Welcome to Bentinck Primary & Nursery School. Together we make a difference. We Start back to school on Wednesday 20th April 2022

Class 1

Have a look at the videos and messages for  Mr Burton, Mrs Burton and Mrs Benton. We will really miss them. heart​​​​​​​

Friday 24th July 


Today is your last day in school or your virtual day of Class 1. I would like to say a big thank you for all your hard work for the last two years. You have been great and I am looking forward to seeing you in Class 2. Have a lovely summer's break, be good and keep safe. 

Over and out!

Love Mrs Deegan heart 

The Sound of Music | "So Long, Farewell" Clip | Fox Family Entertainment

The Von Trapp children say goodnight at a party by singing "So Long, Farewell." A tuneful, heartwarming story, it is based on the real life story of the Von ...

Some last great work. heart

playing kite.mp4

Still image for this video

Class 1 have been very busy completing their pirate work packs at home.  It is fantastic that so many parents have collected the packs from school and encouraged you to complete them.

Here are some photographs of the work children have emailed to Mrs Chapman and Mrs Deegan.  You definitely deserve a rest over the holidays!

Tuesday 21st July


Good morning! Have you listened to and chosen your favourite song yet? Don’t forget to email me your choice. 


Tomorrow will be mine and Mr Deegan’s 25th Wedding anniversary. It is called a silver wedding anniversary. We are going to celebrate with our friends. 

Sara has asked if we could do some work on Princesses as well. I have found some nice craft ideas to make. 

I have also thought it would be nice to make some cupcakes and decorate them in a Princess way with edible glitter and cake decorations. You could make your own little crown and stick them on tooth picks to put on your cake.  

If you don’t want to make Princess cakes turn them into Pirate ones instead. 

When you have finished, why not eat a cake and listen to a story.

Have fun!

The Princess and the Pea Fairy Tale by Oxbridge Baby

Pirates love underpants - Books Alive!

Books Alive! presents a reading of Claire Freedman and Ben Cort's hilarious addition to the Underpants series is full of pirates, sharks and treasure. You'll...

Monday 20th July


Well I can't believe this is our last Monday of Class 1! smiley At the end of this week it will be the Summer holidays and everyone will be having a well earned rest. This week Mrs Chapman and I will be sending home your school reports telling your family how naughty you are!!! laugh Not really! We also have all your great art work and work books for you to collect from school and a little gift from all your Teachers from

Class 1. We want to thank you for being a fantastic class. We will miss you heart

Please collect from school on Tuesday and Wednesday.


I saw this funny picture about how to wear face masks which I thought you might like. And how your cat can help you hold your phone!!! laugh


Daisy is now getting more confident. She loves playing with Lola but can be a bit too crazy and pulls Lola's legs! 
Here is the timetable for BBC daily. Have fun. 
If we were all in school, we would be practising our Talent show and breaking out those moves! I have selected 3 different songs and I want you to listen to them and vote which one is your favourite. Email me with your choice. I wonder which one will win? 

Toy Story - You've got a friend in me - lyrics

"you've got a friend in me" music from Disney toy story The audio used in this video is and will always be owned by it's original writer, Randy Newman. I do ...

Sesame Street: Sings "What I Am" sings "What I Am" as part of Sesame Street's 41st season. For more fun games and videos for your preschooler in a safe, child-friendly environment,...

Brave | Touch the Sky | Disney Sing-Along

Streaming Now on Disney+ - Sign Up at Chase the wind, touch the sky, and learn the words to this song from Disney*Pixar's Brave. SUBS...

After you have chosen and emailed your favourite song, settle down and enjoy a story.

See you tomorrow. 


Your new teacher!

Ms Ganderson is really looking forward to teaching you all in September.  She has already been teaching some Class 1 children on a Monday and Tuesday and is very excited to meet the rest of you.  I hope you are all enjoying completing the transition activity she put on the class page.  Remember to use your neatest writing and show Ms Ganderson how amazing you are!




Class 1 Work Pack


The final class work pack before the school holiday will be ready for you to collect from Monday 21st July.


Ms Ganderson will be adding an activity sheet for you to complete.  Remember you don’t have to rush to complete all of the activities straight away.  Take your time and do your very best.

Ms Ganderson's Group made animal habitats (homes)

Hello Class 1


It isn’t Mrs Deegan or Mrs Chapman talking to you today! It is Ms Ganderson! I will be your new Year 2 teacher when we come back to school after the summer holidays.

I have made a video to say hello


You can follow this link to hear my favourite book

Gorilla by Anthony Browne.

I hope you enjoy it!


I would really like to get to know you before the holidays so here is an activity for you to draw and write about you and your family. My email address is:

Ms Ganderson

Mrs Nunez's Newsletter

 Parents please read to find out which staff are leaving Bentinck this summer, they will be very much missed by all the teachers and children.

Please don't forget to email your cards and messages for the leaving cards.  Well done to everyone who has already done this.

Mrs Deegan clearly explained what you needed to do last week, please scroll down if you missed it.

Tuesday 14th July


Good morning! It is very strange as normally at school we would be practising our Talent show, watching the Year 6 leaving performance and meeting our new Teachers. 

Make sure you visit the website tomorrow as you will meet your new teacher for Class 2. Exciting! Mrs Chapman and I will be posting on Class R's class page as we need to introduce ourselves to them. 


I would like to give a HUGE thank you and well done to Sohana who has completed all the 3 projects. She has earnt a whopping 30 tokens!

Maariya has done a fantastic job with her kite. She is having such fun! laugh


Still image for this video

Here are some fun maths games to play. Don't forget BBC daily lessons, your Pirate pack and your 3 projects.

Have fun! smiley

Monday 13th July


I hope you had a lovely weekend. The sun has been shining at last!


Can you remember our new foster dog Daisy has come to stay!

Can you remember what country she has come from? Yes it was Romania. She is very shy and needs us to be very patient and to teach her new things slowly. 


Isn’t she sweet! heart

Daisy begging

Still image for this video

How have your 3 projects come on? I can’t wait to see them. Thank you to Sohana who sent some great photos of her puppet theatre and of her kite. She earnt 20 house tokens!!!!

Please look at the 3 projects from last Monday and have a go. 



BBC bitesize Maths is Time this week so practise with your clocks and if you haven’t completed your Time worksheets, this is the ‘Time’  to do it!


What time is it when you find an elephant in your car?
(Time to get a new car!)



