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Activity from your year 1 teachers!

Bentinck Primary & Nursery School           


July 2020


I am delighted to share with you that your child’s teachers in September 2020 will be

Mrs Deegan and Mrs Chapman.

Miss Greyson will be working with your child in Class 1 too, along with

Mrs Schwartz and Mrs Fredericks.


Early Years Team



Miss Meier

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Powell

Mrs Nadeem



Mrs Turton

Teaching Assistant

Mrs McCaffrey

Key Stage 1 Team

Year 1 Teachers

Mrs Deegan

Mrs Chapman

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Miss Greyson

Year 2 Teacher

Ms Ganderson

Year 2 and Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistants for Autumn Term 1

Mrs Loft

Mrs Fredericks

Mrs Schwartz

Key Stage 2 Team

Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Tibbitts


Year 3 & 4 Teaching Assistant

Mr Shaw

Year 4 Teachers

Miss Irwin

Miss Chambers

Year 5 Teacher

Miss Hodgson


Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Burton