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A group of nine Year 5 and 6 girls are attending a Forest School every Friday morning with Mrs Holt.

The girls will be involved in many different activities such as; exploring the forest, making camp fires, making jewellery, tree felling, using a variety of tools.

The aim of the project is to increase their confidence, work together as a team, support each other and try lots of new things.

Have a look at our photos to see what exciting things the girls have been up to.





We all explored the Forest looking for clues to give us more information about the location - Bestwood park.

We then came back to the camp and we toasted some bread over the fire which was delicious. We also had hot chocolate.

What a great first week. I wonder what we will do next week.



We started the second session with a circle time. The girls all get the opportunity to say what they would like to do. Some chose to explore and find sticks that they could carve. Others chose to collect stones and make a necklace. Others chose to do archery. We had more hot chocolate which warmed us up nicely.

When the going got a bit tough the girls had a snooze in one of the hammocks - very relaxing!



Goodness me - it was cold this week! Some girls borrowed extra scarves, gloves and wellies.

This week some of us did some tree felling which was quite scary but great fun too. The girls enjoyed using all the tools; a bow saw and loppers.Others made some jewellery out of wood; they looked really great. Some girls carved their walking sticks and then wove wool on to them.

Week 4

Another sunny day - we have been so lucky with the weather.

We begin each week with a circle time. The Wild Things staff ask the girls what activity they would like to do this week. We then split up into groups depending on our choices. Some girls wanted to fell a tree whilst others wanted to make a necklace.

We went off to the site and Nick identified a tree that we could fell. We put on our bright yellow hard hats for safety. We had to clear the site around the tree first and the girls got really stuck in at moving logs and chopping them using the loppers. They all had a go at tying a Timber Hitch knot and they were very good at it. Once we had felled the tree the girls had to carry it back which wasn't easy as the truck was a tricky shape.

When we got back to camp we had some hot chocolate waiting for us which was just what we all needed. Then we all had a few turns on the rope swing before it was time to go back to school. GREAT FUN!

We can't wait for next week!!