Don’t forget to look at what Maths lessons you have missed or you need to practise. 

I love reading. I read every day. I miss reading stories to you at school. sad Here are some of my favourite stories for you to listen to. heart Grab your favourite toy, snuggle down and enjoy. 

Little Princess I Don't Want to Go To Bed Episode 3 Season 1

The central character - Little Princess - is full of energy, charm and questions about how the world works. As with most little children she has an impressiv...



A new pack will be ready to collect from school reception on

Monday 13th July.

Parents: Please help and encourage your child to complete activities on the class 1 page.  Children in year 1 should take part in a wide range of activities – music, P.E, art, design and learning through play.  All of these are as important as maths, writing and reading.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

On Monday and Tuesday this week children from class 1 and 2 made

pirate ships with Miss Ganderson.  They look great!

Thursday 9th July 2020

Hello everyone.  Yesterday was another drizzly wet day, I hope you found lots of fun things to do inside with your families.

It was a special day in my house, it was Sonny’s 16th Birthday.  His Grandma made him a yummy chocolate cake.  She is very good at decorating cakes and has made him a birthday cake every year since he was born.  Today is Sonny’s grandma/my mum's birthday. She is now 69 years old (don’t tell her I told you wink!).  We will all be going to visit her later to sing Happy Birthday and give her some lovely presents.

When Sonny was opening his presents yesterday Spencer kept running off with the wrapping paper.  He was very funny!

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope you are enjoying the work in this week's pirate pack.  Well done to everyone who has emailed their work to Mrs Chapman already.  Below are some extra pirate activities for you to do online.

Listen carefully to the Captain Whitebeard song and story.

Use your stick puppets to help you act out the story.

Click here  and follow the instructions to find out your pirate name.

Mine is ‘Long Judy Sea Wolf’!

There are lots of educational pirate games and activities for you to complete in Swashbuckle on the CBeebies page.  Perfect if it's a rainy day again.  Let Mrs Chapman know which ones were your favourite.


Wednesday 8th July 2020

Good morning everyone.


Arham Vid.mp4

Still image for this video

Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th July


Good morning! I hope you have had a lovely weekend and not been blown away!

I am putting Mondays and Tuesdays work on at the same time as we are having a new foster dog. She will be arriving Monday lunchtime after a long journey from Romania. Her name is Daisy. I will show you some pictures of her when she has settled in. heart


How are your cards coming along for Mrs Benton and Mrs Burton. If you haven’t started, please make them and email them to Miss Chambers and Mrs Tibbits. Scroll down for last week’s videos to show you what you can make.



BBC daily maths lessons concentrates on Fractions this week. Big Stars please remind yourselves about a whole, half, quarter, how many halves in a whole and how many quarters in a half and a whole. Then I would like you to work on turning clockwise and anticlockwise. 


Little Stars and Teddies I would like you to do the fraction activities. Also there are counting and adding activities for you to keep practising.

Little Stars/Teddies





How to make a half


How to make a quarter

Big Stars


Practise any lessons you have found difficult.



Learning to turn clockwise


Learning how to turn anticlockwise

I have 3 projects for you to complete over the last few weeks of school. I can’t believe we have nearly finished Year 1. We miss you all. sadheart You don’t need to rush these projects and do them all at the same time!  When you have watched each video how to make it, write down a list of what resources you need then tick them off when you have got them. If you can’t get something, write me a note starting with: 


To Mrs Deegan




Love from 


and email it to me. Best handwriting please. Then I will see if I can get it for you.



Practical activities are so important for children to do as this helps them understand why they are learning something. Normally we would have done a lot of practical learning before we do any worksheets. These projects help children use lots of skills especially Maths so it is important for your child to have a go. Also reading, listening, concentration and writing skills. It develops perseverance and pride in their work. Also a sense of satisfaction and it helps them evaluate whether something worked or not and what to do about it. Vital skills for when they are growing up. 


Project 1 – Making a puppet theatre

Hashim gave me the idea with the one he made. His is a 2D one so we are going to make a 3D one. Parents. This activity involves Maths – shape/measurement, Literacy-story telling, writing, Art and Design-using imagination/skills how to build and join.


Still image for this video

Use a straw, pencil or a stick from the garden to make the curtains. You could use your pirate puppets to tell a story or make your own characters. Please video yourself acting out your own play. Exciting!


Project 2 – Making a kite

All the wind gave me this idea and looking at the photos when you had made parachutes with Mrs Chapman. Parents. This activity involves Maths – shape/measurement, Science-materials/weather, DT-construction.

Use tape if you haven’t got a stapler



Project 3 – Making bugs from natural materials

Plenty to see in the garden at the moment! Parents. This activity involves Maths – shape/measurement, Science-materials/minibeasts, DT-construction, Art-different textures and media.

Why don’t you make different bugs and look how they are different. You could also find some you tube videos to watch and learn about the bugs you have made.


Have lots of fun! I can’t wait to see them.


Here is a tour of the Tate gallery for kids. Looks lots of fun. 

Class 1 have had a busy week in school this week.  Take a look at the slides from Monday and Tuesday with Miss Ganderson.


Today we have baked cakes and decorated them  The children have taken them home to have as a treat this weekend!


Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Friday 3rd July 2020

It’s nearly the weekend Class 1!  I hope you’ve all had a happy and busy week.


I’ve been in school teaching some of class 1 this week, I’ll add some photos later today so you can see what we’ve been getting up to!


Please don’t forget to collect your second pirate work pack from school.  It will be ready from Monday 6th July.


In the meantime I’ve added instructions showing you how to make a pirate hat below.  All you will need is a piece of paper.  When you have finished making it you could decorate it.  Take a look at the work pack from last week for decorating ideas.

When you've made your hat put it on, pretend you're a pirate and try to learn this pirate jig!


A Pirate You Shall Be

Thursday 2nd July 2020


Hello Class 1.  Look at the date above, have you noticed the month has changed?

It isn’t June anymore so what month is it?


Now watch the video and listen to the song.  Then look at the questions and follow the instructions.

Months of the Year Song

1. What is the first month of the year?

2. What month is it today?

3. What month comes after June?

4. What months comes before August?

5. In what month is Christmas?


Copy down each question and write your answer underneath.  Everyone who does this in their best writing and emails their work to Mrs Chapman will win 10 house tokens!

Remember use a capital letter to start a sentence and for each month.


Tuesday 29th June


Good morning! 

Why do bees have sticky hair?  

