Thank you to all of our children, parents and families who are working with us during this difficult time of COVID 19 and school closure. Our class pages are full of great ideas for you to use at home. Please come and collect packs of paper and pencils to help you with your great work at home. We are open between 9am and 11 am each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Activity from your year 1 teachers!

Bentinck Primary & Nursery School           


July 2020


I am delighted to share with you that your child’s teachers in September 2020 will be

Mrs Deegan and Mrs Chapman.

Miss Greyson will be working with your child in Class 1 too, along with

Mrs Schwartz and Mrs Fredericks.


Early Years Team



Miss Meier

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Powell

Mrs Nadeem



Mrs Turton

Teaching Assistant

Mrs McCaffrey

Key Stage 1 Team

Year 1 Teachers

Mrs Deegan

Mrs Chapman

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Miss Greyson

Year 2 Teacher

Ms Ganderson

Year 2 and Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistants for Autumn Term 1

Mrs Loft

Mrs Fredericks

Mrs Schwartz

Key Stage 2 Team

Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Tibbitts


Year 3 & 4 Teaching Assistant

Mr Shaw

Year 4 Teachers

Miss Irwin

Miss Chambers

Year 5 Teacher

Miss Hodgson


Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Burton