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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2



Class 2 spent the afternoon learning about the life cycle of a chicken.  The children were so excited at being able to hold real life chicks in the classroom.  All of the children got the opportunity to hold a chick and described them as being cute, fluffy, warm, cosy, tickly, soft and lovely!

Ho Ho Ho - it's Santa!


Santa Claus paid a visit to all the girls and boys in Class 2. Santa answered lots of questions and listened to stories about the mischief Chippy the Elf had been getting up to! Because all of the children have worked hard this term Santa gave them all a present and sweety bag. Thank you Santa!

Party time!


Class 2 enjoyed their Christmas party.  They played party games, including musical bumps and pass the parcel, with Class 1 (check out their class page for extra photos) and enjoyed lots of delicious party food in the classroom.  The children made party hats and place mats for when they were eating.

Christmas Dinner!

Class 2 enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner, we had Christmas crackers and Santa hats!

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A special package arrived from the North Pole at the start of December.  Santa sent the class a big box of goodies; including an important letter, picture books, hot chocolate with cream and biscuits!  How did Santa know what the children liked?



But where's our elf?

Our elf arrived through a magical door. He was feeling shy and hid in the classroom. Can you spot his hiding place on the photographs?

Santa asked the children to give the elf a name.  They came up with a list of names they liked and held a class vote to choose the favourite.  The most popular name was Chippy the cheeky elf!


Since Chippy arrived he has been getting up to mischief when the classroom is empty! So the children have been writing a diary of his antics to report back to Santa.  Watch this space to find out what else he gets up ....



Class 2 came to school wearing brightly coloured clothes and entered a 'design a t-shirt' competition to raise money for Children in Need.  Thank you to everyone who made a donation, it will contribute towards helping lots of children in the UK.


As part of our maths topic 'measure' we estimated how tall Pudsey Bear was and measured items we thought were bigger or smaller than Pudsey.  The children also took part in Children in Need themed craft activities in the morning.


Everyone enjoyed the day!

Happy Diwali Everyone!

Class 2 enjoyed learning how Hindus and Sikhs celebrate Diwali!  The children wrote about Diwali traditions, designed symmetrical Rangoli patterns and made Diva Lamps out of clay.  All of the children worked very hard and showed lots of enthusiasm!

Macmillan Coffee Morning

The children in Class 2 enjoyed a very healthy Macmillan Coffee Morning, it linked nicely to our Science Topic - Animals Including Humans.


We had a discussion on the importance of healthy eating and the children followed a recipe to make their own fruit salad.  Mrs Chapman whizzed up a tasty orange and spinach smoothie for everyone to drink.  See if you can spot any bright green spinach moustaches in the photographs!