  -Because they use honeycombs!


Don’t forget this week to carry on working on your Maths and Pirate packs. Also there is BBC daily lessons to work through too. The Maths is about money this week and you all have some money worksheets in your packs. Here are some money activities you can do as well. 

How are you getting on with your flower cards to Mrs Benton? heart Can you remember the beautiful Autumn pictures we did in ICT? Gorgeous. We will be sending all your great work home at the end of term.



We also sadly have another member of staff leaving this summer. Mrs Burton, who teaches Class 2, will be leaving. We will really miss her. heartMrs Burton was the first teacher Miss Greyson worked with which was a long time ago.  Like with Mrs Benton, we would like you to make her a card and write a lovely message to her inside with your name and Class 1 written too. Then email a picture of your card to Mrs Tibbits at


I thought you could make some rainbow pictures for Mrs Burton. You can use paint, pens, pencils, collage even lego to make rainbows. How about writing your message in rainbow writing too. 


What did the baby find at the end of the rainbow?

Answer: A Potty Gold.

Here are some different ways to make rainbows. Why not listen to the song “Somewhere over the rainbow” from the Wizard of Oz while you are making your rainbow. Then finish off with a story.

Have fun!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow - The Wizard of Oz (1/8) Movie CLIP (1939) HD

The Wizard of Oz movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: Watch more ...

Monday 28th June


Good morning! I hope you had a lovely weekend. It was lovely to see some of our class at school on Thursday and Friday. Some other children are coming in and working with Ms Ganderson on Monday and Tuesday. I hope they have lots of fun. 


I have a message for you from Miss Chambers. Then I have made 3 videos to help you make flowers to make a card or garden to take a picture of.

Mrs Benton is Retiring.


Sadly, Mrs Benton will be leaving our school at the end of the summer term. She has been teaching for a very long time and she has decided to retire from teaching this year. This means she will be leaving all the other schools she teaches computing in too.

We will all miss Mrs Benton enormously and her fantastic computing lessons. As we can’t have a special assembly and give her cards and flowers like we usually do when someone leaves our school, we thought we could have a special retirement page on the website for Mrs Benton.

We would like you to make a special card, write a message or draw a beautiful picture to thank Mrs Benton for teaching you. You could even video a short message for her if you are feeling brave. Maybe if you have older brothers or sisters who remember Mrs Benton teaching them they could make a card or write a message too.

Please send your messages, cards or pictures to Miss Chambers at by Friday 10th July. We will put everyone’s messages together in a special retirement presentation for Mrs Benton. Remember to put your name and class on your card or message so Mrs Benton knows who it is from.

Good luck and have fun making your cards and messages.

Here are the flower videos. Watch them all first then you can decide which flowers to make or have a go at them all! smiley

Roses and Leaves

Making roses from spirals and leaves from triangles


Cutting paper to make flowers

Making flowers

Making petals and turning them into flowers

While you are making the flowers why not sing along to ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams.

Have fun!

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Lyrics)

Here is my next lyrics video by Pharrell Williams - Happy. Pharrell Williams - Happy Pharrell Williams - Happy Pharrell Williams - Happy (Lyrics) I hope you ...

Friday 26th June 2020

Hello Class 1 it's nearly the weekend.  Make sure you have lots of fun on Saturday and Sunday and spend some time exercising outside.  What about completing a Joe Wicks workout in the garden or make up a dance.  Try this Zumba workout, it's great fun!

Zumba Kids


You must come into school to collect your maths and pirate work packs from reception.


Mrs Chapman has put a surprise envelope in the Pirate Work Pack for each child who has been working hard at home and emailing to keep in touch!


Here are a few photos from today in school.  We went onto the school field and pretended we were artists.  Look at the masterpieces we have painted!


Have a great weekend everyone and take care.

Thursday 25th June 2020

Good morning everyone!  I am enjoying having some of class 1 back in school today.  We are using the class 2 classroom because it is bigger.  The children have been working outside and ate their picnic lunch sat under a big tree!  It is actually cooler outside than in the classroom.


Pirate work pack

There will be a Pirate work pack available for EVERYONE in class 1 to collect from the office on Monday morning.  Children coming into school will take the pack home with them.  I look forward to checking my emails for your super work next week.


Enjoy the sunny weather everyone.  Don't forget to wear a sun hat, sun cream and keep drinking water to keep cool! 

Wednesday 24th June 2020

Good morning class 1.  I hope you have been enjoying the lovely weather and spending lots of time outside playing.


I am back at school teaching some class 1 children on Thursday and Friday this week.  I am really looking forward to it!  Because I will be busy teaching I won’t have as much time to update the website.  However, I don’t want those of you still at home to miss out.  So I will be making a work pack for you to collect from school.  I will put a message on this page when it is ready.


The work pack will be all about pirates and we’ll be learning about them for the rest of this term.  So for the next couple of days I would like you to:

1. Listen and read along to the pirate story.

    Can you find any other pirate stories to read on Oxford Owl or YouTube?

2. Use to internet to find out some pirate facts.

    Write your facts down and email them to Mrs Chapman.

3. Learn the pirate song and actions.

"How I Became A Pirate" | Read Aloud

The Pirate Song (When I was one)

Tuesday 23rd June


Good morning! The month of June is racing by! I was looking at what I had put for you and your Parents to do on the first few days of lockdown. Have a look at them and see if you have completed any. If not keep trying. 



It is important to try and keep up a routine especially at bedtime. You will need a break!. It is an ideal time to be teaching your child to be independent.

Teach them to:
      zip up their own coat, do up their coat buttons

  • tie shoe laces
  • use a knife and fork effectively
  • write their name and their surname
  • learn their address and phone number
  • read and look at books independently every day

Class 1

    Help your family with chores

  • make your bed every day
  • help sort out  the washing
  • pair up the socks
  • help write a shopping list
  • tidy up your toys
  • help get meals ready
  • be independent when you can in your learning

Big Stars

Here are some activities for you to be doing by yourself.

  • write numerals 0-100. Make sure your numbers aren't back to front!
  • write words for zero to twenty
  • write the days of the week and the months of the year

Keep practising. You can do it!

Little Stars

Here are some activities you can do. You may need someone helping you at first then you can practise by yourself.

  • write numerals for 0-10, 11-20, 21-30
  • read and write words zero, one, two, three, four, five
  • read the days of the week then have a go at writing them

You can do it!


