed you planted at school?

  • Write down the name of the seed you planted
  • Write a list of 3 things a seed needs to stay alive.


Mrs Chapman would love to see your wonderful sentences, words and lists.  If you can write them in an email to her you will win 2 tokens for your house!


Your seeds are beginning to grow. I can't wait to show you their progress on Friday!

Your seeds are beginning to grow.  I can't wait to show you their progress on Friday! 1 Broad Bean
Your seeds are beginning to grow.  I can't wait to show you their progress on Friday! 2 Pea
Your seeds are beginning to grow.  I can't wait to show you their progress on Friday! 3 Can you spot the seeds emerging from the soil?
Your seeds are beginning to grow.  I can't wait to show you their progress on Friday! 4 What is growing here?
Your seeds are beginning to grow.  I can't wait to show you their progress on Friday! 5 How different will the seeds look on Friday 27th?

Tuesday 24th March

Good morning. I hope everyone is well. I am here with Lola Rose helping me do my work!

Lola Rose

Lola Rose 1


It is important to try and keep up a routine especially at bedtime. You will need a break!. It is an ideal time to be teaching your child to be independent.

Teach them to:

  • zip up their own coat, do up their coat buttons
  • tie shoe laces
  • use a knife and fork effectively
  • write their name and their surname
  • learn their address and phone number
  • read and look at books independently every day

Class 1

Help your family with chores

  • make your bed every day
  • help sort out out the washing
  • pair up the socks
  • help write a shopping list
  • tidy up your toys
  • help get meals ready
  • be independent when you can in your learning

Big Stars

Here are some activities for you to be doing by yourself.

  • write numerals 0-100. Make sure your numbers aren't back to front!
  • write words for zero to twenty
  • write the days of the week and the months of the year

Keep practising. You can do it!

Little Stars

Here are some activities you can do. You may need someone helping you at first then you can practise by yourself.

  • write numerals for 0-10, 11-20, 21-30
  • read and write words zero, one, two, three, four, five
  • read the days of the week then have a go at writing them

You can do it!


Here are some activities you can do. You will need someone to help you then try and be as independent as you can.

  • write numerals 0-10
  • recognise and order numbers 0-20​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Parents. Write the numerals on individual pieces of paper or card from a cereal box. Mix them up so your child needs to put them in order. They can practise writing them as they have a white board. 

If you need to get in contact with me regarding Maths my email is

Take care and keep safe. I am thinking of you all.


Mrs Deegan and Lola Rose

Monday 23rd March

I hope you have got your maths resources together.

Parents. Please allow your children to be as independent as they can be. Ask them which group they are in so they do the correct work.

Children. Remember you know what you are doing. We do this every day in Numbertime.

Are you ready!!!

Big Stars

Warm up

Use your 100 square to count in 10's starting with different numbers from the top row eg 2,12,22,32 etc.

Make sure you know your doubles to 20. Remember that is your super power!

If you don't know double 6,7,8 or 9, use your 10 frame to work it out. First number at the top, same number at the bottom and move them up for the answer.


Bridging 10

There are sums at the end to work out. You need paper to write them. Don't forget to add your partitioning.

Have fun!

Bridging 10. Remember you know how to do it Trust yourself!

Bridging 10. Remember you know how to do it Trust yourself! 1
Bridging 10. Remember you know how to do it Trust yourself! 2
Bridging 10. Remember you know how to do it Trust yourself! 3
Bridging 10. Remember you know how to do it Trust yourself! 4
Bridging 10. Remember you know how to do it Trust yourself! 5
Bridging 10. Remember you know how to do it Trust yourself! 6
Bridging 10. Remember you know how to do it Trust yourself! 7
Bridging 10. Remember you know how to do it Trust yourself! 8
Bridging 10. Remember you know how to do it Trust yourself! 9
Bridging 10. Remember you know how to do it Trust yourself! 10

Little Stars and Teddies

Warm up

Use your 100 square to count in 2's. First count the even numbers 2-20 then the odd numbers 1-19.

Use your 10 frame and counters to show your family what 3, 5 and 7 looks like without counting.


Whole of me is 5

How many ways to make 5. You will need some paper to record how many ways to make 5. Remember there will be 6 answers. DON'T forget to flip it!

Whole of me is 5. Remember you know how to do this. Trust yourself!

Whole of me is 5. Remember you know how to do this. Trust yourself! 1
Whole of me is 5. Remember you know how to do this. Trust yourself! 2
Whole of me is 5. Remember you know how to do this. Trust yourself! 3
Whole of me is 5. Remember you know how to do this. Trust yourself! 4

When you have done the Whole of me is 5 do the Whole of me is 6. There will be 7 answers. Don't forget 5+0 and 6+0 is an answer. Don't forget to flip it!

Have fun!

There is a game to play called 10 frame Modeller. Keep your brain active!



Sunday 22nd March


Hello everyone.  We hope you are all taking care and trying your best to complete your work pack.  Here are a couple of ideas to help keep you busy during the week.



Starting from Monday 23rd March Joe Wicks is teaching a live PE lesson at 9am from Monday to Friday.  Why don't you join in and keep yourself fit whilst you're not able to visit the park?



From Monday you can also take part in a free daily phonics lesson on YouTube or Facebook (search Read Write Inc.)  If you are a Monkey or Elephant you can watch the Set 3 Speed Sounds film (at either 10.30 or 1.30), if you are a Snake or Parrot watch the Set 2 Speed Sounds film (at either 10.00am  or 1.00pm).


