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Forest School - Feb/March 2018

Forest School - February and March 2018


Forest School is an exciting opportunity for the children to access  a wide variety of experiences that they would not normally do. These include things such as; den building, carving, jewellery making, fire building, tracking in the woods, archery, relaxing in a hammock, using a rope swing. Forest school is led by qualified staff at Bestwood Country park. The children will be able to choose which activities they want to have ago at, they will be encouraged to work in pairs and to help and support each other. We are taking 10 children from class 4 and class 5. We are all looking forward to our adventures.

Take a look at our photos each week to see what the children get up to.



Week 1 - 28th February

It was touch and go as to whether we would go this week due to the weather and the heavy snow. The Wild Things staff did their risk assessment in the Forest and contacted us to say it was perfectly safe. We were all wrapped up nice and warm with hats, scarves, gloves and boots on; ready to go!.

We arrived safe and sound and were met by the staff. We walked up the hill to the Forest Camp. The children all sat around the camp fire and the staff explained all about Forest school and what they will be doing over the next 5 weeks.

Today the children split themselves into 2 groups and each went off on a history hunt around the forest to find clues about the  local area and what it was used for in the past. It was a bit tricky as there was a lot of snow; we had to navigate through the forest going up and down hills and round trees. The forest looked beautiful with all the snow everywhere. We found out lots of interesting information. When we got back to camp there was a lovely warm fire burning; we toasted bread and drank hot chocolate!!! It was delicious; just what we needed as we were covered in snow. Take a look at all our photos.


Week 2 - 7th March 2018


NO SNOW!!!! What a very different Forest today. Where has all the snow gone?

Mr Bramley took us to Forest School today. We were all very excited. We tried lots of new activities today; archery, stick making and key ring making. We had a brilliant time!

Take a look at our photos.