Here are some activities you can do. You will need someone to help you then try and be as independent as you can.

  • write numerals 0-10
  • recognise and order numbers 0-20

​​​​​​​Parents. Write the numerals on individual pieces of paper or card from a cereal box. Mix them up so your child needs to put them in order. They can practise writing them as they have a white board.

I would love you to write down the ones you have completed in a list. I am in the mood to give out lots of house tokens! Neat writing though please!

If you haven’t picked up your Maths pack, it is vital you do as it will be hard for your child to access the maths work on the website. You can collects them MONDAY – TUESDAY and THURSDAY – FRIDAY 9 am till 12 am. Thank you to all the Parents who are working hard with your children. It isn’t easy and we appreciate it so much. 


Work steadily through the worksheets provided in the pack. There are your resources to help you. There are lots of videos and photos to explain how to do your maths work so please scroll down and look for them. If you need any help, please email me and I would love to hear from you. Also scroll through the website as Mrs Chapman and I have put a lot of work on here so there maybe activities you have missed. 


Don’t forget BBC daily activities. They will really support your child.

This video and activity is for:













There will be resources and worksheets for you to collect from Wednesday. Good luck!

Tens and units

This is "Tens and units" by Bentinck Primary & Nursery on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Monday 22nd June 


Good morning.


Some of your children will be coming back to school this week. You will receive a letter which will tell you the times and days your child will be coming in. Please read carefully as it will keep everyone safe. There also is some booklets to read with your child to help them understand what is happening. 


My goodness we have had loads of rain! It has meant I have been doing a few projects with my up cycling as I haven’t been able to get into the garden. I have been making flowers. 

I have received 2 lovely roses made from the spiral challenge. If you haven’t made a spiral then thought about what you could make the spiral into, then that is your challenge this week. If you have, I would like you to add more detail to yours. 

Loving making the roses

Still image for this video

Scroll down to see how to make a spiral from Tuesday 9th June's lesson.


I promised Hashim I would teach him to make leaves so why not have a go making those too. 


How to make leaves.

Don’t forget BBC daily lessons!

Here is a song from a singer called Bob Marley. It is called three little birds. I think it is a great song to listen to and sing along to in these funny times. Enjoy!

Bob Marley - Three Little Birds - Lyrics!! - (HD)

Bob Marley - Three Little Birds - Lyrics!! - (HD) I DONT OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THIS SONG (c)All audio or any third party content belong to the respected owners u...


I hope you have been busy completing the work Mrs Chapman and Mrs Deegan have set you this week.  There are 2 new work packs in Reception for each of you to collect.  If you haven’t already done so please collect the packs, they will help you complete some of the work your teachers have added to the class 1 page.


Daily Class 1 Phonics

It is also important that you keep using your phonics skills to practise sounds and reading words.  I would like all of you to try and complete phonics lessons at least 2 times a week.


Click here to go to today’s phonics lesson.


You can click on the same link tomorrow and a different lesson will be available.  Read the slides below to find out what you need to do!


Taking part in phonics lessons will really help improve your writing, reading and spelling.

Wednesday 17th June 2020

Hello everyone, is it still raining?  Have a look out of your window and describe the weather you can see.  I walked into Nottingham on Sunday with Spencer and Mr Chapman and we got very, very wet!  We had to shelter in a doorway near Nottingham Castle.  It was Spencer’s first every time in town, he loved looking at the statue of Robin Hood.

Can you see the rain in the sky and bouncing off the pavement?

Do you think Spencer looks very wet?


Can you remember which creature likes to hop around in the rain?

A Frog!

Did you know the answer?

I hope you enjoyed reading the frog stories last week.

Scroll down and read Oi Frog! And Tiddalik the Frog again.


I walk Spencer next to two big ponds.  Remember the swans you drew pictures of and wrote about live there.  Sometimes we walk there just as it is getting dark.  At the moment there are lots of baby frogs and toads all over the path.  We tried to count them but stopped at 100!  They were hopping everywhere and we had to be careful not to squash them with our feet!

One jumped on my hand and I quickly took a photograph.  Look how tiny he is!

I have added some slides so you can find all about the life cycle of a frog.  Read the information very carefully.  Ask a grown up to read with you if you need help.

Tuesday 16th June


Good morning. I hope you are all well. It is funny teaching you through the website rather than face to face. We have heard from lots of you who we know are working very hard and have earned lots of tokens for the four houses.  Fantastic! We haven’t heard from some of you so please try your best as we don’t want all your hard work you did at school to disappear. A little bit every day would really help you. BBC bitesize is great to support you too. 

Please email us as we would love to see your work. Also there are packs to collect from school if you can’t access the website every day.


Can you remember our summer Talent show song in Class R? How about the song you learnt in Nursery when Mrs Hartley retired? Can you remember the words and the signing? Well I have put them on for you to enjoy again as we won’t be doing a Talent show this summer. Have lots of fun. Why don’t you teach someone in your family the words and the signs. Don’t forget the dancing too!!!

Reach (S Club 7) - Makaton Sign Language

S Club 7's 'Reach' - Performed in Makaton by Samantha, Niamh, Helen, Ethan, Tom, Christina, Daniel, Sheryl, Silvi, Isabelle, Monica, Olivia, Penelope and mor...

Makaton CarPark Karaoke - It Must Be Love - Singing Hands

Happy Monday! Going retro again this week with a #Makaton Sync & Sign / CarPark #Karaoke of "It Must be Love" by Madness. It's a great song to sing and sign ...

Today we are going to talk about your Superpower!



Reading is your Superpower! Reading a book, a recipe, on the back of a cereal box, a road sign and so on everyday will make reading easier and more fun. Keep practising your red and green words or your KS1 key words. This means when you read you will sound less like a r. o . b. o . t! 

Also a story at bedtime really is very special for you and your family.

When you come into school to collect your packs, why not ask for some reading books too. We have some old ones which you can enjoy during this funny time.   


So read every day, do some maths every day and exercise every day. Then spend time doing activities you love. Don’t forget all the things you have promised your family you are going to do to say thank you for helping you at home. 


Here are lots of links to on line stories, books to read and games to play. 



Monday 15th June


Good morning. Wow haven’t we had some rain. I heard thunder yesterday. Did you?


It is Father’s Day on Sunday 21st June. My Dad lives too far away to see him on Sunday but I will send him a card and speak to him on the phone. Here is a picture of him with me and my sister on holiday. His moustache looks funny!! smiley

I would like you to make a card for your Dad, your Grandad, your uncle or your brother who helps you in your life. Make sure you write a lovely message in your card with a promise of something helpful you could do. 