Clicking on the underlined links will take you to the correct lesson.


Happy learning!  Mrs Deegan will be adding some maths activities for you next week.  Mrs Chapman will be showing you how your pea, bean and sunflower seeds are growing and asking you to write a diary about their progress.

Saturday 21st March

Good morning. Here is an activity to get you prepared for your Maths work on Monday. If you are unable to find 10 or 20 objects to fit on your 10 frame this is what you can make.


All you need is a cereal box, scissors, a pen and a bottle top like a juice or fizzy drink lid. Draw around either 10 or 20 and ask an adult to cut them out. Keep the other side of the box as you will need it for an activity later.


We wish all the Mums, Aunts and Grandmas a lovely Mother's Day on Sunday.

10 frame resources

10 frame resources 1
10 frame resources 2
10 frame resources 3

Friday 20th March 2020


Twinkl, a website lots of Bentinck teachers use to help support their teaching, are offering all parents a free month of Twinkl Ultimate.  This will provide parents with lots of activities to keep children busy and to help them learn.  Click on the link below and enter the code PARENTSTWINKLHELPS


If any class 1 parents are popping to collect a lunch bag at 12pm today Mrs Chapman will be in school to answer any questions you may have.


Thursday 19th March 2020


We hope you are all making good use of your home learning packs.  If you don't have your pack or wet play book they will be available to collect in the school dining hall tomorrow from 12pm along with a free packed lunch.  We hope to see you there.


Use the links below to access activities to help you learn at home.  There are lots of fun maths, reading and phonics activities to choose from!

Science Week

We had great fun making our animal flap books. We learnt about different animals from different countries then we made a flap book. They are so funny as you can have an elephant with a panda's head!!!

We also looked at plastic in our World and what we could do about it. We decoupaged vases for our beautiful flowers we made in art for our Growing topic.

Flap Books

Flap Books 1
Flap Books 2

Decoupaging vases

Decoupaging vases 1
Decoupaging vases 2

Our flowers

Our flowers 1
Our flowers 2
Our flowers 3
Our flowers 4
Our flowers 5
Our flowers 6
Our flowers 7
Our flowers 8

Sorting plastic, glass and cans and writing a list of plastic in the classroom

Sorting plastic, glass and cans and writing a list of plastic in the classroom 1



Still image for this video



Class 1 are learning all about gymnastics in PE this half term.  Take a look at our climbing, balancing and jumping skills using the apparatus.  We are very good at it!



Today Class 1 and 2 had their second paired reading session. The classes were split into their house groups and a child from class 1 shared a book with a class 2 child.

They enjoyed it very much.

Thursday 9th January 2020

Every Thursday afternoon this half term we will be doing PE with Mr Strong.

Today we have been learning about Agility and Balance.

Agility-To change direction quickly.

Balance-To stand still.

We tried to balance beanbags, cones and balls on different parts of our bodies.

We had great fun and cannot wait until next weeks PE lesson.


We put 4 rubber bands on to a frame and made a loom.

We then weaved strips of material in and out of the rubber bands. We think they look great!

You can see some of our weaving on Class 1's windows.

Take a look!

Tuesday 17th December

Look who came to visit us today!

It's Santa Claus!

He gave every child a present and we had great fun opening them.

We are very lucky.

Thank you Santa!

Christmas Jumper day

Friday 13th December

Look how great we all look in our Christmas jumpers!

We had a super day and raised a lot of money for the

Save The Children charity.

            Our Christmas dinner

We had a lovely dinner with our friends and Teachers. We made lanterns for our tea lights to shine through to make our dining hall look very festive.




Class 1 and 2 spent a lovely afternoon reading and enjoying books together.  The children each brought in a teddy bear from home and it was lovely to see them talking about and sharing the fantastic books we have in school.

                 The Seasons

We have worked very hard on our Seasons art work. At first we needed to paint mix the blue for the sky and the green for the grass in different shades to reflect the Season. Then we added the trees and the detail on the trees, again to reflect the Season. This work took several weeks but as you see it was worth it. Aren't they fantastic!

Bonfire Night

Our second piece of art work is our firework pictures. First we listened to the story about The Gunpowder Plot and why fireworks are used on November 5th. We then made our own tools either from straws or pipe cleaners to make a printer. We used it to print our exploding fireworks. Then we cut out flat shapes to design our own rockets. The Teddies made 3D rockets. 

Autumn 2

Art Week

We have been learning about the story of Rama and Sita and Diwali. We worked in groups making Rangoli patterns. We showed great Team work and inclusion in sharing the space and resources with our group. It has made a stunning display in our classroom. 

In ICT we made an Autumn picture. We had to persevere as it took time to colour in the sky and grass. We used different tools to create it and had to be independent in choosing them and the colours. Miss Greyson has made a lovely display of them in our corridor.
Picture 1
Picture 2

Thursday 26th September

Class 1 had great fun taking part in the Fitness test.

We had to run around the playground continuously for 3 minutes! Phew!


Autumn 1

Our Place in the World

Look at our beautiful observational drawings of our school. We looked at our school then discussed which city it was in. The children learnt that our school is in Nottingham, Nottingham is in England, England is in the UK and the UK is in the World. 

We then studied a photo of our school. We drew the school and windows. Then we printed the bricks and drew some bricks in between the windows. After that we coloured in the sky, the road and then the railings outside. It took us all half term. Wow they look good! 

Class 1 have been learning  how to sort objects by colour, size and type. As you can see they did a great job!