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Class 1

African Art

We have been creating our own African art using fabric and thread to collage and weave patterns...


In Class one our topic this half term is Ourselves. We brought in some things from home that we like and that are special to us so that we could learn what things we have in common with the other children in Class one. Look at all the children that shared things that they liked...

We like Chocolate!

We like Chocolate! 1

We like princesses!

We like princesses! 1

We like going to the beach!

We like going to the beach! 1

We like fruit!

We like fruit! 1

We like colouring!

We like colouring! 1

When Class 1 do something really good they earn a Mrs Potato Head piece. When they have got all the pieces they get to have a treat! Class one have been working hard and have finished their Mrs Potato head already!

They took a vote and chose between watching a movie, making cup cakes and having an extra playtime. The winner was the cup cakes, look how much fun we all had making and eating them...