If you want to make him a gift, look at my up cycling page for a coin tidy you could make. 

Here are the BBC daily lessons for the week.

Maths Activities


Little Stars/Teddies

Please keep practising your Maths. You need to keep learning:

  • 2D and 3D shape recognition and descriptions
  • Practise counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s using your 100 square
  • Practise your doubles on your 10 frame. This is your superpower.
  • Do your numberbonds to 10 using your 10 frame


Here are some photos, powerpoints and worksheets to help you.


Big Stars

Please keep practising your Maths. You need to keep learning:

  • Adding and subtracting using your numberline, your 10 frame and your circle grid. You choose which method you would like to use.
  • Practise your doubles then near doubles. Your Superpower!
  • Recap your fractions – whole, half, quarter.
  • Recap your time – o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past.
  • Use your ruler to measure items around your house. 


Here are some photos, powerpoints and worksheets to help you.

Worksheets will be available from Wednesday if you want them printing off. Don't forget to say which group you are in. 

If you do a little bit of Maths each day you will keep your brain fit and healthy.

Class 1 have been very busy earning house tokens this week.

Thursday 11th June 2020


Good morning Class 1.  What a cold, rainy day it is today!  Make sure you write about it in your diary and draw a picture to illustrate the weather.  Hafsa emailed a copy of her weather diary, so she's earned more house tokens for Malala.


There is one animal who loves the wet, damp weather.  That creature is a frog!  Have a look at the frog who lives in my garden.  He likes to have a swim in the bird bath and Spencer likes to drink the dirty water from it.  Yuck!!  So I try to fill it with fresh water every day.


You could do some research and find out some frog facts today.

The frog in my garden doesn't have a name.  Can you think of a good name we could give him?




Still image for this video

Rainy Day Story Time


Today is a good day to sit and listen to a story.  I've added two frog stories for you to read and listen to - Oi Frog! and Tiddalik the Frog.


There are lots of activities about Tiddalik that you can complete.  I am going to put together a work pack about Tiddalik for you to collect from school reception next week.  I will let you know when it is ready.


Enjoy reading the stories with your families.  Oi Frog!  Tiddalik the Frog

Wednesday 10th June 2020

Good morning Class 1.  Lots of children have been very busy writing their weather diaries.  Hashim was feeling very creative and presented his diary in 2 different ways.  Take a look at Hashim’s work, which of his weather diaries is your favourite?  Mrs Deegan reminded you yesterday that you can still make your own weather diary this week.


Hashim and Sohana's weather diaries have earned plenty of house tokens for Malala!


Snakes/Parrots - if writing a diary is tricky look out of the window each day and draw a picture showing what the weather is like.  Add houses, cars, trees, birds and flowers to your drawing.

Spencer's Adventures

I took Spencer on a long walk all the way from my house to a place called Lambley Dumbles.  It is a place with lots of huge trees and a stream running through the middle.  A grown up who lives there has created a treasure hunt for the local children.  There are lots of nature questions to answer and fun toys hiding in the trees.  Take a look at the photographs I took.  Can you name any of the toy characters or animals?


Writing Task

Monkeys/Elephants – make a list of the characters/animals and write a short sentence about each one.

Snakes/Parrots - use your phonics skills to write a list of the toys you can see and write one word to describe the toy.


The Scary Bridge

In amongst the trees was a very high, narrow foot bridge we had to cross.  I was worried Spencer might fall off surprise

The bridge reminded me of a traditional tale we have read at school.

Can you remember which story has a bridge with a mean troll hiding underneath it?

The three goats in the story want to cross the bridge.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff


The Three Billy Goats Gruff is the name of the tale.  If you got the answer right you've earned a house token.  Email to let me know if you were correct!


I have added two versions of The Three Billy Goats Gruff story for you to watch and listen to.  Join in with the words and talk about the story with a grown up.

1 Three Billy Goats Gruff & the Troll

2 Three Billy Goats Gruff Traditional Tale

Can you draw a scary troll?

I hope you enjoyed watching and listening to The Three Billy Goats Gruff stories.  Now I would like you to draw your own troll. 

You will need:

  1. a plain piece of paper
  2. a drawing pencil
  3. lots of coloured pencils
  4. a good imagination


​​​​​​​Watch the video below and it will help you learn how to draw your very own troll.

Everyone in class 1 can draw their own troll.  Everyone who emails their troll to Mrs Chapman will earn 10 tokens for their house.

smileyWhat are you waiting for?smiley

How To Draw A Troll

Everyone in Class 1 can try to draw a troll!

Tuesday 9th June


Good morning. Yesterday it was Oceans day. It is all about trying to look after our oceans by reducing the amount of plastic we use and when we use it, to recycle it properly. Here is a website where you can learn lots of different things about plastic and the oceans. There is a lovely story called ‘Little Turtle turns the tide’ and some different activities you can do at home. 

Little Turtle Turns The Tide with Lauren Davies at World Ocean Day for Schools 2020

Hear author Lauren Davies read the story of the Little Turtle that hatches a plan to save the world from plastic pollution and learn how you too can make a d...

Try and think what you could do to help the oceans. Here are some ideas:


  • Use a re-useable drinking bottle
  • Recycle
  • Put litter in the bin
  • Don’t waste food
  • Look after your toys, then they can be donated when you have finished for other children to enjoy


Can you think of anything else you can do?

Why don’t you try and make something from my up cycling page!



Time activities

Get your clocks ready!


Little stars and teddies. Watch the video and then keep practising!

Time Little Stars and Teddies

Learning how many minutes in an hour and half an hour

I have left some worksheets in the office at school if you would like to collect them. Ask for Class 1 and then your group. Tuesday to Thursday 9-11 am. 


Big stars. Watch the video and then keep practising!

Time Big Stars

Quarter to Quarter past

Monday 8th June


Good morning! I hope you had a great weekend even though the weather is very soggy at the moment. Don’t forget to keep doing your Weather diaries for Mrs Chapman as you will have lots of weather to draw and write about.


Here is the timetable for BBC daily lessons.



Look what I found in my house. In fact I have seen lots around at the moment. Have you? Look at how thin its legs are and how it is moving them. 



