Welcome to Bentinck Primary & Nursery School. Together we make a difference. We Start back to school on Wednesday 20th April 2022

Additional Learning Activities

On this page you'll find a list of extra activities for you to complete if you have finished the work in your pack, are finding the work in your pack too tricky or are just looking for something extra to do!

At the bottom of the page I'll add some links to extra online games and lessons that will help you to keep learning as much as possible at home.

If you hand in any extra work when you hand your work pack in on a Monday, or email me to tell me about it you will earn some dots and house points for your house, so try your best and keep as busy as you can at home!

Suggested Activities

  • Write a book review of your current reading book, or the book that Santa gave you for Christmas at school. You will need to summarise the plot (without giving away the ending!), describe the characters, talk about which parts were your most and least favourite and why, and think about who you would recommend the book to.
  • Create a piece of art. This could be a self portrait, or a picture of someone in your family. It could be a still life sketch of any object or collection of objects you can find around the house. It could be a picture of your favourite character in a game, or you could invent your own character. It could be a scene from your favourite book, film or TV show. If you're not keen on drawing and you have access to a camera you could try arranging objects to create pictures or patterns and then photograph them.
  • Do some independent research. This could be on our current topic, or it could be on any topic that interests you. How many facts can you find out and share? If you don't have access to the internet for research you could try interviewing someone in your family - what can you find out about their job or their childhood?
  • Keep a lockdown diary for a week, and write about your daily routine, your thoughts and feelings, what's happening in the news ... We're living through history and it might be interesting for you to have a record to look back at (or share with your children!) when you're older.

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