Our school is committed to safeguarding and ensuring the welfare of children and expects all employees and volunteers to share this commitment.

Class 1

Class 1 have been learning  how to sort objects by colour, size and type. As you can see they did a great job!

Thursday 26th September

Class 1 had great fun taking part in the Fitness test.

We had to run around the playground continuously for 3 minutes! Phew!


Autumn 1

Our Place in the World

Look at our beautiful observational drawings of our school. We looked at our school then discussed which city it was in. The children learnt that our school is in Nottingham, Nottingham is in England, England is in the UK and the UK is in the World. 

We then studied a photo of our school. We drew the school and windows. Then we printed the bricks and drew some bricks in between the windows. After that we coloured in the sky, the road and then the railings outside. It took us all half term. Wow they look good! 

In ICT we made an Autumn picture. We had to persevere as it took time to colour in the sky and grass. We used different tools to create it and had to be independent in choosing them and the colours. Miss Greyson has made a lovely display of them in our corridor.
Picture 1
Picture 2

Autumn 2

Art Week

We have been learning about the story of Rama and Sita and Diwali. We worked in groups making Rangoli patterns. We showed great Team work and inclusion in sharing the space and resources with our group. It has made a stunning display in our classroom. 

Bonfire Night

Our second piece of art work is our firework pictures. First we listened to the story about The Gunpowder Plot and why fireworks are used on November 5th. We then made our own tools either from straws or pipe cleaners to make a printer. We used it to print our exploding fireworks. Then we cut out flat shapes to design our own rockets. The Teddies made 3D rockets. 

                 The Seasons

We have worked very hard on our Seasons art work. At first we needed to paint mix the blue for the sky and the green for the grass in different shades to reflect the Season. Then we added the trees and the detail on the trees, again to reflect the Season. This work took several weeks but as you see it was worth it. Aren't they fantastic!


Class 1 and 2 spent a lovely afternoon reading and enjoying books together.  The children each brought in a teddy bear from home and it was lovely to see them talking about and sharing the fantastic books we have in school.

            Our Christmas dinner

We had a lovely dinner with our friends and Teachers. We made lanterns for our tea lights to shine through to make our dining hall look very festive.



Christmas Jumper day

Friday 13th December

Look how great we all look in our Christmas jumpers!

We had a super day and raised a lot of money for the

Save The Children charity.

Tuesday 17th December

Look who came to visit us today!

It's Santa Claus!

He gave every child a present and we had great fun opening them.

We are very lucky.

Thank you Santa!


We put 4 rubber bands on to a frame and made a loom.

We then weaved strips of material in and out of the rubber bands. We think they look great!

You can see some of our weaving on Class 1's windows.

Take a look!

Thursday 9th January 2020

Every Thursday afternoon this half term we will be doing PE with Mr Strong.

Today we have been learning about Agility and Balance.

Agility-To change direction quickly.

Balance-To stand still.

We tried to balance beanbags, cones and balls on different parts of our bodies.

We had great fun and cannot wait until next weeks PE lesson.