Still image for this video

I would like you to listen to this song and then to talk to your Parent about what you have done to make yourself proud. Maybe you have learnt to skip like Maariya or taught yourself to draw dogs like Hashim. You might have worked hard at a piece of work and feel proud of it. Then ask your Parent to tell you something they are proud of what you have done since you haven’t been at school. 

Proud - Heather Small

I have been teaching myself to make roses as part of my up cycling projects. Look at the photos to see which shape I start with, how I change it and what it becomes. Then read the information how to make one.  I want you to think what you could make and send me photos of your creations. 




You will need:

  • circles cut out from paper, card, magazines, cereal box – whatever you have. It is up to you how many you do and what sizes too
  • scissors
  • pen



  1. Draw around your bowls etc to make your circles
  2. Draw a spiral. You may need to get a Parent to do it at first but then you need to try. You may want to decorate it if you need to
  3. Cut along your spiral carefully. Try this yourself. If it does wrong persevere as you will then feel proud of your work
  4. Now think about what you are going to make with it. How many do you need? Do you need them different sizes? 



Persevere, take your time and try your best.

Have lots of fun.

I found this lovely video of snails as they have spirals on their shells. 

See How They Grow | Snail

Tomorrow have your clocks ready!!!

Friday 5th June 2020

Good morning everyone, we hope you're having a good week and have been busy completing the tasks Mrs Chapman and Mrs Deegan have set you.  The weather has changed so much this week so each day of your weather diary will look very different!


If you have made your bunting, bottle person and finished your maths work don't forget to check BBC Bitesize for the year 1 lessons.


We all hope you have a lovely weekend.

Science Experiments

Take a look at these science experiments on Sara and Dua's YouTube channel. Class 1, perhaps you could try them at home?

Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Good morning class 1, what lovely sunny weather we had during half term.  It was Spencer’s birthday during half term, he was 5 years old.  He finally had his coat trimmed so was able to go for a long birthday walk in the sunshine without getting too hot.  He ate some yummy chicken for his tea!

Weather diary - drawing and writing


It looks like the weather is going to change this week.  So for the rest of the week I would like you to check the weather each day and keep a weather diary.

Listen and sing along to this weather song.  It's a colourful video so will help you with ideas for your weather pictures.  You can also read and spell the weather words for your writing.

Also watch the days of the week song to help you remember how to read and spell the days of the week.

Weather Song for kids | "Sun, Rain, Wind, and Snow" | The Singing Walrus

Days of the Week Song | The Singing Walrus

BOTTLE PEOPLE - Thursday 4th June

Look at the fantastic bottle people and read the stories about them.  They are so much better than the bottle person Mrs Chapman made!

They have both earned many house tokens for Malala!



Lots of you still need to make your bottle people.  So look at the slides again to help you.

Monkeys and Elephants - I would really like to see your sentences and stories too.  You will earn lots of house points for writing them!


You now have lots of work to keep you busy this week.   If you have already done some of the work Mrs Chapman and Mrs Deegan have set you remember to double check the class page and choose some of the BBC Bitesize lessons.


Bottle people - Making

Now it’s your turn!  If you don’t have a plastic bottle what else could you use?  I recycled things out of my bin and sewing box.  You could use things from the creative packs you collected (there are more in school if you need them).  Use your imagination.  I can’t wait to see what you make!


Bottle People - Speaking

First of all tell someone all about your bottle person or animal.  Tell them:

  1. the name of your bottle person.

  2. describe what your bottle person looks like.  Use some exciting words.

  3. what magical powers does your bottle have?

Next your bottle person wants to take you on an adventure. Describe:

  4. where did you go on your adventure?

  5. what exciting things did you and your bottle friend do during the adventure?


Bottle People - Writing

Lastly I’d like you to write all about your bottle person and the adventure you went on together.  

Remember - don’t rush to make your bottle person and write your story.  Take your time to think of a good story, collect what you need and do the very best you can.  It is half term next week, this would be a good project to save until then.  Especially if you will be busy preparing and celebrating Eid this week.

Tuesday 2nd  June


How are your  4 pictures using 4 different media coming on? I have been sent some pictures, thank you,  and a video explaining about his picture and what he has used.

Solar system

4 part different media art work

When you have finished I would love to see them.


Don’t forget BBC bitesize. Some of the maths might seem easy to some of you but it is good to practise. Here is the week’s timetable.

Today we are going to continue with learning to tell the time. You will need your clocks from your maths pack. If you haven’t collected it from school, you will need to for this activity. Remind yourself what is the clock face, big hand (minute hand), little hand  (hour hand) and the numerals around the dial.

Follow the correct activity for your group.

Big Stars Time

Learning how many minutes

Big Stars

Here are some more activities to do. Ask your parent to use the timer on their phone.

  • How many jumps, hops, jumping jacks etc can you do in 1 minute?
  • What can you do in 5 minutes?
  • Write everything down you did in 60 mins (1 hour)  Time

Round the clock games on time



Little stars and Teddies

Here are some powerpoints to help you with O’clock and half past and some games play. Have fun! Time

Little stars and Teddies

Here are some more activities to do. Ask your parent to use the timer on their phone.

  • How many jumps, hops, jumping jacks etc can you do in 1 or 2 minutes or 3 minutes?

Do you get tired when you have to do it for more  minutes? angry

  • How many times can you write your name in 1 minute?
  • How long did it take you to eat your lunch?
  • How long can you run on the spot for?


Why don't you send me some videos of you doing these. smiley​​​​​​​

Monday 1st June

Good morning! I cannot believe it is June already!

Lola says hi! 

I hope you had a lovely half term. I did as the weather was so lovely and I spent lots of time in my garden. If you celebrated Eid, I hope you had a great time. 

As you know we had Oreo come to live with us. Well he has now got a new home and he is going to have lovely walks at Wollaton Park. He was so sweet.

This week I would like you to make a Thank you card to your family for all the work they are doing with you. Your family are doing a great job at a difficult time. In your card I would like you to promise 3 jobs that you can do to help them. Here are some ideas:

  • Make your bed
  • Tidy your toys without being asked
  • Wash up
  • Sort out the dirty washing
  • Pair up all the clean socks and put them away
  • Go to bed without moaning!! smiley


Think of anything else you can do which is safe for you to do


This needs to be an independent piece of work as it is a surprise for your family. 

It was also Anya and Niamh’s 17th birthday. I always have to make 2 birthday cakes!!!

I also made them some bunting with photos of them when they were little. 

