Welcome to Bentinck Primary & Nursery School. Together we make a difference. We Start back to school on Wednesday 20th April 2022


At Bentinck we pride ourselves on the excellent behaviour of our children both inside school and when attending visits off site.

We have many systems in place to support our children with their behaviour. This may involve supporting a child to improve their behaviour but it is also about celebrating outstanding behaviour.

At Bentinck we believe it is important to give children a voice. They need to have their say about behaviour in our school. We encourage children to make suggestions of ideas we can use to reward good and outstanding behaviour. We want children to tell us the types of behaviours that worry them and we also want them to give us examples of great behaviour they see in our school.

For the past two years we have had a 'Be The Best' group, made up of 2 representatives from each class. This has provide a forum for children to have their say and share their thoughts and ideas about behaviour in our school.



A new school year - 2019 - 2020


It's a new school year and we are going to be implementing a new whole school House system. We will have 4 houses in our school and these will be based on inspirational people. There will be 4 house captains and 4 representatives from each class; 1 for each house. These children will meet regularly with Mrs Holt. This system will replace our School Council and Be the Best groups.

We are currently in the process of allocating all the children to the 4 houses. Children are designing new badges, house captains will be voted for, we will have a new school motto and our school rules will be reviewed.

Children will be able to earn house points for behaviour, attitude, character traits and achievements.

Lots of discussions are currently taking place. There will be lots of new ideas being implemented over the next half term.

Watch this space for more information to come!

Be The Best Group


Each class has 2 representatives who attend BeThe Best meetings. These children attend meetings every half term. This is a new idea that we started in October 2014. It is an opportunity for the children to have their say about behaviour in our school.

It took quite a while for us all to decide on a name for our group but we are happy with what we chose.

As this is a new group we have spent lots of time talking about how our group will work. We have decided each person in the group will wear a special badge. The group have been working on a design together. We will send the final design off to be made into badges. We are also working on designing some postcards for the teachers to use to send home to parents to celebrate good and outstanding behaviour. Watch this space!!!

Here is our Be The Best Group - 2014 - 2015

July 2015


In July 2015 we rewarded children for their good and outstanding behaviour in Key Stage 1 and 2. We believe it is very important to reward children and celebrate their great behaviour in our school.

Key Stage 2

Those children that had outstanding behaviour - they had no detentions for the whole year -  were taken to the Savoy Cinema to watch a film.

We went to watch the Minions and ate popcorn. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

For those children who demonstrated good behaviour - they may have had one or two detentions over the year - had a film afternoon in school. We watched 'Home' and had a chocolate treat.

Key Stage 1

The children who demonstrated good and outstanding behaviour throughout the year had a fun activity afternoon in school. The children watch 'Paddington' and had some party food. Great fun!



September 2015 - A New Year!.


Our Year 6 members of our 'Be The Best' group have moved on to their new Secondary Schools and we wish them all the very best.

We start this academic year with all the children from last year and some new children from the Reception Class.

We had our first meeting on 29th September. At this meeting we voted on the designs for our badges and postcards. The winners of each design are both in Year 5 - congratulations to them both. I will now get on with getting the badges and the postcards made. I would like to say thank you to the whole 'Be The Best' group for taking part in the designing and the voting.


The new pencil cases that were given out last year have gone down very well. The whole school are now working hard to start earning their new coloured crayons for this year. Good Luck!


Every class has a large rainbow displayed on the wall to show which children have achieved which coloured crayon.

Autumn 2016

At the end of each term we believe it is very important to recognise all the children at Bentinck who demonstrate consistently outstanding behaviour. Each child will receive a special certificate which will be kept in their Record of Achievement folder. A letter will also be sent home to let Parents know about their child's achievement. Children who receive a certificate in the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms will earn a reward at the end of the school year.

Well done to all those children that earned their Autumn term certificate. Fantastic! We are all very proud of you. Keep it up!

January 2017

Welcome back and Happy New Year to everyone!

Our 'Be The Best' group continues to run in school with 2 representatives from each class. This year we are trying a different way of working. Our meetings will take place after school now; they will happen once or twice each half term. I will send letters home to let Parents know dates of our future meetings.

Our first two, which were before Christmas, were very successful. The children and myself discussed their role and the characteristics they needed. They came up with some brilliant ideas. We named it their 'Job Description'. These will be laminated and displayed in the children's classrooms. Please have a look at a few examples of what the children came up with.