I thought you might like to make your own bunting with your name on for your bedroom. Look at the photos of how to make it. Write your name on a piece of paper and count how many letters are in your name. That is how many triangles you need.

Think how you are going to do the letters of your name. Don't just write them as that won't look interesting. Try bubble writing or making your letters curved to colour inside. Then you will need to use a hole punch or a parent can make holes, then use string, wool or ribbon to thread then through. Leave enough each side to tie them.

The paper that is left over looks like a butterflies wings to me. Maybe you can turn them into hanging butterflies for your bedroom too. You can colour and put patterns on both sides so you can see it when it is flying. 


Remember don’t rush. You need to take pride in your work and know you have tried your best. Again be independent. You could also make one for the NHS to hang at your window. Have fun and send me some photos. laugh

Class 1 have been very busy making colourful and creative models, collages and writing.  We are so impressed with the enthusiasm of lots of our children.  Look at the photos and see for yourselves!  We are very, very proud.

The year 1 team hope everyone enjoyed their Eid celebrations this weekend.

Here are some of the lovely Eid cards you made for Mrs Fredericks, she loved each one of your emails.

Enjoy the rest of the May half term holiday.  It's going to be lovely weather so you'll be able to spend lots of time outside.

Friday 22nd May 2020


Hello Class 1.  We thought that you’d like to see this photograph, it made your teachers smile.  Whose tooth has fallen out?  She was very happy about it and thought it was very, very funny!

During half term your teachers are giving you a rest and won’t be posting work on the class 1 page.  However, we will still read your emails and add your pictures to the class page.  So to keep busy try and complete any activities you haven’t already done on our class page.  You also have your bottle person task to complete.  We can’t wait to see your bottle person and stories!


Mrs Fredericks is going to post some photographs of her Eid celebrations next week, so make sure you email her your Eid cards and wishes at the weekend.  Arham has made her a beautiful card already, she will love it!


If you do celebrate Eid, all of your teachers hope you and your families have a lovely time together.  It will be strange not being able to visit the mosque and family members outside of your home but we know you’ll make the most of being at home. 


Eid Mubarak to you all!

Thursday 21st May 2020

Hello class 1 I hope you made the most of the warm weather yesterday and played outside in the sunshine.  It was too hot in the sun for Spencer, he can’t take off his big woolly coat.  I took him out for a walk at 7 o’clock in the morning when it was cool.  Here he is enjoying his early morning walk.

The doggy hairdresser opened again this week and he is going for a doggy pamper on Friday. 

 1. What is the date on Friday?

 2. Is Friday tomorrow or the day after tomorrow?

 3. What day of the week comes before Friday?

I will show you all a photograph of Spencer when he’s looking all smart again!


Bottle People - Half Term Project

During the next few days I would like you to find an old plastic bottle and transform it into a person or animal of your dreams.  I had great fun making my plastic bottle person.  Because the weather was so nice I decided to make my person outside in the garden!  Here's what I did.

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Good morning class 1.  It’s going to be a lovely warm day today so try and play outside if you can.  Make sure you are careful – wear a hat and cream to protect you from the sun.

Lots of the class 1 families will be celebrating Eid at the weekend.  Take a look at the slides, especially if you don’t celebrate it, to find out more about Eid.

Writing about Eid

Read the slides again with or without help from your family and see if you can answer the questions.  Copy the questions in your best handwriting and write your answers underneath.

  1. What does Eid al-Fitr mean?
  2. When does Eid al-Fitr begin?
  3. What special book do Muslims read every day?
  4. Write a list of 3 things people do to celebrate Eid.


If you are celebrating Eid this year write a list of the lovely things you will be doing with your family this weekend.

Mrs Fredericks is very excited that Eid is this weekend and is busy getting ready to celebrate with her family.  She has also been making beautiful Eid cards to send to her friends and family.  Look at the photographs of the cards she has made, there is also a photograph of her celebrating Eid last year with her husband and children, who are all grown up!

Making Eid cards

Why don’t you make an Eid card for Mrs Fredericks and email it to her ( with a special message inside?  It would make her very happy to hear from you at such a special time.  Don't email your card for Mrs Fredericks before Friday, that will give you time to design something lovely.


You could draw flowers on the card you send her, remember Miss Greyson showed you what to do yesterday.  Or decorate a picture covered in butterflies, just like Mrs Deegan demonstrated.


Remember to use your best writing when you write Mrs Fredericks a message.


Mrs Fredericks' YouTube Recipes

Click on the link and you'll be able to watch Mrs Fredericks' baking and making lots of her favourite recipes.

Why don't you try and copy one of her recipes and send a photograph of what you make?  



Tuesday 19th May


Good morning. Let’s have a look at our budding Teachers showing you their confidence in explaining their activity. Fantastic!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video
Today is the day Miss Greyson is going to show you how to draw flowers. Get your paper, pencil and colours ready!!! Here are some photos of flowers I see on my walks with Lola and Oreo. They really lift my spirits looking at all the different colours. 

Here are some You Tube videos you may want to watch about flowers.


FLOWERS CAN DANCE!!! Amazing nature/ Beautiful blooming flower time lapse video

Do flowers dance? YES, THEY DO DANCE! Here's the PROOF!


TOP 10 | MOST UNUSUAL FLOWERS AND PLANTS IN THE WORLD 10. Amazing flower or Dionaea Venus Flytrap is one of having a unique trap most famous carnivorous plan...

Good morning Class 1. Its Miss Greyson here, I hope you are all well. Today I would like you to draw a flower. I will show you step-by-step how to do it.

Don't rush, take your time!

First draw a circle near the top of the paper, add 2 petals, 1 at the top and 1 at the bottom.

Draw 2 more petals on the sides and draw 2 small lines on each petal coming off the circle.

Draw 4 more petals in the spaces. How many petals should there be altogether? 4+4=?

Do you have the same number of petals as me? You now need to draw the flowers stem and leaves. You can choose how many leaves to put onto your stem. Don't forget to draw the veins on the leaves.

Finally carefully colour in your flower. You could use your favourite colour for the petals but remember the stem and leaves should be green.

You can just draw 1 flower or a whole bunch of flowers it is up to you.

I want to see your very best colouring so take your time.

Please email me your drawings. I would love to see them. smiley


Monday 18th May

Good morning. Oreo came to live with us. He arrived at 9pm last Monday night. He started his travels on Friday morning. Can you work out how many days he took to get to my house? Oreo, and lots of other dogs, travelled in a van through lots of different countries. He started in:

Romania then he travelled through:

Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and France. From France he travelled on a train under the sea to England. For Oreo and his friends to travel through all those countries he needed his own passport. Why don't you look at the different flags from all these countries? 


Oreo is a lovely boy. He is 16 months old. He sleeps in a crate at night and loves lots of cuddles. We love having him. heart


If you would like to make him a card, write him a letter or draw him a picture please email it to me.


In Class 1 we do a lot of Maths activities through art. In fact this activity is art, design and technology, maths, literacy, ICT, geography, history and science. Wow! It helps give a purpose to what we are learning about. 

This activity can be done over 4 hours, 4 days or 4 weeks. No not 4 minutes “Hold your horses Hashim and Layla!” or 4 months “Slow coach Sohana!” laugh

It means we can really take our time and make it our best work, persevere and be motivated to take pride in our efforts. yes

We are going to create a picture with 4 parts to it. Each part is going to be made with a different media. That means  using model making, felt pens, pencils, paint, material, collage, nature etc. This will make your picture interesting.  

The first thing you need to do is decide on your theme. Here are some examples:

  • Superheros
  • Dinosaurs
  • Transport
  • Minibeasts
  • Food
  • Animals


You may need to research any of these themes on You tube. If you do you are using your ICT skills. When you are looking at where they live or where they travel to, you are using geography. If it is something from the past like dinosaurs you are using History. All of them are using science as you are looking at something that is in our World. All of you are using design technology and art as you are making your own picture from your ideas.


I decided to do butterflies as I found some photos of when I saw some at the zoo.

This is my picture. I used box modelling for my 1st 1/4 Then I used felt tip pens for my 2nd 2/4. With my 3rd 3/4 I used paper and then my 4th 4/4 I used material. Can you see I kept to my theme? Each quarter has a different texture, which means when I touch it, it feels different as well as looking different.  

Here are the instructions on how to make your picture. 

Please email me your finished pictures. I can’t wait!


Also why don't you look at my up cycling page to see if there is anything you would like to make from recycling. Your parents too!

Friday 15th May 2020

Hello everyone, it’s nearly the weekend!  Don’t forget PE with Joe this morning  It’s so important that you keep fit at home, I’m enjoying the keep fit photos and videos you send.  My boys are keeping busy walking Spencer and working out in the garden or garage.  It’s very important to stay active, especially when you are at home for a lot of the day.  Look at the video below can you do this at home? It looks like a fun game!


Still image for this video



When you have finished being creative, write some sentences to explain:

  1. why you chose to make your piece of art.
  2. how you made it.
  3. what you enjoyed about making it.


Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday 14th May 2020

Hello Class 1.


It is important that you continue to learn at home and complete the work that we set for you.  We haven’t had as many emails as usual this week.  Please complete your silly sentences (well done Maariya, Layla and Sara - your sentences were great and made me chuckle!) and any maths work Mrs Deegan has set this week.


You already know about the swans I see on my walk with Spencer.  The swans are sitting on a nest of eggs and I can't wait for the cygnets to hatch.  In the meantime, there are some other bird babies on the ponds this week.  Take a look.

How lovely are the mallard and coot ducklings?  Take a look on the internet to see if you can find any pictures or videos of other baby birds.  What interesting bird facts can you find?


Class 1 Phonics

It is also important that you keep using your phonics skills and practice sounds and reading words.  I would like all of you to try and complete phonics lessons today and tomorrow.


Click here to go to today’s phonics lesson.


You can click on the same link tomorrow and a different lesson will be available.  Read the slides below to find out what you need to do!


Imagine you are all sitting on the carpet at school and taking part in a phonics lesson with your friends.

A daily job for you to do!

After you've finished your daily phonics lesson look at the sounds poster for your group (press pause to read your poster).  Can you remember how to say each sound out loud?  Have a go!  Read the instructions of what to do on the slides, there is a daily job for you to do.  It won't take a long time, you just need to keep practicing your sounds!

Wednesday 13th May 2020

Good morning class 1, I hope you’ve had a good start to this week and are enjoying the maths work one of your classmates and Mrs Deegan have demonstrated.  The videos are great!


I spent Friday celebrating VE day with my family at home.  We ate an afternoon tea; we made cucumber sandwiches, cheese scones and mini Victoria sponges.  They were yummy and I used my granny’s recipes!  We got dressed in our best clothes, Mr Chapman even wore a bow tie!  Here’s a photograph of us sitting in the garden enjoying our food together.

Spencer had to have another bath yesterday, Mr Chapman kept complaining that he was smelly no!  Spencer doesn’t like to have his ears dried with the doggy dryer.  Look at the video to see how silly he was!

Silly Spencer.MOV

Still image for this video

Silly Sentences!

Today I would like you to speak and write some short silly sentences.

Read the slides below with a grown up to find out what to do first.

You have practiced speaking and sharing your sentences.  Were they funny enough?  Now I’d like you to write down your own silly sentences.


First get a piece of paper and draw lines to make 4 sections.

Neatly write a silly sentence in each box.

Then draw and colour in a picture to illustrate your sentence.


Write 1 silly sentence and draw a picture to illustrate it.  If you can write 2 sentences I'll give you 3 house tokens!

I would love you to email me your silly sentences and pictures.  Remember your houses need tokens!


  • When you've finished your sentences and maths work for the day click on the link to GoNoodle and choose some songs to dance and sing along to.
  • Can you find any of the songs we used to dance to in Class 1?

Tuesday 12th May


Our brains are muscles and we need to keep them fit. Maths is a great way of doing this. A little bit each day will help. Also trust yourselves Class 1, you are great. Don’t give up and persevere!


Some quotes

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt


“I think I can. I know I can.”


I have been lucky to have been sent some videos by great and confident budding teachers to help you with your maths. 

Partitioning 7

How to use the circle grid to work out the Numberbonds in the number 7

Listen to how he is partitioning his 7 bricks. You can write them in a sum. 

6+1=7 1+6=7

3+4=7 4+3=7

7+0=7 0+7=7

He remembered to flip it too. What a star!


Little stars/Teddies

Have a go with partitioning 10. You need your circle grid, 10 counters, pencil and paper. Look at the sheet and have a go. You can record them by drawing a circle grid and in a sum. Also try some of the challenge cards.

I would love to see your work as not many children have emailed me from your groups. Just take a photo of your work so I can see it.